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111. Planetary centers of strong hidden will and intention, human free will, and individuals intelligent consciousness behind actions proceeds.

The human existence is rooted in spiritual intentions and is initially a volitional being. But spiritual intentions is like a steady unperceptive low speed wind , and very often what we observe in the life of a human personality is the emotionalism or his intellectual intelligence (artifacts, science etc) behind his actions. So we conceive the human existence not by his primal root (spiritual intention) but by the secondary manifestations like emotions or intelligent thinking. So individual often perceive themselves as "I feel" selves or "I think" selves or "I act" selves. Not as "I will",  "I intent" selves . This gives the opportunity to strong "anchors" of will and intention in the planet, to influence and  bend massively the free-will of other human personalities to work-out their hidden agendas, and intentions, simply because a large number of human existences following the line of least resistance find it more convenien

110 About our belief system for the biological life

OUR BELIEF SYSTEM ABOUT BIOLOGICAL LIFE David Wilcock à l'événement Science et concience de In this post I present the shift from the classical beliefs about biological life to rather more true beliefs about biological life that happened in my life since 2010. Here are the classical beliefs about biological life 1) Classical Beliefs  1/4 Life has been created from inorganic kingdom , about 4,5 billions of years ago. First plans, then insects, fishes, reptiles, birds, mammals, humans. In particular humans (homo sapience) comes from apes.(see e.g. )  The evolution is more or less as the Theory of Darwin (natural selection) E.g. Classical Beliefs 2/4 And the inorganic kingdom (matter) was created by the big-bang 14 billion years ago. (see e.g.  ) Classical Beliefs 3/4