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130. AΝ "ALLEGORICAL" TALE OF STARS sheds light on the future fate of a planet and the implications of our morality.

AΝ "ALLEGORICAL"  TALE OF STARS sheds light on the future fate of a planet and the implications of our morality.


"The Two Banks"

A) Once upon a time there was a constellation called dragon. There, for billions of years, the giant evil tyrants lived.

But no one knew where the giant evil tyrants came from and why they had not evolved like everyone else in the four basic ecologies of living planets. That is, hydrogen (the most common), methane, ammonia and the rarest oxygen. Had other ancient civilizations created their bodies with genetic engineering? Did they bring them from other cosmo-balls ? Almost no one knew exactly.

The bad tyrants seemed to not want to evolve like everyone else and continue to live in higher frequencies of reality, where the spirit is closer to the ethereal material and more easily shape matter. And where no living animal has to kill another living plant or animal to live because all live by the energy of the light of their sun. They preferred to live here at the lower frequencies where their extraordinary strong biological construction made them very strong warriors in a body-to-body battle.

So with war, conquests and tyranny, they became a major scourge on the neighboring galaxies. But as billions of years of reproduction within their own, they began to suffer from genetic degeneration.

B) So they chose a solar system not too far from them and distant from other civilizations, which had 3 planets with oxygen ecology. Phaethon, Mars and Earth.

After destroying almost all mammals with hydrogen sulfide, they began with amazing genetic engineering, as they are excellent genetic engineers, to fill them with mammal-like reptiles. Their experiment succeeded, and for about 150 million years, they not only extracted DNA from the evolution of these animals to correct their own, but also made small (reptilian) humanoid bodies that were able to deceive other civilizations, that them too the reptilian giant tyrants had also evolved into such biospheres. During this experiment, unfortunately, the planet Phaethon was destroyed and became a zone of asteroids at an outer orbit relative to the planet Mars.

But the other good-natured civilizations of the neighboring galaxies had suffered so much from their tyranny that they gathered into a large army, made very long-range space weapons, where the physical benefits of the near battle of the giant tyrants did not mattered and decided to put an end to their plans, for more tyranny over the galaxies. So they went into this solar system, and with large asteroids thrown on the two planets stopped by 80% the evolution of mammal-like reptile animals.

Exasperated by anger, the giant tyrants gathered a very large part of their army, and they went to this solar system to punish those who dared to interrupt their plans. They have been boasting for billions of years that they are undefeated warriors. But when they got there, the long-range weapons that the good guys made were defeating them and practically lost their entire army.

The core of the defeated good cultures migrated to higher frequencies of reality where the spirit has greater power over matter and where no living animal has to kill another living animal or plant in order to live because they all live by the energy ofthe light of their sun. But they left some of their protected sub-species in the constellation of Lyra on 14 planets. This civilization has lived there for at least 50 million years. It was a mainly agricultural civilization, gardening other planets to allow descended cultures to live in the future. It was a culture with values ​​such as "the needs of many outweigh the needs of one" and lived with wisdom, prosperity, no pharmaceuticals, no money and almost no inequalities.

After this victory, the good cultures and the Lyra culture brought the two planets Mars and Earth back to their normal state by bringing all the usual land and sea mammal animals that exist on oxygen planets.

The shock of the bad tyrants was great. They realized that not only their very existence was endangered, but that in any future attempt at mass tyranny on the planets, the allies of free and good civilizations would defeat them. For the first time they began to fear for their very existence in the constellation of the dragon.

C) The bad guys, after their defeat, decided that they should master and subjugate with a cleverer mode, that is, indirectly and secretly. They initially made, as they are very good at the genetic engineering, very large numbers of normal sized reptilian humanoids as evil and tyrannical as them and allowed them to live in the constellation of Orion. More accuracy they made their bodies that would then attract relevant souls to be incarnated in them attracted to those bodies which are reptilian and not mammals. It would be for them the army that would do on their behalf, their wars. 
Giant tyrants had been reduced, after their defeat on earth and because of their genetic degeneration to a few in numbers. Their plan would be completed by planets such as e.g. Mars and Earth, which would be trap-planets that the primitive mammalian humanoids would develop, would be secretly enslaved to them in ways that they would not understand. One of them would be that they would have deactivated most of their DNA, while the rest would have distorted by that of the giant tyrants. To make Earth easier to trap, as an isolated planet, the bad guys destroyed planet Mars, secretly to the awareness of good civilizations, through a comet that haunted its atmosphere, 1-2 million years after their defeat on earth.
Nearly 70 million years after the defeat of the giant tyrants on Mars and Earth, and after realizing that the powerful other cultures that defeated them were no longer there to battle them, they invaded the constellation of Lyra and destroyed this 14th planets civilization, obviously for revenge. The few that escaped became nuclei that evolved into other new civilizations in this galaxy (such as in the constellation of Canine, Pleiades, Sirius A, and other solar systems in the neighboring galaxy of the Andromeda, like those that are called the  "Blues").
The regular-sized tyrants in Orion, imitating this pattern of dragonians, they stole DNA from Sirius A, where they inhabited good humans, mixed it with their own, and made the semi-tyrants of Sirius B.

