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112. Cosmic consensus consciousness versus standard beliefs of our current planetary educational system.

Here is concise table of 22 points  that compares the Cosmic Consensus Consciousness and standard  beliefs of our earthly educational system, as was discussed in the other posts in this blog below. The posts mentioned refer to the above blog, not to the current blog. The effect on our psychology is I believe positive and encouraging for more self-responsibility. BELIEFS OF EARTHLY EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM ( CONSCIOUSNESS  UNDER VEIL) COSMIC CONSENSUS CONSCIOUSNESS  ( CONSCIOUSNESS  UNVEILED) A1. PHYSICAL REALITY A1. PHYSICAL REALITY 1)All matter starts with the triad of permanent and free particles of protons , electrons neutrons. In smaller scale there is nothing but vacuum. All celestial bodies are those that we can observe with electromagnetic waves (light). 1)Physical reality, continuous deeper, than protons , neutrons, electrons, with finer such tria