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115. The 10 basic earthly human freedoms


Every man has a right to be free from economic want of survival, from the birth until old age, regardless of working conditions. Every man is entitled equally to the cultural heritage of knowledge, of methods for health therapies, of goods services and technological achievements for survival (food, clothing, health care, education, house, transport, etc.). This of course means the basic survival allowance at all ages.

No economic oligarchy or those that “have” have any right to manipulate the majority and tose that “do not have” through the need of survival.
Not all people have good intentions for their fellowmen, and society, and thus there exist crime. Unfortunately economic inequalities create crimes. It must be tried through political and social institutions (taxes, benefits, etc.) not only reduced economic inequalities but create a system of essential and not only formal bureaucratic justice that protects every citizen or groups of citizens from injustice and crime. This includes the military defense against external enemy and criminal invasions.
3. FREEDOM OF THE HUMANS FROM THE VIOLENCE OF NATURE and those of the ways of natural life which are not in accordance with human soul consciousness and human spirit.
The cycle of blood and death, from animal to animal for food survival is something that for millennia man has tries to escape, and to shift from the jungle to a human society with mutual respect human rules, and laws with positive empathy, mercy, compassion, etc. This violence may still indirectly continue i in society, but to the extent that society is not a jungle, this means also that it is evolved. Man is looking iside him in order to find the way of mental, spiritual and cultural development and not necessarily in the ways of the visible biological life.
Culture and psychic and scientific knowledge normally , develops so that increasingly releases each person from death and disease. It can not be accepted anywhere a hidden oligarchic scientific, genetic manipulationof the masses , in the past, present or future, of the human civilization from hidden groups, to another human civilization or society, (e.g. artificial viruses, falsification of DNA, artificial diseases and biological weapons, etc.) so as to exercise control, servitude, biological degradation, and manipulation.
5. FREEDOM OF THE SEX, COUPLES LOVE AND PARENTAL LOVE FROM violence, indirect slavery, envy, malignancy, lies, deceit, hypocrisy, manipulation and ulterior motives.
Love is a paramount experience, and must be protected.
The man should be morally and emotionally free. 
There is no more dangerous and insidious slavery of man by that from his manipulation by his emotions, desires and his weaknesses. .The emotional and moral world and how each person feels for himself, his actions and choices, that does not infringe the freedom of other people, it is perfectly within the individual's freedom of will, and not subject to control by others without mutual consent . Nor is it legitimate a direct or indirect moral emotional manipulation of the individual.
People should have the freedom of speech, oral and written, and the creative freedom of artistic expression, provided they do not violate the freedom of other people. This freedom is also directly correlated with cognitive and intellectual freedom.
No minority organization either with good or evil purposes has no right to hide from humanity, evidence from the human history, or of the history of life on earth, or observational results of natural phenomena, experimental results, or data related to the morphology of the planet internally or externally , or of other celestial bodies. Data on the knowledge of man, life, and physical reality, should not be hidden in order to retain the ignorance of the masses for easier manipulation and servitude, or for use of hidden knowledge at the expense of the many. Prohibiting research and knowledge, with different excuses is unacceptable. But also this knowledge and technology must not to be use against humans, or the life on the planet itself that humanity resides.
Societies have the inalienable right to social democratic political self-governance. It is known that the most perfect form of democracy is direct democracy, which in today's society of information and the internet, is easily feasible.
Forms of hidden oligarchies, whether of financial, or of technological nature, or other form of power that consider humanity being of two speeds, is incompatible with this principle. Humanity should not be a 2-speed civilization ie a split in to a) to the masses who have to stay in ignorance, underdevelopment, and defective, without true freedom but a fraudulently imposed illusion of freedom, and b) in a tiny minority with abundance of issued money and high hidden technology, which is not a product of discoveries of the mankind, and that this minority secretly seeks to despise, dominate, manipulate and oppress as a parasite a "sinful" majority. Cultures with such polarization, it seems to have a low rate of evolution and are usually doomed to periodic partial or total self-destruction.
Man should be free from spiritual and metaphysical systematic control and alienation and must seek the moral and spiritual truth and development within him and the humanity that he lives.
We need to seek the creation of ourself, as perception and experience, inside us and inside the human society we are living.
Not everything from the teaches of the different religions are lies or worthless, but it should be understood that religions are not the monopoly of any source of morality and virtue, and every metaphysical superiority.
Nor should religions become the vehicle, of oligarchic, moral and spiritual manipulation of the masses (violating religious freedom principles and freedom of the will, etc.) or indirect influence for such respective finally manipulation of the masses by social, non-religious hidden or not, authority minorities, and oligarchies.

