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It is necessary to upgrade  our perceptions of basic human rights exactly because of  our current social and economic difficulties :


The basic human rights are based on the basic 7 human freedoms.


This principle is fundamental, as it determines how the society is to function without violating individual freedoms. 

The 7 basic individual freedoms are 

1.1) Spiritual freedom (freedom of religion or no religion) 
1.2) Freedom of Political Decisions (Direct Democracy) 
1.3) Expressive-creative freedom (freedom of speech) 
1.4) Moral freedom (freedom from fear and externally imposed values) 
1.5) Economic freedom (freedom from necessity) 
1.6) Physical freedom (actions). 
1.7) The freedom of private ownership (having, as far as it is not a against the collective good).

These freedoms lead to the basic 5 Human Rights 

No man, nor society, can imprison anyone  unless it is punishment  for a crime after impartial trial. In any case, no torture is permissible for anyone either for retaliation or with the excuse of national security 


2.1) Given the abolition of the rule of gold, each person has a direct and individual right by his name, without borrowing, on any money issued by any organization, like ministry of finance or central bank etc. This right is analogous to the automatic right to health insurance.

2.2) Everyone, as a heir of the civilization which has been created by the the previous generations, is entitled, as a measure of basic freedom of survival , from the day of birth till the day of death, to a minimum subsistence allowance of survival, for food, clothing, shelter and transport. And this right is analogous to the automatic right to health insurance.


Every person and citizen  has not only the right to vote in politics  in equal terms with each other, but also has the right to express his or her direct voter's decision (direct, not representative democracy) in any political decision, particularly those concerning him directly , without the mediation of representatives (political parties, parliaments, senates  and governments).

4) INFORMATION RIGHTS (privacy of personal data, public data transparency)

Everyone is entitled to the secrecy of privacy and personal  information, for reasons similar to the secrecy of political polls. In no case a massive national scale  violation of it is to be allowed , through the internet or other ways, to do so without a judicial decision, which may apply only to particular individual and only very few individual cases. On the other hand no institution or organization has the right to hide from the public, or the state information significant for the collective function of the society (e.g. information about owners of the central banks, and details of how , when and with what transactions, money is issued and circulated)

5) METAPHYSICAL  RIGHTS (freedom of religion or religions)

No one , the society or institutions etc can impose on a person without his consent a morality  of the type, that the spiritual path or the path of evolution of the human consciousness  passes exclusively through a particular religion, or  historical person or an absent   existence or the small group of existences visible the invisible. Everyone is encouraged to be in contact with his deeper spirit and soul consciousness, but only when these collectively converge, then the society and civilization actually prospers.

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Beliefs do not only shape our experiences, do not only shape our thoughts and emotions, do not only shape the state of our immune system and physical health but also shape our social decisions and how we create our society and civilization's evolution. 

The suggested progressive beliefs are assumed as standards of an advanced and powerful civilization. There is no guarantee that the earthly civilization, in the coming centuries will fulfill these standards. But even it will not fulfill them, it is good to have a good perspective towards them. If they are not fulfilled sooner or later insufficient degree of spiritual and consciousness standards, the fate of this planetary humanity will be to become subordinate to external indirect tyranny.

We list here the regressive and progressive beliefs on more than a dozen of different subjects like

1) The Human existence
2) The physical reality
3) The biological  life
4) The goals of social life
5) Politics
6) Justice
7) Productive activities
8) War and weapons
9) Education
10) Money and business
11) Creativity-Technology-Nature
12)  Energy model
13) Inequalities and speed of evolution
14) Health and Medicine
15) Human languages and communication
16) Mundane work, free will, free time.
17) Self-responsibility-Collective prosperity
18) Extra-terrestrial civilizations.

