Thursday, May 14, 2015

117. The presence of the immortal soul consciousness : Improving the quality of the experience of our lives: Reducing Fear, Anger and Sorrow

As we have seen e.g. in the post 7 about the post-Freud psychology and the Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) , there  are various techniques to improve the quality of the experience of our lives. Some great techniques are e.g. the exercises  of the NLP (see post 7), that to many are simply modern forms of tantra yoga. Michael Brown has developed techniques of healing the human body from pain, by improving the emotional quality of our daily experience , and accumulated emotional habits of the past, that go on in the present and future too.
His technique is simpler that the techniques of NLP, in to the fact that he is avoiding the use, of the imagination mentality, during the mediation, or the programming of future activities. Instead he is focusing on the automatic interplay of the emotional quality with the energy flow in the body. So the body with is automatic hidden energetic knowledge, takes care of the hidden bodily anchors of pain though awareness of anchors of emotional combinations of fear-anger-sorrow and so it improves of the quality of our emotional "body" / habits too and thus our daily life. He calls it the Presence Process , as awareness of fear-anger-sorrow hidden in our emotional "body" requires the presence of our awareness. This presence of our awareness may refer to our past, present or future experiences. 

The presence process is essentially the increased involvement of the immortal soul consciousness in our daily mortal consciousness life. The immortal soul consciousness is full of intelligence and accumulated experience from past lives, as a sequence of images and flash-backs to past lives, and is therefore better equipped to deal with the mortal emotional and bodily experience of our daily or life-long mortal life. We are more interested as spiritual beings, in the way that our immortal existence represents and perceives the world we experience rather than the world itself as an external entity. And the spiritual advantage is that we have the free will to re-arrange our experiences and even choose them from the world. The material time of the visible material physical world inherits a causality sequence to our mortal experience of our lives. But the soul consciousness has different and more than one time-physical-causalities that go beyond the visible physical reality to higher invisible physical realities, and even non-physical realities. Therefore the degrees of freedom in perceiving and changing and even choosing our experience through our immortal soul consciousness is higher , when we succeed to transcend the visible physical reality time-causality of events and our experience and reaction to them. This higher degrees of freedom may be enclosed to the wording "respond versus re-act". The reaction usually involves a duality and a limited sense of time-causality while response involves higher eternal-like causalities. 
Exactly because of the transcendence of time-causality of the visible physical reality, it is wrong to talk about present time awareness, and it is correct to talk about  immortal consciousness presence awareness. 

When experience our life, through our enhanced self as immortal eternal soul consciousness, our perception of self changes, the experience of our ego changes,  the experience of the flow of life changes, and its quality is higher ; And what is more remarkable is that what is internal and what is external changes too, as well as the causality of the changes of the experience of the flow of our life.  
The perception by the eternal soul consciousness need not to be mental only, and is easier when it is from the heart.
We may believe that the sequential time causality of the physical visible reality is responsible  for our sequential states of experience of life, and thus attribute external to us causes of e.g. our emotional states. We may call this "horizontal-external" causality. The term horizontal derived from a time-line say from left to right horizontally placed in front of us. But the eternal soul has its own causality, which we may call "vertical-internal" causality. The term vertical derived from the idea of many hidden layers of the world, as if different parallel time-lines, above the previous from left to right and going from lower height to higher height in front of us. These different time lines that represent causalities of deeper layers of the world and of consciousness may of vastly different units of time and each time line may not be able to project  to a different time line in a way that the causal order is preserved.  Different invisible frequencies of physical realities have different time , causality, and different psychology of natural human abilities. For example in a higher frequency reality as human beings we may not need to eat to take our energy, and we may have miracle abilities. The  eternal soul consciousnesses substitutes the world with its perception of the world. So the external may become  internal too and vice versa.  Only after we "pretend" we are responsible of  our own states of mortal experience by the "vertical-internal" causality of the immortal soul consciousness , this different causality is activated, and changes our mortal experience of life and e.g. our emotional states from within not from outside actions or events. This enhanced internal ability to change the mortal experience of life, permits higher quality of the mortal experience of life. And as we are spiritual beings, when our experience and perception of the world improves, the world improves too. 