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114. Power exists so as to serve the (immortal) human soul and its evolution. Power is not a goal by itself.


We may have to remind to  ourselves, in this economic crisis, the basic operating principles of the current societies.


"The reality of the experience of life, is based on a system of spiritual and perhaps subconscious (implicit) or  explicit beliefs. Changing these beliefs will result in changing our reality and changing our fate. "

    This principle is crucial, as it determines that the society is to function without violating civil liberties. The seven basic personal freedoms are
1.1) The spiritual freedom (freedom of religion)
1.2) H freedom of political decision (Democracy, or rather direct-democracy)
1.3) The   freedom of he creative-expressions (freedom of speech)
1.4) The moral freedom (freedom from fear)
1.5) Economic freedom (freedom from  want)
1.6) The physical freedom (actions, activities).
1.7) The freedom of private property (having).

(Here Roosevelt is stating 4 of the essential freedoms
          Because of 7th individual freedom of private property, it is necessary the use of some form of money (not necessarily banking money). It is the nature of money and of the free market to create economic inequalities. If there was no private property, then we would not need to use some form of money and the economic and living standards inequalities  would not be inevitable. Only political power , especially direct democracy can  tame and reduce economic inequalities. Not the oligarchic economic power itself. Inequalities in society (economic, authoritarian, other social power etc.) is a source of misery, unhappiness, crime, lack of trust, mental illness, etc. The current social  inequalities are not identical with the actual psychic  meritocracy. A society with many inequalities has slower evolution  and is a less advanced civilization, compared to  a society with fewer inequalities. E.g. the killing capacity inequalities for survival in the jungle is a system of most slow collective evolution. From this principle it follows, that a monarchical or oligarchic society evolves more slowly than a democratic society. And   at least for this reason democracy  is preferred. Money and the economic power, can not unite people and bring prosperity, because it is in the nature of money to create  inequalities. The political power, particularly of direct democracy can tame and control  the economic inequalities with laws and institutions and bring more justice. The principle of equality applies also on to that all citizens are equal as far as the laws are concerned.

         This principle suggests that the primary treatment of each of our fellow man is positive and not negative. The morality of  mercy, compassion, and positive empathy is a key element, creating equality and the ability to combine up individual talents into a collective civilization of the society, so that  conversely each person can benefit at maximum from the society.


           The power is not only the political power i.e. the legislative and the executive, but there are very significant other powers, such as economic (private sector), military, religious, and the authorities of the function of the state (public authorities, and services, justice, police, etc. ). To these we can add the more impersonal, like th power of science and technology.
 Furthermore we may distinguish the powers to
1) From people to people
 2) From people in inorganic physical reality.
Based on the principle of equality, the second type of power is ore appropriate and ideal for the humans compared with first type.
The powers have priorities and reversing these priorities can and has became a source of misery , unhappiness and crimes. E.g. The economic power (the private sector) should not take precedence and override the political power, or the political power to succumb and bend to the oligarchic economic power. Political power has the top priority among all. Money and the economic power, can not unite people and bring prosperity, because it is in the nature of money to create inequalities. The political power, particularly that of the direct democracy can tame and control  the economic inequalities with laws and institutions and bring more justice.
BUT every form of power, and the political also,  exists so as to serve  the human  (immortal) soul and its evolution. Power is not an end in itself.

       5) THE PRINCIPLE OF CONSISTENCY (Justice, education etc.)
           Society would be neither serious nor viable, if it did not practice  the principle of consistency. This means does not mean only that law should be enforced with  justice. E.g. in education, the principle of consistency means that, all the knowledge that is essential and crucial  for the survival of the civilization, must pass across the totality of the new generation. Not only the basic and elementary knowledge while the rest and more advanced to  a minority only. This maximizes survivability and the successful continuation of the civilization.

    According to this principle, every individual has not only rights in society but also obligations. The basic obligation of each person which is also a virtue, is the participation in society and its functions. The person should tend to be social. Each individual is offering to the society according to his abilities, and is receiving from the society according to his needs. On the other hand, this principle, pushes the society to participate in wider sets of other societies, based always on the respect of the above principles.


