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120. A cycle of 17 spiritual poems

A cycle of 17 spiritual poems   (By Costas Kyritsis 2015) The roots of matter At the beginning there was sound and the sound came from the black stars At the beginning there was sound and the sound was towards the worlds At the begging there was sound and the sound was not of the visible matter At the begging there was sound and the sound created the atoms of the visible matter At the beginning there was the sound of my song for not all that matters is matter. Your medicine will be the sound   You take your bitter pill hoping to get better now knowing that you also get worse You take your bitter pill from the poison of the dragon a present from the snake's eyes But your cure, one day will be smooth and sweet like the melody of a song like the scent of a flower like the colors of the rainbow Your medicine will be the sound your medicine will be the color the sound and the color that your own cells hide in the depths of

119. Non-theistic but metaphysical human existentialism

119.  NON-THEISTIC BUT METAPHYSICAL HUMAN EXISTENTIALISM.  ABOUT METAPHYSICAL  SYSTEMS, EARTHLY RELIGIONS AND SPEED OF PLANETARY CIVILIZATIONS  EVOLUTION NON-THEISTIC   AND HUMAN BUT METAPHYSICAL  EXISTENTIALISM. IS THERE METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL  COLLECTIVE  DIRECT  DEMOCRACY?   In below we refer mainly to the four major religions, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist that are monotheistic. The ancient Greek religion of 12-gods is unique and is rather a metaphysical oligarchy. Also the discussion below is under the premise that it is true that there are metaphysical worlds. The fact that religions are a model, relative to the involved authority and power , of metaphysical monarchy or oligarchy, contributes to justify respective models of cosmic-social power, ie monarchy and  oligarchy (and even financial oligarchy). And so push or to alienate the human consciousness to  become submissive and enslaved by monarchy oligarchy models of social power. And this is

118. Deeply in we are immortal perceivers without solidity and bounds

118 . DEEPLY ΙΝ WE ARE IMMORTAL PERCEIVERS WITHOUT SOLIDITY AND BOUNDS (By Morenay) The self from the point of view of soul consciousness is described best with the next words by Moraney "We are, as souls of human beings, perceivers. We are an awareness. We are not objects and we have no solidity. We are boundless. The world of objects and solidity is a way for making our passage through our densities convenient. It is only a description that was created to help us. We do not forget that the description is only a description and thus, we have learned not to entrap the totality of ourselves in a vicious circle of physicality from which few rarely emerge in a lifetime." CONSCIOUSNESS BODY AND THE WORLD  IMPERSONAL THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS AND OUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS. You are consciousness. Your body is in your consciousness, not the other way around--you are not consciousness inside of a body. consciousness has formed the body necessary for your needs and

117. The presence of the immortal soul consciousness : Improving the quality of the experience of our lives: Reducing Fear, Anger and Sorrow

As we have seen e.g. in the post 7 about the post-Freud psychology and the Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) , there  are various techniques to improve the quality of the experience of our lives. Some great techniques are e.g. the exercises  of the NLP (see post 7), that to many are simply modern forms of tantra yoga. Michael Brown has developed techniques of healing the human body from pain, by improving the emotional quality of our daily experience , and accumulated emotional habits of the past, that go on in the present and future too. His technique is simpler that the techniques of NLP, in to the fact that he is avoiding the use, of the imagination mentality, during the mediation, or the programming of future activities. Instead he is focusing on the automatic interplay of the emotional quality with the energy flow in the body. So the body with is automatic hidden energetic knowledge, takes care of the hidden bodily anchors of pain though awareness of anchors of emotional com