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98. From HAVING to BEING : The principle of chromatic perception or reasoning. A group communication game for better decision making

Introduction : For more on this subject see: The main goal of this post is to have a better understanding of the selves and egos of people, and  play with a scale of attention and awareness of the soul-consciousness that may help the people to awaken about themselves and help the civilization to raise its frequency  In ancient Greek literature (e.g. Aristotle) there is   The principle of the chromatic perception and reasoning (Αρχή   του   αποχρώντος   λόγου)   .   There are many interpretations of this principle and the most usual but oversimplified is as one of the mathematical rules (of using sufficient assumptions) for correct arguments. When sometimes it is said that "your reasoning is colored" , is is usually meant with a negative meaning, as having a lot of bias and not true logic on facts. Here nevertheless we proceed with a totally more comprehensive and positive approach, where al