According to this principle, the small organizations (municipalities, local government, enterprises, universities, etc.) should tend to operate, in decision making, as the political democratic decision-making in the large scale public sector, and not vice versa.
The large scale, undertakes to decide only what the small scale is not in a position  to decide (subsidiarity). The larger the size of a society, the greater the opportunities, of a common person, to benefit  during the mortal life  from the society more than  what  he himself is able to offer to the society.

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113. About earthly religions and human spiritual evolution


In below we refer mainly to the four major religions, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist that are monotheistic. The ancient Greek religion of 12-gods is unique and is rather a metaphysical oligarchy. Also the discussion below is under the premise that it is true that there are metaphysical worlds.

The fact that religions are a model, relative to the involved authority and power , of metaphysical monarchy or oligarchy, contributes to justify respective models of cosmic-social power, ie monarchy and  oligarchy (and even financial oligarchy). And so push or to alienate the human consciousness to  become submissive and enslaved by monarchy oligarchy models of social power. And this is know that it has happened in the past. 

One could say that the time series is perhaps reverse. Ie First there was such a monarchy 
and oligarchy model of power in societies and afterwards  these religions simulated it, and
 tried to create a superior quality metaphysical monarchy or  oligarchy that will raise the 
level and quality of the corresponding social  monarchy or oligarchy. And partly perhaps this 
 has indeed  really happened.

But if already from ancient Greece there were social models of direct participatory democracy, 
they should also exist  religions to suggest metaphysical and spiritual direct and participatory 
democracy. Even if today the accepted model of social power is the representative  democracy, 
any small groups of superior planetary beings which  is organized as monarchy or oligarchy, and 
which group  wants to have universal and  significant influence on humanity,  inevitably 
such a group would  act as spiritual and metaphysical obstacle for the evolution for the 
masses of humanity  both for the social-cultural development of and for the collective 
metaphysical psychic  development. And of course the reason is humanity needs a model of
power which is not  monarchy or oligarchy but (direct or participative) democracy. If on the other
 hand such a small group of superior existences want simply to exist for their own sake, and 
not play  a dominant role in humanity then there is no such a danger. 

If such superior planetary existences in the metaphysical worlds are waiting for humanity, to establish a planetary direct or participatory Human Democracy and afterwards promote similar spiritual and metaphysical models in other words metaphysical and spiritual democracy (under the premise that it is true that the are metaphysical worlds) then they simply will be late, and confirm that the act backward and ex post to human evolution .

Unfortunately although some religions initiated as liberation movements, it is well known that most of them  resulted as means of trapping the majority of the individuals and contributing to them being kind of prey or vassals of social elite power. It is only to a small minority of individuals that the earthly religions have had a truly benevolent influence.
Some of the religions initiated like liberation movement. For example the Jewish religion in as the book of old testament , initiated as a liberation of slaves of the Egyptian Social system. And even the Christian religion was a relevant to the existence of slaves in the Roman Empire; The early Christians were proud to call them slaves of the God, of Jesus-Christ, instead of slaves of the Emperor of Rome. But with the passage of time centuries later , the Jewish without their country anymore resulted to a kind of vassals of the social power of various nations. (A fact that led them seek power through the money). And the Christians, acquired an attitude of subordination and being vassals , suitable to the social power of the church, which was in close contact and parallel to the political and military social power. Therefore a psychological and spiritual attitude suitable for subordination to the authorities of the social power. There are similar realizations that can be stated about Buddhism and other religions too.
Most of the religions create a kind of spiritual and moral alienation of the human individuals from their true inner existence. Similar to how the power of money creates alienation in the labor in this civilization. By believing , devoting or adoring a charismatic or not religious leader, or idol the individual is deprived by his natural attention and concentration to his/her inner spiritual existence, and existential self-responsibility, and equal mutual respect of the inner spiritual divine existence of the other fellows in his civilization. For example in Christianity the spiritual dependence of a father-God, creates obviously an non matured  spiritual childishness.  Religions may deprive society and individuals from their Spiritual and Moral Freedom. Moral Virtues and Spirituality should not be monopolized by the religions. The individual should realize that his evolution passes from finding the divinity and godliness inside him and respecting his/her other fellows in the society for their inner godliness and spirituality.