Here are 10 mega-trends of the 21st century according to researchers already since the decade of the 80's












1)                 Whatever we have not discovered that exists it does not exists
1) Obviously what we do not know and have not discovered it, does not mean that it does not exist. Being open is the attitude to evolve for better.
2)      All matter starts with the triad of permanent and free particles of protons , electrons neutrons. In smaller scale there is nothing but vacuum. All celestial bodies are those that we can observe with electromagnetic waves (light).
3) Field and energy is a different entity than matter. Space and time are different ontology than matter

2) Because of the previous, what we consider a electromagnetic field and gravitational field because it is known that it has momentum , inertia and energy density in space is a 2nd frequency (gaseous) material reality. The frequency is measured as that of the spin of its constituent particles (that have not being discovered yet e.g. micro-proton, micro-neutron, micro-electron) . But if a 2nd such frequency material reality exists then more might exist. Hundreds of inventions that are not recognized yet, under the term "free-energy", with Nicola Tesla one of the first ones, seem to extract solar energy from this 2nd frequency (gaseous) reality or gravitational and electromagnetic field. This is a new abundant and renewable energy model that for our science to calculate requires revision of Maxwell the equations of the electromagnetic field and Einsteins equations of the gravitational field. It may also become a new transportation model, as such-field helicopters or flying discs, could become a standard technology.  In the next, we will adopt the working hypotheses (as it is more likely) that there may exist higher frequencies material realities that we have not organized yet measurements of them, and possible whole invisible planets in them with trees and animals of a different kind of materiality.
3) The energy, space and time  are  properties of matter. The fields are matter, therefore they are made from particles too. 


1)      All life  emerged from inorganic matter, and evolves in the Darwinian   way through randomness

1)      There is not really any reasonable proof of it. Darwinian evolution is only a part of the whole phenomenon of life. It seems more probable that life was created, by  civilizations of spiritual creators  in higher frequency physical realities, and only later, by lowering of the frequency, it appeared (fall of life) , in this frequency  visible physical reality, billions of years ago. Then it went one evolving also in the Darwinian way.

2) All plant, animal and human life on planet earth were created in the above way, exactly on earth. 

2)This is not very probable either. There should exist a small number of planets that came in this lower frequency reality with all life already created on them (fall of life) . Then  all the other living planets , like earth, must have been transplanted by very ancient civilizations. This explains why we find in fossils the evolution of each animal from a definite starting point which was already shaped and highly organized and on. It must be the state of evolution when brought on earth. The complexity animal hierarchy of insects then fishes, then reptiles then mammals the humanoids etc, is  an evolution of the designs of the creators rather than of the animals themselves  in the Darwinian way.
3)There is no other intelligent life in our solar system, but on earth.
3) Given as we mentioned that there may exist invisible planets in higher frequencies realities, there is no proof of this. Also the asteroid Ceres ( is to perfectly spherical to be a natural asteroid, and many belief that it is an artificial small planet hiding a very peaceful and very advanced civilization in it.

4)There is no other sentient life on earth that speaks logical language than the human.

4) Sensitive friends of animals say that Dolphins, and Whales, are sentient animals, not simply animals. In the sense that they use a logical trinary structured syntax of whistles as their language.

1)Human existence is mortal. After death, there is nothing more

1)Human existences are immortals. Only the physical body dies. Soul and spiritual consciousness is immortal

2)There is an immortal human soul, but we live only one mortal life.

2)The human soul is immortal, and most probably we live many lives, with the same evolving soul but in different physical bodies, in different civilizations of the various solar system.
3) Consciousness is simply a derived phenomenon of the material body and the motion of electrons in the nerves.  

4) Spirit is matter and mater is spirit. 
3) Immortal soul and spiritual Consciousness is not a by-product of the material biological body, on the contrary, it has created biological life.. The Biological living and mortal body is the vehicle of the immortal soul and spiritual consciousness which has been most probably created by advanced consciousness in higher frequencies realities. No matter haw high the frequency of material reality for an existence, it has material body and consciousness which is not matter. 4) To assume that spirit (and consciousness) is matter and matter is spirit (and consciousnesses) is the very doctrine than opens the door for metaphysical tyranny, and justification of cosmic tyranny by metaphysics. It propagates the manipulation of psychic consiousness by matter.  

4)There are no miracles. Humans cannot make miracles. They can make only scientific technology.

