Saturday, August 4, 2018


I totally disagree with the "non-strategy" and "no-goals" approach to happiness. I explain why. The  emotionally  non-duality  happiness appears  when we activate our volitional side through   the gradual step-wise achievement of our worthy goals. We must not forget in which planetary civilization we live. This civilization's impersonal system  is designed to enslave indirectly (e.g. through the financial system but not only)   the people to unworthy goals under wrong principles and values. By leaving ourselves without our own worthy goals and personalized strategies and "living in the present" as many gurus repeat, we simply allow "the stream of the river" to drift us and become subordinate to the financial oligarchy's unworthy goals. Only the mind  through actions, can liberate the soul and for this to happen it is required a clear will for awareness and worthy goals under more advanced principles and values.  One more example why the spiritual gurus are welcome by the oligarchy of power: They create for them masses unable to survive by themselves and ready to surrender as workers for their money and unworthy goals. And gurus make money by telling to people what is easy to and likable to listen, but not what is really valuable for their soul-evolution. Masses need to raise their awareness from the hyperbole of emotionalism to awareness of a more wise and abstract but organized thinking through collective socialization.  Otherwise without goals and correct  thinking  they descent not ascent the ladder of self-responsibility.  To ascent in the ladder of self-responsibility and frequency of body, plus faster soul-consciousness evolution we must activate the volitional aspect of ourselves through awareness , worthy goals-setting and strategies  under better principles-beliefs and values. Then an emotionally  non-duality  happiness appears which is from the gradual step-wise achievement of our worthy goals. If the civilization's dominant power  has wrong goals and wrong thought-forms, the solution to over-come this is not , "not to have goals" or  avoid thinking but developing the right principles-beliefs and values for better goals and more true thinking and thought-forms.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

124. The three main characteristics of the under-developed subjectivity

The 3 main characteristics of an under-developed subjectivity are the next

1) Almost complete  power of death over  the ideas, thoughts , emotions, and bodily functions. The person things that with the dearth of his body, his existence ends also. They have compulsive need to apply death through obsession with the power of death , also to other persons that they interact. Some of the important bodily sensitivities are almost  entirely dead. 

2) Dominance of the power or "truth" of the duality of  predator-pray, or parasite-host or  one that has-the other that is "haved",   or the one that has power and dominance over-the other that is dominated by or win-lose duality. They continuously have the obsession to explain all human interactions with this duality, or exercise human interactions with this duality. Often this results to pettiness  and patronizing personality. To prove themselves, they seek to acquire social power, through money, politics or reputation. 

3) The underlying substratum of their bodily feeling is solid material rather than fluid ,liquid or gaseous and usually has the frequencies  or "feeling"  of soil, rocks and ground, instead of a substratum which is fluid and sensitive like psychic consciousness.

Now those with such under-developed characters of the subjectivity, boast that they are the ones who are strong with merits and  reputation of good capabilities while those with fluid underlying feeling and without the other two characteristics too, as if they are incompetent week and with not merits!

But the truth is just the converse!


Sunday, November 12, 2017


As strange as it may seem Dr Berg explains why low calories is not enough to lose weight because of the role of hormones and especially insulin which prevents fat burning. The glands that are mainly responsible are the pituitary gland and the adrenal gland with excess cortisol. He explains that the fastest fat burning occurs in a nutrition profile where calories are by  5%-10% from carbohydrates , 25% from proteins and 60%-80% from good fats, but in total low in calories.

The next video explains that with 2 avocados, and 2 green juices during a day, we enter the ketosis procedure of  metabolism.

Friday, August 11, 2017

122. Daily statistics of emotional habits, intellectual habits, beliefs habits, actions habits and relations with other habits , of an individual as the best psychological diagnostic methods

Daily statistics of emotional habits, intellectual habits, beliefs habits,  actions habits and relations with other habits , of an individual as the best psychological diagnostic methods and way of healing too. 

Probably one of the best diagnostic methods of the psychology, both of the healthy individuals as well as of the pathological individuals , is statistics based on   daily  questionnaires on

1) Beliefs habits
2) Intellectual habits
3) Emotions habits
4) Actions habits
5) Social interactions , with other individuals in various grades of intimacy or  acquaintance habits.