Of course it is true that there are earthly planetary existences in various orders of higher frequencies realities that are more evolved, and that may serve as example and the inner contact with them may be a precious energizing. But they can be also depriving precious energy and power and self-responsibility instead of giving. And in no way they ate the "The One Creator of the World" or the "The One Creator of the Human Beings"! Such conceptions,  are theistic misconceptions, accidental or with hidden purpose. In fact there is not "The one Creator of the world" or "The One creator of the Human Beings" or "The one creator of life", as for all of these , world, Life , Human Bodies, etc there were many creators of various ranks and distributed in a vast time span. It is as if speaking of "The One Carpenter" who has made all furniture on the planet, or "The One Programmer" who has created all the software in the internet. The word "God" may have 16 different meanings, and some of them are true and of great inpsiration, but some of them are simply misconceptions, and a trap. There are many who claim that all the major religions on planet earth (Like Judaism, Christianity, Muslims, Buddhism etc and we are not talking here have about chuchianity as a result after some centuries but the real authentic initiation of the religions) had a common origin , the planets earth Spiritual  Hierarchy of Light, which is like a masonry not in the visible reality , but in higher frequencies physical realities. Any way they are a very small number , and it seems that very few only earthly human beings eventually follow their path and join this organization evolving in the invisible realities on planet earth (becoming what is called masters of wisdom etc). As a comparison in the various more advanced civilizations in the galaxies, whole parts of their humanity is living and evolving in higher frequency invisible planets and realities and in close cooperation with their parts which on visible planets and reality in their  same solar system , as as united civilization   It seems that here on earth, a small minority only had real benefits in their spiritual evolution from the various religions, although many were influenced, and the religions acquired widespread fame. 

Furthermore this contact with higher frequency existences is usually temporary , and the permanent state is simply the human existence in introversion towards his inner divine spiritual existence, and of course within his/her co-existence with the other fellows and their divine spiritual inner-existence , in the civilization.
And normally in other more evolved civilizations of the galaxy (consciousnesses unveiled) , such existences are again members of the same civilization and humanity at its part in higher frequencies. They are not members of a group or organisation outside to their humanity and civilization. Or serving the secrete interests of hostile and predating sources outside their humanity and their civilization.

The whole story of spiritual adultery, in other words the belief that we evolve spiritually only through a spiritual existence like Christ or Buddha etc (father-god or other spiritual monarch) only leads to spiritual enslavement and deprives human existences from their spiritual self-responsibility. "Christ-consciousness" ? There is only "higher-frequency realities consciousness" In other words principles and values that allow someone to be able to live in higher frequencies realities . NO SINGLE EXISTENCE IS ENTITLED OR HAS THE RIGHT TO MONOPOLIZE HIGHER-FREQUENCY REALITIES CONSCIOUSNESS. from this point of view any indulgence on Christ-consciousness or Buddha-consciousness or....Jehovah-consciousness or Allah-consciousness etc is only a spiritual and emotional trap. Not to mention that Christianity and the model of Jesus-Christ is too much correlated with sadomasochism....By saying the above, it does not mean that someone is an enemy of such spiritual existences like Christ or Buddha. On the contrary he or she might be a friend of them......

WHY HIGHER FREQUENCIES REALITIES CONSCIOUSNESS FROM ALIEN BUT RESPECTABLE CIVILIZATIONS IS THE ONLY  FRUITFUL ONE. There are on earth existences in higher frequencies realities. E.g. the Spiritual Hierarchy of light (See A. Baileys books) , which is correlated with some well known religions, and also the Dark Order. Nevertheless higher frequencies realities consciousness modeled by them has two serious disadvantages: First  it so modeled by single existence or an oligarchy of such existences and therefore imposes a Monarchical or Oligarchical model of power as well, not a democratic one. Second  earth in higher frequencies realities is planetary scale dessert. Not trees no animals no life. Therefore such existences inviting people to join them for large scale masses, is like inviting them to dessert deprived from life, which when sensed by the majority of people has the opposite effect of the people being appalled by higher  frequencies realities consciousness as something deadly and  a trap. Which leads them to be more certain to indulge to the visible frequency reality which is something not good. Only a whole civilization which lives in  higher frequency reality planet can implicitly invite to higher frequencies reality consciousness in a meaning full way. That is why HIGHER FREQUENCIES REALITIES CONSCIOUSNESS, FROM ALIEN BUT RESPECTABLE GOOD and in alliance CIVILIZATIONS IS THE ONLY  FRUITFUL ONE. In our solar system there is a satellite of planet Jupiter in the 2nd aether (or 5th density reality) which is live and populated by advanced humanoid existences. By the way in the 2nd aether no living animal needs to kill any other animal or plant to live as the energy from the sun is sufficient for all. And planet Jupiter in the 2nd ethereal reality is a small blue sun. But this civilization keeps it distances from the earthly civilization. It is a rumor that the "Gods" of  the ancient Greek civilization were simply alien visitors from a planet of Cassiopeia in the 3rd ethereal reality (6th density reality).

