Saturday, October 25, 2014

112. Cosmic consensus consciousness versus standard beliefs of our current planetary educational system.

Here is concise table of 22 points  that compares the Cosmic Consensus Consciousness and standard  beliefs of our earthly educational system, as was discussed in the other posts in this blog below.

The posts mentioned refer to the above blog, not to the current blog.

The effect on our psychology is I believe positive and encouraging for more self-responsibility.




1)All matter starts with the triad of permanent and free particles of protons , electrons neutrons. In smaller scale there is nothing but vacuum. All celestial bodies are those that we can observe with electromagnetic waves (light).
1)Physical reality, continuous deeper, than protons , neutrons, electrons, with finer such triads , of permanent, free particles.  There are many such layers of matter (Called densities or dimensions  or aethers or frequencies , the term frequency being relevant to the frequency of the spin of the triads) . We may call the reality of protons,   neutrons electrons, the 1st frequency reality. And there are many invisible to us planets, and celestial bodies, in the higher frequency material realities.(See post

2)The universe was  created by a Big Bang 13-14 billion years ago.

2) This current (not higher)  frequency visible physical reality was created 21 billion years ago, in other words all protons , neutrons electrons, were created from , waves emanating simultaneously from all from black holes for a limited time. This cosmo-sphere in a vortex motion, contracts and expands, giving the impression of big-bang creation. If we include higher frequency realities the universe is at least 21 trillion years old.

3)All that exists, is the cosmological manifold (cosmo-sphere) that we can observe with the light in astronomy.

3)All that we can observe with light is only one cosmo-sphere, in this visible frequency reality. There are more such , in this (not higher) frequency reality that we cannot observe with light in astronomy.
Nothing goes faster than light

4) The interior of earth is full of magma
There is no such a limitation in nature. In the same way that there is no limitation that in the air that bodies cannot move faster than the sound. As far as human biological bodies is concerned, human mammals from oxygen-breathing  biopsheres, have been recorded to travel inside spaceships, up to 4 times the speed of light. But if the humanoid body is from hydrogen-breathing  biosphere it cannot travel faster than the speed of light, because the frequency of their  bodies is lower than those from oxygen breathing biopsheres.

4) All planets, satellites and stars, from their way that are shaped and gradually cooled, are hollow inside. Earth has an interior bluish small gaseous sun. 

5) Moon is a natural celestial body, that was there, billion years ago.

5) Moon was a natural satellite of the destroyed planet in the orbit, of asteroids. But now it has been modified by other solar system civilization (Draconian Alliance), to be an artificial spaceship, and was set in orbit around earth about 9000-10000 B.C.(see posts 16)

6) The salt of the oceans is part of the natural evolution

6) There are billions of other planets with living biosphere of oxygen , like earth, but their oceans are from drinkable water. On earth a  alien civilization (Draconian Alliance) salinated the oceans not too many  thousand years ago.(see posts 17)



7)All life  emerged from inorganic matter, and evolves in the Darwinian   way through randomness

7)Life was created, by spiritual creators  in higher frequency physical realities, and only later, by lowering of the frequency, it appeared, in this frequency  visible physical reality, billions of years ago. Then it went one evolving also in the Darwinian way.

8) All plant, animal and human life on earth were created in the above way, exactly on earth

8)Most of the ecological life of living planets, was transplanted and transported from other living planets,. This holds also for all plant , animal and human life on earth.(see posts 6,10, 12,31)
Only the oxygen-breathing biopshere of earth is known to exist

9)The dinosaurs was a natural evolution of earthly animal life
There are 4 types of living planetary biopsheres. a) Hydrogen-breathing (which is the most common) b) Ammonia-breathing c) Methane-breathing and d) Oxygen-breathing (which is the most complicated and rare)

9)It seems that the dinosaurs were artificial animals, and artificial evolution created by the Draconian Alliance on earth, after the Permian extinction of mammals (about 220 million years ago), in an attempt to create a planetary biosphere almost only from reptiles.(see posts 10,6)

10)There is no other intelligent life in our solar system, but on earth

10)In the 3rd higher frequency reality (or 2nd aether, or 5th density reality, see post 3) there is an invisible  satellite of planet Jupiter while Jupiter is a small blue sun (in the 3rd frequency reality). This satellite has intelligent human civilization in the 3rd frequency reality. In the 3rd frequency reality and higher frequencies , all  life there is such that , no living creature  is fed by other living creatures but all are fed from the energy of their sun.(see posts 19)

11)There is no other sentient life on earth that speaks logical language than the human.

