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111. Planetary centers of strong hidden will and intention, human free will, and individuals intelligent consciousness behind actions proceeds.

The human existence is rooted in spiritual intentions and is initially a volitional being. But spiritual intentions is like a steady unperceptive low speed wind , and very often what we observe in the life of a human personality is the emotionalism or his intellectual intelligence (artifacts, science etc) behind his actions. So we conceive the human existence not by his primal root (spiritual intention) but by the secondary manifestations like emotions or intelligent thinking. So individual often perceive themselves as "I feel" selves or "I think" selves or "I act" selves. Not as "I will",  "I intent" selves . This gives the opportunity to strong "anchors" of will and intention in the planet, to influence and  bend massively the free-will of other human personalities to work-out their hidden agendas, and intentions, simply because a large number of human existences following the line of least resistance find it more convenient to follow these strong wills, in spite the fact that in some deeper level their consciousness and soul may disagree. The expression that can be used here is the human personalities have in some hidden subconscious level "signed a contract" to serve and work out these lines of influence and energy of these centers of strong will with exchange social power, money , success and influence. Such centers of strong will may be existences on higher frequencies physical realities in the planet or even specific strong type incarnated personalities in social life. Due to  lower development of humanity the last 25,000 years and specific   history of the planet earth, such centers of strong will were mainly of negative , evil, criminal and predator-type of will. So a large number of human personalities in some phase of their life have "secretly"  and subconsciously  "signed the devil's contract" to serve a hidden negative will towards the massive collectives of society, towards "other people" and in general "towards any direction other than ourselves" (and a small click of similarly "contracted"  other "fellows" ). This is their "secret" : Results and goals  in society are attained faster , and in a more successful way, if behind every effort in social activities there is a hidden negative will. In addition they get social power money and influence in  a faster and easier way. The masses are unsuspected and naive.......! This is how the regressive medicine, the regressive justice, the regressive education, and the regressive-anything-initially-positive  in society appears. Regressive here meaning exactly with hidden negative intentions, negative and involutive effects in civilization and soul evolution , through the surface and excuse of institutions , rules , lows etc initially set for positive and  progressive effects. 
But there has come a time that this is changing in planet earth. I will not go further of why and how, and what is the relation with other galactic and more powerful centers of will, but it is definitely changing. More and more the centers of hidden negative will are eliminated, and more and more human individuals wake-up and resign of such "contracts with the devil". or "contracts with the beast or monstrous".  More and more such "secrets" are no longer secrets and any sensitive human being can sense it in   another  human being no matter how well the other side tries to hide it. 
And what it is very important to realize, is that a human existence must seek his own spiritual will and intent no matter how subtle and imperceptible may be , must be set free from strong influences and take responsibility of his own evolution and consciousnesses substratum of social life. 


When someone comes in contact with the elite oligarchy that dominates (overtly or implicitly) he notes that according to them  the problem of the civilization is that the good, virtuous and worthy people are few  and are those that  dominate and have, while the bad , immoral and unworthy are the many,  who are dominated and have not. So the issue is how to defend the good and few, and will fight the bad and many.

On the other hand when someone comes in contact with the majority that is  dominated (overtly or implicitly) he notes that according to them  the problem of the civilization is that the  many are sufficiently good, virtuous and worthy, and are those that are dominated and do not have, while the few that dominate and have, are the bad, immoral, and unworthy to stand up to the planet circumstances. So the issue is how to defend the many and good, and fight the few and bad.

To my perception, it is quite certain, that the extreme inequalities between those that dominate and have against those who are dominated and do not have, are themselves the source of delays in the evolution of the civilization.

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110 About our belief system for the biological life


David Wilcock à l'événement Science et concience de

In this post I present the shift from the classical beliefs about biological life to rather more true beliefs about biological life that happened in my life since 2010.
Here are the classical beliefs about biological life

1) Classical Beliefs 1/4
  • Life has been created from inorganic kingdom , about 4,5 billions of years ago. First plans, then insects, fishes, reptiles, birds, mammals, humans. In particular humans (homo sapience) comes from apes.(see e.g.

  • The evolution is more or less as the Theory of Darwin (natural selection)

Classical Beliefs 2/4

  • And the inorganic kingdom (matter) was created by the big-bang 14 billion years ago.
(see e.g. )
Classical Beliefs 3/4
  • All physical reality, with life, is the one we see: Biological life made from cells, which in their turn are made from  protons, neutrons, and electrons. There is nothing beyond this. All matter starts with this triad: protons, neutrons, and electrons. (see e.g. )
Classical Beliefs 4/4
  • Life on earth is the one we see, on its surface.  The interior of the earth, is full with magma from about 100 km below surface, till the center of the earth. 
(see e.g. )

The last   years after especially after 2010 my beliefs about biological have changed , and with this my psychology has also changed for the better.

2) New beliefs system 
  • Multi-leveled atomicity theory of matter
Physical reality exists in many resolutions or frequencies (10, see e.g
  • Each level was created by a ”sound” frequency  in many layers, that created the new atomic particles, emanated simultaneously from all black-holes of the Universe.  E.g. the physical layer of protons neutrons, electrons is 21 billion years old.

3) No big-bang but vortex motion of the world.

  • What scientists believe as big bang is simple the next type of vortex motion of galaxies and stars.