Here are some sayings by Dalai Lama, on that the earthly religions should not monopolize morality and virtues, and the spiritual evolution should be based in a much wider way on the concept of social good and evolution of the human existence rather than on religions.

Some quotes by Dali Lama the 14th  in his book "Ancient world, Modern world, Ethics for the new millennium" 1999

Chapter 3 "As I have remarked, the religious faith is not a prerequisite neither for the moral behavior neither for happiness of its own"  
"In this chapter we will focus our attention in the inter-religions  harmony"
"Most of the founders of religions in their teaching have given  emphasis in the development of love and compassion, and withdrawal from the selfish desires. And all of them addressed to us, asking to transform our hearts and spirit "
"They resemble between them relative to the fact that all of them give emphasis to love, compassion, within moral discipline."
"That is why I am not in favor of an "ultimate" or a new "universal religion". "
" In relation to this matter , I consider especially attractive the idea of a Universal Parliament of Religions. First of all , because in the idea of a "parliament"  is underlying a concept of Democracy, while the plural "Religions" underlines the significance of the principle o pluralism of religious traditions" 

Chapter 1
"For the spirituality , I consider that it is concerned with those properties of the human spirit that bring happiness to ourselves and to the others. Properties like love, compassion, temperance, feeling of responsibility and feeling of harmony.
There is no reason for which an individual could not be able to develop such virtues, even to a high degree, without  being necessary to use  any help from any religion ,  or metaphysical system of beliefs.  That is why I have claimed some times that the religion is something that it could be missing. On the contrary in no circumstance any of the above basic spiritual virtues should be missing."

Chapter 2
" Here I was concerned more with the description of an approach to morality, according to which the issue of morality is in relation to the basic human experience of happiness and unhappiness , avoiding the problems that are created when we base morality on religion"

"All the worlds major religions, with their emphasis on love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness can and do promote inner values. But the reality of the world today is that grounding ethics in religion is no longer adequate. This is why I am increasingly convinced that the time has come to find a way of thinking about spirituality and ethics beyond religion altogether."  

End of the quotes by Dali Lama

The next is a video where J. Krishnamurti is talking about  the religious mind , beyond any religion.


This introspective approach to the evolution of the human consciousnesses  both of mortal personality and immortal soul, is not religion, although it shares some of its qualities and it is neither  mysticism or apocryphism either. It can be considered though an enhanced metaphysical humanism

Some of the simple axioms or principles on which it is based are 

1. The reality of the world is not exhausted by he observable and known by sciences so far, physical reality. There area  invisible realities too of which we have mainly only subjective inner experiences rather than external observable awareness by the senses  . 

2. Humans existences are not only the visible mortal body or mortal personality but mainly the immortal human soul consciousness and immortal human divine spirit.

3. The mortal part of the human being is much benefited if it is in meditative communication with his inner and by far more rich and experienced immortal existence e.g. with the immortal soul as it is united with the collective field of the other souls. But the immortal part is in benefit too with such persistent and   continuous link with the mortal part of the existence.

4. As immoral souls we have being incarnated many times in may different physical bodies, and possibly different planetary civilizations, other than earth and so it may be in the future. And for some human existences sometimes in different frequencies invisible physical realities, rather than the visible physical reality. 

5. It is a basic part of the nature of the human existence to evolve fast, and eventually live in higher frequency invisible but physical realities. This is done both individually and collectively as civilizations. 