11) Dolphins, Whales , are sentient animals, on earth, as well as all over the galaxy and their language is logical and trinary .(see posts 25)
The natural way of communication between humans is by the sound of sequences of spoken words. Telepathy is abnormal.

The natural way of communication between humans of evolved civilizations, is by sequences of telepathically transmitted and received mental 3-dimensional figures and images, as words. Verbal communication through spoken sound, is an ability, that is almost not used anymore.(see post 33)


12) Homo sapience emerged not earlier than 150-200 thousand years ago.

12)Intelligent humanoid life existed billion years ago, and interstellar travelling is proven to be known at least since 250 million years ago. Intelligent Humanoid life on earth too, existed billions and millions years ago. Homo-sapience, as particular type of mammal humanoid life , has come to earth from other constellations  like Lyra’s  and other sub-Lyra races of other constellations, in greater numbers, at least since 700 thousand years ago.Our current DNA is from 22 different galactic races.(see posts 6,10, 12, 14, 26, 27)

13)Most probably homo-sapience is an evolution of the primates, which is a 6 million years old animal

13)Some primates is an artificial animal created by genetic engineering , by the Draconians (from the constellation of Dragon)



14)Money is the natural way for a society to function

14)Most advanced human mammal civilizations do not utilize money to function   internally.

15)Pharmaceuticals is the best way of medical healing

15)Most advanced human mammal civilizations do not utilize pharmaceutical  for medical healing. They utilize, energetic methods, through sound frequencies, light, and colors, besides meditation.(see posts 33,37)
Humans are considered omnivorous, and meat is 
indispensable food.

16)Human work has to be bought and sold with money.
 Humans are considered fruits-seeds eaters, and animal flesh is not part of the nutrition system.(Andromedan Alliance)

16)Human work , is not bought and sold as this would be considered form of slavery.

17)Only if you sell your work you have the right to live.

17)Every human individual in a advanced civilization, has from birth to old age death, right , for free, on the basic survival means of living.

18)A man who lives from his timely paid work can  inherit from the civilization only as much as his money can buy.

Inequalities are considered optimal
form of social functioning

A civilization with its century old accumulation of inventions , goods and services, normally should offer in each individual, in almost all cases,  more than what the individual offers with his work to the civilization, within his mortal life.

Equality is considered optimal form of social functioning, not inequality. (Andromedan Alliance)



19)Human existence, is mortal. After death there is nothing more

19)Human existences are immortals. Only the physical body dies. In advanced civilization in the current 1st frequency reality, an average life span is about 2000 years. In higher frequencies the life span is much longer, but also time ,counts different.(see posts 6,10, 32,33,39)

20)There is an immortal human soul, but we live only one mortal life

20)The human soul is immortal, and we live many lives, with the same evolving soul but different physical bodies, in different civilizations of various solar system.

21)There are no miracles. Humans cannot make miracles. They can make only scientific technology.

21)In higher frequencies realities, humans have the natural ability of miracles. But also in this 1st frequency visible reality, 
there is a limited ability  of rare smaller  miracles, especially by a particular minority of individuals, when the full inherited DNA is functioning.

22) Only God can make miracles. And the humans cannot. They can  only in the name of a God.

A human being can evolve spiritually only by following a God of one of the earthly religions

22)Miracles, in all frequencies realities, is an ability of the creative human existence. The higher the frequency reality the existence the more divine, and more 
Godlish”  it is.(see posts 6,10, 23,24,39)
A human being evolves spiritually by introversion to his inner divine spiritual existence, social contribution   and by respecting the inner divine spiritual existence of his/her fellow individuals in his civilization, in the same or higher frequencies realities.