4) 4 types of living biospheres in the galaxies

  • There are 4 types of planetary biospheres in the Galaxies)     
A)The hydrogen H2  -biospheres that are the most common     
B)The ammonia NH3  -biospheres.
C)     The methane CH4     -biospheres.
D)     The Oxygen   O2       -biospheres, that are the most biologically complex and rare.

(See e.g.

5) Living planetary biospheres exist in higher frequencies ethereal physical realities

   (See also post 12: Choosing our concept of physical reality)
  • Life in the visible 1st frequency material reality was launched billion of years ago from the Founders  (a group of existences or civilization) . It existed or was created first in higher frequencies ethereal realities (e.g. 3d aether) , and  then by lowering the frequency, it appeared as if magically on our visible material reality. Then it continued evolution more or less with the Darwinian way.
  • All planets and stars have a basic tonal lowest frequency which defines  in which (lowest) reality they exist. But also secondary they exist in higher frequencies realities. Earth and sun exist also secondarily in higher frequencies. The sun has different colors in the higher frequencies. Human beings exist primarily in a lowest frequency and secondarily in higher frequencies too. This suggests that our beliefs and consciousness should be appropriate for life not only for the primarily lowest frequency (the material reality we see) but also appropriate for life in higher frequencies. The keys to change life, are found in higher frequencies. When existing in a higher frequency reality all lower frequencies realities are experienced as external realities, and all higher as internal realities. This is the law of relativity of external and internal. As we are at the lowest frequency. All the above frequencies realities are experienced by us as internal realities.
         (see e.g. )

6) All life was initially sacred spiritual creation, in higher frequencies realities.
  • Human existences in the 3rd aether, have the ability to materialize at will at our physical reality, and then withdraw back to 3rd aether.
  • All living forms, in 2nd aether and above, do not need to kill each other to survive. They take all the energy of life they need from their sun. (this explains why some of us are breatherians, and vegans).
  • Sex in 2nd aether is not done through physical contact of the bodies but energetically at a distance. 
  • Human bodies in 1st aether or 2nd aether, are 40% or more of less weight, semi-transparent , and human there have the abilities of physical miracles, by their own spiritual will. Humans in the 1st aether have a life-span of  about 6,000-10,000 years.
  • After the launching of life from higher frequency realities to the visible frequency reality by the Founders billions of years ago, in a basic number of planets and stars, the rest of the living planets were created by transporting and planting life to them. This occurred billions  of years ago.
  • For example many earthly trees and animals, as shape and DNA, were evolved in other planets and then brought here. Some animals like the apes, are artificially created, by civilizations that are very good in genetic engineering. 
  • In is believed that the life in this   frequency of visible reality , everywhere in the galaxies, will eventually migrate back to the next frequency of invisible reality , thus inverting the launching of life by the founders. This is the return of life to higher frequencies invisible realities  
(The spiritual archetype of our physical body seem to contain incredible abilities that we are not aware of. The next example of breatherians might be an ability inherited from the 3rd aethereal component of our body   and )

7) Inter-realities human consciousness for faster evolution.

  • A better meaning of the message of the miracles of Jesus-Christ (and Apollonius from Tyana see e.g.  was that 
  • A) In higher aether realities all  have the abilities of miracles
  • B) By practicing a logic of inter-frequencies realities, our existential evolution is faster. By practicing a logic and consciousness which is over-fit to our visible reality, our evolution is slower , although we get the impression of best fit and survival in the visible reality.


  • Each one of us has lived many lives before, either in this physical reality but in other solar systems (some in the planet earth before many times) or in higher aethereal realities of other living (ethereal) planets and solar systems.
  • E.g. Planet Jupiter, in the 2nd aethereal reality is  a blue sun, and has an ( aetheal) satellite with (2nd aethereal ) human civilization on it. (see e.g. )

9) All stars and planets are Hollow. 

  • Earthly ground, with magma in it, that give rise to volcanoes, exist only till about 1/3 of the earths radius (that is about 2250 km). Then earth is hollow with oxygen atmosphere in it and a bluish plasma sun at the center. Gravitation reverses at least 2 times. There are plans and animals that are a bit larger in size, The inner earth, has no night or seasons, but has clouds and rain. 
  • At the poles in the oceans, there are 70-km holes that link the inner and out earth. Furthermore there are about 10 narrows artificial tunnels, in various continents. 
  • See e.g.
  • And
  • The reason e.g. that all planets in the galaxies are hollow has to do with the faster cooling at the outer spherical surface, of the planet when it was gaseous in early stages of evolution, and this cooling would create liquid magma and solid crust before the inner gaseous part of the planet was cooled. In addition the spherical harmonics of reversals of the gravitation, shape size of the outer shell in to ration relative to the total size of small integer numbers 

10) Planet Mars had oxygen biopshere

  • Planet Mars had oxygen biosphere, that was destroyed 69 million years ago.
  • His inner sun is dead, and inside it is dark.
(see e.g. )

11) Psychological consequences of the new beliefs
  • Higher self esteem as immortal spiritual human existence.
  • Higher respect for life , as intended and not random, sacred spiritual creation.
  •   Faster speed of existential evolution 
  • Understanding that bloody predator-prey living creatures interactions and violence of jungle life as we know it in our 1st frequency material reality, is only here and in 1st aether, not in higher frequencies, and is because of the distance of this frequency material reality, of the heights of the spiritual intention that created life.