6. The physical life was  initially a divine and sacred spiritual creation by many spiritual creators in higher physical invisible realities before it was brought by lowering its frequency   billion of years ago, by the "founders",  to the visible physical reality in which it went on evolving and being self-creating. 

7. There is no-one entitled to intervene or mediate between a mortal human personality and his inner immortal soul and divine spirit,  other than the human existence itself. The same between  the human being and the spiritual creators of physical life. A  human existence  is  and as it evolve it eventually becomes more a spiritual creator of physical life. 

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112. Cosmic consensus consciousness versus standard beliefs of our current planetary educational system.

Here is concise table of 22 points  that compares the Cosmic Consensus Consciousness and standard  beliefs of our earthly educational system, as was discussed in the other posts in this blog below.

The posts mentioned refer to the above blog, not to the current blog.

The effect on our psychology is I believe positive and encouraging for more self-responsibility.




1)All matter starts with the triad of permanent and free particles of protons , electrons neutrons. In smaller scale there is nothing but vacuum. All celestial bodies are those that we can observe with electromagnetic waves (light).
1)Physical reality, continuous deeper, than protons , neutrons, electrons, with finer such triads , of permanent, free particles.  There are many such layers of matter (Called densities or dimensions  or aethers or frequencies , the term frequency being relevant to the frequency of the spin of the triads) . We may call the reality of protons,   neutrons electrons, the 1st frequency reality. And there are many invisible to us planets, and celestial bodies, in the higher frequency material realities.(See post

2)The universe was  created by a Big Bang 13-14 billion years ago.

2) This current (not higher)  frequency visible physical reality was created 21 billion years ago, in other words all protons , neutrons electrons, were created from , waves emanating simultaneously from all from black holes for a limited time. This cosmo-sphere in a vortex motion, contracts and expands, giving the impression of big-bang creation. If we include higher frequency realities the universe is at least 21 trillion years old.

3)All that exists, is the cosmological manifold (cosmo-sphere) that we can observe with the light in astronomy.

3)All that we can observe with light is only one cosmo-sphere, in this visible frequency reality. There are more such , in this (not higher) frequency reality that we cannot observe with light in astronomy.
Nothing goes faster than light

4) The interior of earth is full of magma
There is no such a limitation in nature. In the same way that there is no limitation that in the air that bodies cannot move faster than the sound. As far as human biological bodies is concerned, human mammals from oxygen-breathing  biopsheres, have been recorded to travel inside spaceships, up to 4 times the speed of light. But if the humanoid body is from hydrogen-breathing  biosphere it cannot travel faster than the speed of light, because the frequency of their  bodies is lower than those from oxygen breathing biopsheres.

4) All planets, satellites and stars, from their way that are shaped and gradually cooled, are hollow inside. Earth has an interior bluish small gaseous sun. 

5) Moon is a natural celestial body, that was there, billion years ago.

5) Moon was a natural satellite of the destroyed planet in the orbit, of asteroids. But now it has been modified by other solar system civilization (Draconian Alliance), to be an artificial spaceship, and was set in orbit around earth about 9000-10000 B.C.(see posts 16)

6) The salt of the oceans is part of the natural evolution

6) There are billions of other planets with living biosphere of oxygen , like earth, but their oceans are from drinkable water. On earth a  alien civilization (Draconian Alliance) salinated the oceans not too many  thousand years ago.(see posts 17)



7)All life  emerged from inorganic matter, and evolves in the Darwinian   way through randomness

7)Life was created, by spiritual creators  in higher frequency physical realities, and only later, by lowering of the frequency, it appeared, in this frequency  visible physical reality, billions of years ago. Then it went one evolving also in the Darwinian way.

8) All plant, animal and human life on earth were created in the above way, exactly on earth

8)Most of the ecological life of living planets, was transplanted and transported from other living planets,. This holds also for all plant , animal and human life on earth.(see posts 6,10, 12,31)
Only the oxygen-breathing biopshere of earth is known to exist

9)The dinosaurs was a natural evolution of earthly animal life
There are 4 types of living planetary biopsheres. a) Hydrogen-breathing (which is the most common) b) Ammonia-breathing c) Methane-breathing and d) Oxygen-breathing (which is the most complicated and rare)

9)It seems that the dinosaurs were artificial animals, and artificial evolution created by the Draconian Alliance on earth, after the Permian extinction of mammals (about 220 million years ago), in an attempt to create a planetary biosphere almost only from reptiles.(see posts 10,6)