Then the strength of the healthy psychology as well as the sickness of the pathological psychology can become apparent on such statistics of

1) Perceptions from beliefs
2) Thoughts
3) Emotions
4) Actions
5) Social Interactions with other individuals.

This also gives a way of curing psycho-pathological cases: By restoring healthy habits of

1) Perceptions from beliefs
2) Thoughts
3) Emotions
4) Actions
5) Social Interactions with other individuals.

that were either of the same individual in a previous healthy state of years ago, or new such healthy habits not possessed by the individual so far!

This method is a very well known method in software engineering when we restore a previous health state of the windows (that now are infected by some virus or there are corrupt files) or re-installing the windows.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

121. Restoring psychological habits of a previous healthy state of a person as a form of psychotherapy.

Restoring  psychological habits of a previous healthy state of  a person as a form of psychotherapy.

The psychological problems or disease of a person as mortal personality, can be conceived as a system of negative habits (relative to the physical body, or relative to the social interactions) , habits of physical actions, of emotions, of thinking , believing and even of attention. 

Conversely a state of psychological health of a person as mortal personality, can be conceived as a system of healthy habits (relative to the physical body, or relative to the social interactions) , habits of physical actions, of emotions, of thinking , believing and even of attention. 

This perspective of psychology, indicates also a new form of psychotherapy:

When a person is in the turmoil of psychological problems or of a psychological disease, then what one has to do is simply to restore in him the healthy system of habits (relative to the physical body, or relative to the social interactions) , of a previous state of the life of the patient,  habits of physical actions, of emotions, of thinking , believing and even of attention. This is also easier for the patient to accept as he restores a  self of him of past  phase in his life rather than a prototype of another person who is considered healthy. 

This is also a way e.g. that software scientists cure an operating system (e.g. windows) , bey restoring its state at a previously time when all were functioning correctly (no viruses, no corrupt files etc).

There are many detailed examples that can be mentioned here.

The school of  psychology called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)  analyses using the phantasy and the senses not only past habits of emotions, thinking or actions but also creates future habits of emotions, actions and thinking. (See e.g. )

In the NLP exercises in this book , it is as if we step out in our fantasy from our physical body, we stand in the immortal soul consciousness, and we elaborate in changing the significance of our habitual psychological roles as selves. E.g. we may  disregard unimportant false selves improve more important true selves, or create new selves, in an imaginary timeline of the past present and future. In this process we involve all of our experience, other peoples experience and the correlation of inner emotions , thoughts and beliefs with the external data of the 5 senses.

Sow awareness and your reap a perception;
Sow a perception and you reap a belief;
Sow a belief and your reap a focus of the attention;
Sow a focus of the attention and you reap a thought;
Sow a thought and you reap a feeling;
Sow a feeling and you reap an action;
Sow an action and you reap a habit;
Sow a habit and you reap a character;

Sow a character and you reap a destiny;

Monday, October 5, 2015

120. A cycle of 17 spiritual poems

A cycle of 17 spiritual poems  

(By Costas Kyritsis 2015)

The roots of matter

At the beginning there was sound
and the sound came from the black stars

At the beginning there was sound
and the sound was towards the worlds

At the begging there was sound
and the sound was not
of the visible matter

At the begging there was sound
and the sound created the atoms
of the visible matter

At the beginning
there was the sound of my song
for not all that matters is matter.

Your medicine will be the sound  

You take your bitter pill

hoping to get better
now knowing
that you also
get worse

You take your bitter pill

from the poison of the dragon
a present from the snake's eyes

But your cure, one day

will be smooth and sweet
like the melody of a song
like the scent of a flower
like the colors of the rainbow

Your medicine will be the sound

your medicine will be the color
the sound and the color
that your own cells hide
in the depths of your aether.

The right to decide our own fate 

My dear friend

you were not born
to be a slave of money
not to  be able  to decide your fate
to let others betray your trust.

My dear friend

you were not born
to be a slave
of an ultra  rich oligarchy
to be a slave of survival
to be  a slave of a fake reality

My dear friend

you were born
to decide your own fate
and each one decide
the fate of all

My dear friend

you were born
to blossom your free will in peace and solidarity
to blossom your happiness in equality.

The invisible worlds 

We look at what we think as
our common country
that we call reality
some with horror
sometimes with bliss

But what we see

is not all matter that is
some of us already existed
in the homelands of invisible realities
in aether planets and forests unseen
with aether flowers of colors indescribable
in oceans of liquid light unseen
with skies of stars unrevealed.

