Sunday, April 29, 2018

124. The three main characteristics of the under-developed subjectivity

The 3 main characteristics of an under-developed subjectivity are the next

1) Almost complete  power of death over  the ideas, thoughts , emotions, and bodily functions. The person things that with the dearth of his body, his existence ends also. They have compulsive need to apply death through obsession with the power of death , also to other persons that they interact. Some of the important bodily sensitivities are almost  entirely dead. 

2) Dominance of the power or "truth" of the duality of  predator-pray, or parasite-host or  one that has-the other that is "haved",   or the one that has power and dominance over-the other that is dominated by or win-lose duality. They continuously have the obsession to explain all human interactions with this duality, or exercise human interactions with this duality. Often this results to pettiness  and patronizing personality. To prove themselves, they seek to acquire social power, through money, politics or reputation. 

3) The underlying substratum of their bodily feeling is solid material rather than fluid ,liquid or gaseous and usually has the frequencies  or "feeling"  of soil, rocks and ground, instead of a substratum which is fluid and sensitive like psychic consciousness.

Now those with such under-developed characters of the subjectivity, boast that they are the ones who are strong with merits and  reputation of good capabilities while those with fluid underlying feeling and without the other two characteristics too, as if they are incompetent week and with not merits!

But the truth is just the converse!



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