10)There is no other intelligent life in our solar system, but on earth

10)In the 3rd higher frequency reality (or 2nd aether, or 5th density reality, see post 3) there is an invisible  satellite of planet Jupiter while Jupiter is a small blue sun (in the 3rd frequency reality). This satellite has intelligent human civilization in the 3rd frequency reality. In the 3rd frequency reality and higher frequencies , all  life there is such that , no living creature  is fed by other living creatures but all are fed from the energy of their sun.(see posts 19)

11)There is no other sentient life on earth that speaks logical language than the human.

11) Dolphins, Whales , are sentient animals, on earth, as well as all over the galaxy and their language is logical and trinary .(see posts 25)
The natural way of communication between humans is by the sound of sequences of spoken words. Telepathy is abnormal.

The natural way of communication between humans of evolved civilizations, is by sequences of telepathically transmitted and received mental 3-dimensional figures and images, as words. Verbal communication through spoken sound, is an ability, that is almost not used anymore.(see post 33)


12) Homo sapience emerged not earlier than 150-200 thousand years ago.

12)Intelligent humanoid life existed billion years ago, and interstellar travelling is proven to be known at least since 250 million years ago. Intelligent Humanoid life on earth too, existed billions and millions years ago. Homo-sapience, as particular type of mammal humanoid life , has come to earth from other constellations  like Lyra’s  and other sub-Lyra races of other constellations, in greater numbers, at least since 700 thousand years ago.Our current DNA is from 22 different galactic races.(see posts 6,10, 12, 14, 26, 27)

13)Most probably homo-sapience is an evolution of the primates, which is a 6 million years old animal

13)Some primates is an artificial animal created by genetic engineering , by the Draconians (from the constellation of Dragon)



14)Money is the natural way for a society to function

14)Most advanced human mammal civilizations do not utilize money to function   internally.

15)Pharmaceuticals is the best way of medical healing

15)Most advanced human mammal civilizations do not utilize pharmaceutical  for medical healing. They utilize, energetic methods, through sound frequencies, light, and colors, besides meditation.(see posts 33,37)
Humans are considered omnivorous, and meat is 
indispensable food.

16)Human work has to be bought and sold with money.
 Humans are considered fruits-seeds eaters, and animal flesh is not part of the nutrition system.(Andromedan Alliance)

16)Human work , is not bought and sold as this would be considered form of slavery.

17)Only if you sell your work you have the right to live.

17)Every human individual in a advanced civilization, has from birth to old age death, right , for free, on the basic survival means of living.

18)A man who lives from his timely paid work can  inherit from the civilization only as much as his money can buy.

Inequalities are considered optimal
form of social functioning

A civilization with its century old accumulation of inventions , goods and services, normally should offer in each individual, in almost all cases,  more than what the individual offers with his work to the civilization, within his mortal life.

Equality is considered optimal form of social functioning, not inequality. (Andromedan Alliance)



19)Human existence, is mortal. After death there is nothing more

19)Human existences are immortals. Only the physical body dies. In advanced civilization in the current 1st frequency reality, an average life span is about 2000 years. In higher frequencies the life span is much longer, but also time ,counts different.(see posts 6,10, 32,33,39)

20)There is an immortal human soul, but we live only one mortal life

20)The human soul is immortal, and we live many lives, with the same evolving soul but different physical bodies, in different civilizations of various solar system.

21)There are no miracles. Humans cannot make miracles. They can make only scientific technology.

21)In higher frequencies realities, humans have the natural ability of miracles. But also in this 1st frequency visible reality, 
there is a limited ability  of rare smaller  miracles, especially by a particular minority of individuals, when the full inherited DNA is functioning.

22) Only God can make miracles. And the humans cannot. They can  only in the name of a God.

A human being can evolve spiritually only by following a God of one of the earthly religions

22)Miracles, in all frequencies realities, is an ability of the creative human existence. The higher the frequency reality the existence the more divine, and more 
Godlish”  it is.(see posts 6,10, 23,24,39)
A human being evolves spiritually by introversion to his inner divine spiritual existence, social contribution   and by respecting the inner divine spiritual existence of his/her fellow individuals in his civilization, in the same or higher frequencies realities.