300 thousand years ago the bad guys from Orion came back to Earth to conquer it, but they found the semi-tyrants warriors from Sirius B who wanted it for their own the planet. Half-tyrants warriors consider themselves the good-guys compared to the pure-evils tyrants of Orion or Dragon. But as they rely so much on their badness rather than on their kindness  they lose when they fight the pure bad guys.
Between 72,000 years ago and 58,000 years ago two large colonies of 22 civilizations (mainly good guys), established the islands of Lemuria, in the North Pacific Ocean and of Atlantis (in the North Atlantic Ocean) respectively on the earth. Atlantis was established mainly by the civilization of Pleiades.  Among the 22 cultures were also the half-tyrants of the Sirius B.
Lemuria and Atlantis came to war with each other and Lemuria was defeated and destroyed about 32 thousand years ago. But also Atlantis, apparently self-destructed 3 thousand years later, that is, about 29 thousand years ago. Because this catastrophe was radioactive, the Earth's biosphere remained contaminated for about 22,000 years.
About 7 thousand years ago, when the contamination of the Atlantis disaster ended, the half-tyrants from Sirius B came back to earth, considering it  their own planet and made two awful two things:
1) Salted the oceans with salt from the outside the planet. Normally all  oxygen living planets have oceans with drinking water. And so it was earth at the time of Atlantis. They did so for two reasons: a) to gather primitives into large rivers and lakes that make them easier to manage and b) to make the planet earth defective in abundance of water and thus unattractive to for habitation by large and powerful cultures.
2) They continued the plot of the draconian hidden tyranny, disabling most of the DNA of the surviving primitives and distorting it with their own, that is, half-tyrants.
The project was performed by the two brothers Enlil and Enki. Even though they are trying to get rid of the bad guys, they cannot and unconsciously almost execute the agenda the bad guys want.
But Enlil dreamed of making a civilization on earth better than the half-tyrants of Sirius B and put the royal DNA of the half-tyrants of Sirius B  into the  DNA of the earthly primitives.
For this reason, Enki, who only wanted slaves to get gold from South Africa, considered him a traitor and killed him.
This is how the new earthly culture of the crypto-tyrants began to hatch, but they are actually better than the semi-tyrants of Sirius B. Depending on these bodies new souls  are attracted to incarnate them.
But the crypto-tyrants fate can very easily become the fate of the half-tyrants. That is to say, like half-tyrants, so the crypto-tyrants consider themselves the good-guys, in relation to the pure bad guys of Orion or Dragon and also the good-guys compared to the half-tyrants.
And whenever they base their power on their hidden evilness then they are doomed to lose in the war both by the half-tyrants and the pure tyrants, which by the way are by far more technologically advanced (though not as technologically advanced as the pure good ones).
Analogous to the Earth crypto-tyrants, they made a few dozen other such planetary civilizations, for their plan to be as their vanguard at the occasion of war with the pure good civilizations. And at the same time the crypto-tyrants would be their own secret slaves, and execute their agenda of subjugation tyranny to other more primitive cultures.

D) Seeing these developments the good civilizations and very advanced souls, and seeing the danger of new hidden forms of tyranny spreading to the galaxies, they decided to make the sacrifice themselves to reincarnate at lower frequencies such as the visible reality of earth, with adulterated and missing DNA, to turn such cultures as the earthly, on the right bank, the bank of good civilizations, which is the only group of civilizations that can defeat the giant tyrants.
The rest of the fairy tale that you are reading, you still don't know what it will be the evolution. 
So there are two banks in the consciousness of the earthly people. The one of the mighty good civilizations, which in the eyes of the crypto-tyrants earthly guys, this goodness seems excessive and useless, and then the bank of the pure-tyrants which is obviously undesired to the earthly people too.  But earthly people are unable to win against the bank of the pure tyrants. Many of the earthly people have the dangerous illusion that themselves, as they are not purely evil and tyrannical like the dragonians , that they can stay neutral between  the good and the bad guys. Maybe in a gray zone that suits them. But this is precisely within the scheme and planes of the pure  bad dragonians.   Because if the earthly people  merely remain the crypto-tyrants  which are the  good guys in comparison with the pure evils of Orion and Dragon, then it is already outside the sphere of protection from the pure good civilizations, and within the sphere of influence of the evil ones of Orion and Dragon. And will happen to them exactly what happened  to  the half-tyrants of Sirius B who  no longer  belong to the bank of good guys but in the bank of bad ones and unconsciously or consciously do  carry out the evil agenda of the dragonians.

What will eventually happen? Will the earth fall into the bank and sphere of protection of many good and free cultures? Which means that they will  never tolerate tyranny or crypto-tyranny and never exercize tyranny or crypto-tyranny in the most primitive civilizations? Or they will remain inert and stagnant in the gray area of ​​the crypto-tyranny, so it will be under the influence and subordination of the bank of the bad dragonians. In this case, they will tolerate crypto-tyranny by the half-tyrants of Sirius B and exercise it in more primitive cultures too. And yet if they will fight against the pure bad guys, they will always  lose, and unconsciously execute their agenda aftwards. While they may hope not go to war with the purely good civilizations who are the strongest in the galaxy, where they will again lose the battles, but this time  morally too  not just materially only.

How the pure bad guys of the constellation of dragon or Orion will stop claiming the planet earth as one than belongs to them? What if the planet migrates all the way with all its trees and animals to higher frequencies of reality so that the dragonians  will no longer be of interest to it? Would earthly people and their social institutions become  sufficient good so that the whole of the civilization will pass to the bank of the purely good civilizations  and be protected by them  so that the dragonians would  fear to battle earth so as to not happen again what happened here 70 million years ago? Worse still, if the war is transferred from all good and free civilizations from Earth to the constellation of the dragon it might become the cause of their ultimate defeat and destruction for good.

The tale ends here. The moral lessons are yours, they are open to continue.