It is were we come from

in our own sacred past
It is where we will return again
after we have witnessed the visible

My way was miracles 

(Recuersdos de  La  Zues)

From the planet that  I come
there are colors unknown  to you
that we see as the sunlight surfs
on aether oceans of liquid light.
From the planet  that I come

From the reality that I come
an aethereal  bright planet
our way is of miracles
miracles easy  as  your words.

From the planet that  I come
the spirit is powerful on matter
a  matter lite  transparent  
which we change as our mood 

The 3 kinds of  slavery that I met 

From my travelling in this planet

thousands of years of human adventures
I tell you I met 3 kinds of slavery
hunting the men and women.

The first was 

of the bloody weapon
of the wary tyrant
who rules
by fear and death.

But the second is subtle

a slavery impersonal
that blinds the perception
and they call it Money.
 It seem random and like neutral
but make no mistake
it is carefully designed 
by a ruthless oligarchy
that deeply down
hates the human existence

And the last kind of slavery

is miraculous and sweet
many still find in it
consolation  and power
But it is still an adultery
to the spiritual evolution of the majority
and it is exercised
mainly through religions.

The language of silence 

When all the words

will have been said
so many times
that will be enslaving chains

And all their  phrases

will have been understood
for millions of times

And people will

feel tired to speak anymore
Then a silence will come
that was waiting for eons
and the spirit will awaken
in the human minds

It will start speaking
with the speed of light
with changing imagery
different in  each mind
shared from mind to mind
millions of join  living  3D  movies
in silence and ecstasy
that covers all the planet
as a new reality
that reveals and opens
the new understanding
of everything , by everyone

The invisible Gods of Jupiter 

Two aethers higher

of our visible reality
Two frequencies higher
of our visible reality
there are planets unseen
and the stars have different colors

Two aethers higher

of our visible reality
The planet Jupiter
 is a small bluish sun
and there are planets unseen

Two aethers higher

of our visible reality
there is a civilization of Gods
on an invisible satellite of Jupiter

They look like humans

in semitransparent , lite bodies
and together with their animals and trees
they have as their only food
their  bluish sun's light.

They love each other

even without touching
and they do their miracles
as easy as we speak.

Two aethers higher

of our visible reality
 a human civilization spins around Jupiter
you may call them Gods
but they are simply
as our deeper selves, 
materialized in aether.

Ageless Existence 

My dear friend

celebrate honorably  the glory
of our deeper existence

My dear friend

celebrate with sensitivity  your mortal body
that our deeper existence wears

My dear friend

celebrate respectfully  the presence
of our divine existence

My dear friend

celebrate with joy  the ageless wisdom
of our deeper existence

My dear friend
celebrate with revelation  the consiousness 
of our higher frequency reality  existence

The earth of Julius Vern 

I have seen the earth

said Julius
and it is by far
more beautiful
that you may think.

It is not a hell 

of magma and fire
It is hollow
with oxygen inside
forests and animals
oceans and clouds

 I have seen its 

bright bluish
central sun
where there is no
day and night
winter and summer

I have seen the miracle

of gravitation reversals
and the liveliness
of the taller animals

I have seen the peace

of the inner cities
the hidden continents
behind the blue sky
and felt the feeling
of being in a vast temple

The speaking dolphin 

My friend said the dolphin 

look at the beauty 
of the water space
with the golden light
at its top

I have traveled

from continent to continent
But the humans do not
understands us
They hunt and they prison us.

I have saved many

drowning men 
and I have carried them
to the sea-shore

I talk to the wales

and you do not 
understand them too
The sea knows our songs
with the story of our races

Man oh man!

I do not have hands
I do not have legs
But I think and I whistle
in our trinary language 
I think and I whistle
the poems that I compose
for my friends

Man Oh man!

Please learn 
to speak with us
for we are 
the most sentient 
of the animals


For thousands of years

we live on this planet
in inequalities
poor and rich
superior and inferior
haves and non-haves

But I know

our future is equality
The great day 
that we will not 
use any more
money on earth
it will be 
the great celebration
of equality.