Part of the immortal soul presence process is that when we are in the state of experiencing the presence, the presence seems ubiquitous connecting all beings that we perceive.  It is the property of the soul consciousness to connect with all other souls .  But the unifying field of all beings is not only our own soul but also the soul of the other beings (humans , animals,  etc) tuned with what connects everybody.  We may speak here about it by saying that the collective field of the souls is more than the sum of all participating souls. Some call it the over-soul, others called the collective existence etc.  The more we are aware of the presence of our own soul the more we are aware of the presence of all other souls too in a unifying soul consciousness of the world. 

I believe that the meaning of the presence process (it should be called so and not present time awareness, as in the presence process all known visible reality time is transcended including past, present and future) is not to passively accept to experience again the anger or sorrow, but to find antidotes involving not only actions or thoughts but inner emotional and bodily methods. This may have nothing to do with what mentally we have decided what is right and wrong in the situation, or what actions may prevent these feelings, but it has to do with enhancing our ways of dealing with it so that it will not affect seriously negatively the body.  Actually it may give an opportunity to the mind to find new perceptions of the situation , that may transform e.g. anger in to powerful peace without having to pass through sorrow. As with joy that there is good joy(=being joyful because the right thing happened) and bad joy (=being joyful because the wrong thing happened, malevolence malice) , so there is good sorrow (=being sad that the wrong thing happened)  and bad sorrow(=being sad that the right thing happened).

See e.g. 

And here is another article, where it is suggested to love our anger, and understand that it can be both ways, it can create a dangerous electrical energy situation for the body, or detonate a dangerous electrical energy situation for the body.

You are consciousness. Your body is in your consciousness, not the other way around--you are not consciousness inside of a body. consciousness has formed the body necessary for your needs and lessons while on earth. When you realize this you will find that you are no longer quite so subject to world beliefs that say you are at the mercy of your body.

Your whole world is also within your consciousness--the weather, friends near or far, family, beliefs. Everything exists in consciousness and nothing exists outside of consciousness. Each must ask; "What do I entertain in my consciousness? What beliefs, what concepts, what ideas, etc do I hold?"

Thoughts , emotions and beliefs that pop into your head are impersonal until you claim them as yours. This is why there is no reason to believe you are a spiritual failure if some negative or even violent thought comes floating into your mind when you least expect it. The clearing process of the bodies within the consciousness often brings outgrown beliefs and thoughts to the surface. No need to react with shock or resistance, simply acknowledge them for what they are, giving them no power, and moving on.
Thoughts have only the reality and power they are given. The human mind can only draw on what is already a part of consensus consciousness--that which is already known. New ideas-- inventions, art, science, technology, and deep spiritual insights etc, must bubble up from deeper levels of creativity within where they are then brought into manifestation by the receiver and become part of consensus consciousness and available to all. This is how evolution takes place and how your every insight is adding to the resonance of an ascending world consciousness.
Many yet remain unaware of who and what they really are or that the energy they radiate effects those around them as well as adding to the universal energy of the planet as a whole. This is why it is important to be aware of your thoughts and beliefs or of thinking that your thoughts are hurting no one if you don't say them out loud.
You carry your state of consciousness wherever you go because consciousness is what you are. Your resonance can lift and open another who is receptive to it without your awareness or can cause someone to dislike you. Because energy seeks to align with like energy (oneness) it is important to keep yourself in compassion and not sympathy when helping those who may be drawn to your energy seeking help.
You are creators but have not known this. The consciousness of a sleeping mankind has for eons been forming the world in which you now find yourselves--consciousness manifesting as form and building upon itself to where the world is now. Through centuries of struggle and evolving awareness, mankind is now ready to move beyond the illusion.