You may say I am a dreamer

but we are not alone
for many cousin civilizations
in the shining galaxies
enjoy their happy planets
without the use of money

Born in our ignorant

mortal bodies
we all deserve 
the precious equality

What we need to save

is not money
but our join consciousness
within equality
for this is
what leads us fast
to evolved happiness.

The Trojan horse called Moon 

We are looking at it

for 10 thousand years
we have fallen in love
under its silver light
we have sung it
in our poems

Too big to be

the earth's daughter
too dead to be
the earth's sister
Hollow, it is spinning
with perfect solar period
and it shows 
always on purpose
half of its face.

In Arcadia in Greece

there are still people
that they are called
pre-moon humans
for in their scripts of tradition
still remember
the ancient times
with no moon 
spinning in the sky.

Where Moon comes from?

They say it was
a companion
of the broken Phaethon planet 

My friend have faith 

 to our beautiful ancestors
that well they know the Moon
 as the Draconian  Trojan horse
but  are bravely determined 
to prevent us from  enslaving

The drinkable Oceans 

I cry

for the lost abundance
in the planet
of the drinkable water oceans

I  remember the Atlantis times

when still all the animals
where drinking from the sea.
and every little island
was a living paradise.

Black is the day

That the Anunnaki
visitors from Sirius B
of the ancient Sumerians
gave the scar to the planet earth
with white salt

All over the galaxies

still all the animals
of the oxygen living planets
still drink water
from the oceans.

Gulliver's  gift 

When Gulliver returned
from his travels in the stars
among his stories
one I loved most
as it touched 
the scar of my living

He said he went

to the evolved 
cousin civilizations
and nowhere among them
did he found one
to utilize money
or sell their time and work
for money and survival

For if they did
it would be a pity
and a slavery
of the human soul
It would be a pity
as pity is selling
ancient human slaves
It would be a pity
as pity is  selling
the body for sex. 

But they were working

for their free-will and joy
with respect for their time

My dear friend 

when shall we be
soul-sensitive enough
so as not to accept the  slavery
of the paid-work for survival?

My dear friend 

when shall we be free
to spend our time on earth
with joy and peace
only where our soul wants?

Who made the Dinos? 

Oh Oh Ahii Ahii 

Oh Oh Ahii Ahii 
The pain of earth is old
and the scars seem gone

Earth is dancing

around a rarely bright sun
and she was dressed
long time ago
by the old gardeners
with most beautiful life
with drinking water oceans 
and cool sunny forests
full of beautiful mammals
and silver rivers

But her beauty was envied

by the dying dragons
who teared apart
all her beautiful life
and forced her to dress 
the ugly artificial reptiles

The dying dragons

the artificial dragons
wanted to invent
their fake past evolution.

Till one day came

that the sons 
of the old gardeners
came back and burned the dinosaurs
beating badly the dying dragons
at the cost of their people 

So they put back 

the dress of the loving mammals
and the good looking humans

This is the story my friend

so that earth today
with a good life again
may stand among the brides
of the true and beautiful consciousness


I   feel   the silent mood of life
As the seasons go by
The cold feet of the birds
In the autumn as winter comes.
I feel the death of the autumn leaves
The fear of the small animals
If they will survive the winter

I feel the humanity’s mood
The desperation of the poor
The fear  of the war refugees
The asphyxiation of the slaves of money.

And  I feel also the warmth of the summer
In the juices of the trees
In the blood of lizards
On the skin of the birds
I feel the  forgetfulness of the people
swimming in the warm summer sea
I feel the roughness of the storms
And the wetness of the clouds.

But I find the rhythms of nature more serious
Than the rhythms of the money schedules.
So  the feelings from my own self
Are so small compared to the feelings of
Nature and humanity.
That are my living-by
And still the one that feels is not all of my self
The feelings being a proof of being alive
In the visible reality
But a not a proof that nothing else exists
So I stand on the awareness of the feelings
and I let them  flow like wind
And I stand  on the knowledge 
that life, initially sacred was created
Without all its present pray-predator pain
 in frequencies of  realms undreamed
And for the sake of this initial life
I  always discover  the divine joy in it
before it was fallen 
as life in the visible reality
A joy that appears often unnoticed
By the seekers of power of the visible  world
hidden in  nothingness  
and as common as
The game of light on waters.
And the sweet hag of the sea breeze
After a  fiery  sunny day.

Friday, June 12, 2015

119. Non-theistic but metaphysical human existentialism




In below we refer mainly to the four major religions, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist that are monotheistic. The ancient Greek religion of 12-gods is unique and is rather a metaphysical oligarchy. Also the discussion below is under the premise that it is true that there are metaphysical worlds.

The fact that religions are a model, relative to the involved authority and power , of metaphysical monarchy or oligarchy, contributes to justify respective models of cosmic-social power, ie monarchy and  oligarchy (and even financial oligarchy). And so push or to alienate the human consciousness to  become submissive and enslaved by monarchy oligarchy models of social power. And this is know that it has happened in the past. 

One could say that the time series is perhaps reverse. Ie First there was such a monarchy 
and oligarchy model of power in societies and afterwards  these religions simulated it, and
 tried to create a superior quality metaphysical monarchy or  oligarchy that will raise the 
level and quality of the corresponding social  monarchy or oligarchy. And partly perhaps this 
 has indeed  really happened.

But if already from ancient Greece there were social models of direct participatory democracy, 
they should also exist  religions to suggest metaphysical and spiritual direct and participatory 
democracy. Even if today the accepted model of social power is the representative  democracy, 
any small groups of superior planetary beings which  is organized as monarchy or oligarchy, and 
which group  wants to have universal and  significant influence on humanity,  inevitably 
such a group would  act as spiritual and metaphysical obstacle for the evolution for the 
masses of humanity  both for the social-cultural development of and for the collective 
metaphysical psychic  development. And of course the reason is humanity needs a model of
power which is not  monarchy or oligarchy but (direct or participative) democracy. If on the other
 hand such a small group of superior existences want simply to exist for their own sake, and 
not play  a dominant role in humanity then there is no such a danger. 

If such superior planetary existences in the metaphysical worlds are waiting for humanity, to establish a planetary direct or participatory Human Democracy and afterwards promote similar spiritual and metaphysical models in other words metaphysical and spiritual democracy (under the premise that it is true that the are metaphysical worlds) then they simply will be late, and confirm that the act backward and ex post to human evolution . 

This introspective approach to the evolution of the human consciousnesses  both of mortal personality and immortal soul, is not religion, although it shares some of its qualities and it is neither  mysticism or apocryphism either. It can be considered though an enhanced metaphysical humanism

Some of the simple axioms or principles on which it is based are 

1. The reality of the world is not exhausted by he observable and known by sciences so far, physical reality. There are  invisible realities too of which we have mainly only subjective inner experiences rather than external observable awareness by the senses so far  . 

2. Humans existences are not only the visible mortal body or mortal personality but mainly the immortal human soul consciousness and immortal human divine spirit.

3. The mortal part of the human being is much benefited if it is in meditative communication with his inner and by far more rich and experienced immortal existence e.g. with the immortal soul as it is united with the collective field of the other souls. But the immortal part is in benefit too with such persistent and   continuous link with the mortal part of the existence. Few are the cases, that a greater distance between the immortal soul and the mortal personality is preferred. 

4. As immoral souls we have being incarnated many times in may different physical bodies, and possibly different planetary civilizations, other than earth and so it may be in the future. And for some human existences sometimes in different frequencies invisible physical realities, rather than the visible physical reality. 

5. It is a basic part of the nature of the human existence to evolve fast, and eventually live in higher frequency invisible but physical realities. This is done both individually and collectively as civilizations. 

6. The physical life was  initially a divine and sacred spiritual creation by many spiritual creators in higher physical invisible realities before it was brought by lowering its frequency   billion of years ago, by the "founders",  to the visible physical reality in which it went on evolving and being self-creating. 

7. There is no-one entitled to intervene or mediate between a mortal human personality and his inner immortal soul and divine spirit,  other than the human existence itself. The same between  the human being and the spiritual creators of physical life. A  human existence  is,  and as it evolve it eventually becomes more and more, a spiritual creator of physical life. 

8. Of course peace of mind , planetary prosperity  and happiness comes also when we feel that we accomplish gradually our true goals. And there minor and major goals in life. We might say that our existence has no other goal than to exist. Or that we may have many different goals, according to the scale of relevance in our existence. But one of the most beautiful and meaningful goals in life is to develop more of our soul consciousness. So all other minor goals like social success, money, fame, knowledge , creativity etc are to serve this major goal of developing more of our soul consciousness