4)The history of religious proves that this is not the case. For some reasons though, in our current state of this planetary civilization is by far more difficult to make creative physical miracles than to make technology.
5)     There is only one powerful and omnipotent God, to whom all human beings must yield and be his, subjugates and subordinates (Monotheism).
5) This is simply a model of power, the Monarchy in politics. The word "God" usually involves three different concepts: 1) God for a human existence as a deeper source of spiritual consciousness, which is essentially his own immortal part of his existence (soul and spirit) and also the similar realm of his fellow human beings in a society. This is a positive function 2) God for a human being as a separate existence and initiator of a particular historic religion (e.g. Buddhism, Jewish God, Christian God, Muslim God, Ancient Greek Gods, etc). This is a function which can be both negative (e.g. unnecessary or enslaving external dependence to an external alien or earthly existence) or positive (e.g. an example of spirituality) 3) God for a human being as creator of all the material world. This is a rather misleading concept, as most probably, as we remarked there is not only one creator of the material world or biological life but a vast number and at various levels frequencies of realities in vastly different times. There is no-one existence or small group of existences who has the right to represent all of them and claim royalties for them. On the other hand for a human being the creator of the perception of the one world is finally our immortal spiritual consciousness in co-existence and synergy with the other immortal consciousness.     As we mentioned before it is more probable that biological life was created in higher frequencies realities by spiritually creative civilizations. The metaphysics of a human existence being in contact with his own immortal soul and spiritual consciousness is the only true metaphysics and only final true “God”. Of course higher frequency existences and especially those that have created the material biological life as a vehicle for immortal consciousness are by far more "Godlishe"  It is deeper and healthier that the “metaphysics” of spiritual mentorship from another human existence (as guru) in the same or higher frequency reality.   Hopefully, in civilizations, the realm of souls has common values and goals. Small  groups of existences in higher frequencies realities on earth, where the earth is a desert with no life, that are not another's solar's system living planet benevolent and no-tyrannical  civilization, when trying to influence and make humanity depend on them,   has the danger for the earthly  civilization to suggest to humans in the visible reality on earth, an appalling attitude for higher frequencies consciousness and spirituality and a strengthening of the  desire to indulge to physical matter and remain in the low type consciousness of this visible reality.
6)      There is only one Hierarchy of Gods to which all human beings must yield and be their subjugates and subordinates (Polytheism).
6) This is also simply a model of power, that of the Aristocracy or Oligarchy in politics. The metaphysics of a human existence being in contact with his own immortal soul and spiritual consciousness is the only true metaphysics and only true “God”. It is deeper and healthier that the “metaphysics” of spiritual mentorship from some other human existences (as gurus or “Gods”) in the same or higher frequency reality.  Small  groups of existences in higher frequencies realities on earth, where the earth is a desert with no life, that are not simply another solar's system living planet benevolent and no-tyrannical  civilization, when trying to influence and make humanity depend on them,   has the danger for the earthly  civilization to suggest to humans in the visible reality on earth, an appalling attitude for higher frequencies consciousness and spirituality and a strengthening of the  desire to indulge to physical matter and remain in the low type consciousness of this visible reality.

      1)      Given sufficient technological growth and time, the earthly civilization can travel in other solar systems and conquer and subjugate  other more primitive civilizations (Rule of the strongest) . The earthly civilization must have its share in conquering, subjugating and controlling the other weaker galactic civilizations.
1)      Power in human civilizations is to serve the evolution of the immortal human consciousness. Thus it is to be used in self-creating ourselves, and get free from the needs and restrictions of material reality and not over other existences. We must follow the rule of respect of both the more evolved and the less evolved civilizations. There is no choice of neutrality. Being neutral will mean that we will become secretly subordinate to tyrannical civilizations, and execute their agendas of tyranny to humbler civilizations.

      2)      The earthly civilization must join the strongest alliance of the galactic civilizations that has conquered, and controls the other weaker galactic civilizations.
2) The earthly civilization must discover the DNA affinities and forgotten pre-history it may have with other galactic civilizations (e.g. Atlantis etc). The earthly civilization must not join alliances with a history of tyranny over more vulnerable civilizations. If accepted it must join the most advanced in evolution civilizations which have high spiritual and moral standards and rules of respect to the less developed and more humble civilizations. 

1)     1) Evolution in human civilizations happens only by individual leaders or a small group of oligarchy that lead the majority to higher turns of evolution.
1) If we imagine separate and independent planetary civilizations, then if one of them has more evolved souls, it will evolve more than the others and by communication and synergy it may help the others to evolve. But within a single planetary civilization there is no independent evolution of one part relative to the other parts.  The really fruitful true and deserving resources of evolutions are found for each person inside his immortal soul and spiritual consciousness. Thus the real evolution happens simultaneously at all levels in a planetary society. Social Decisions system like direct or participative democracy, respect and cultivate this method. It is a by far more true and deserving method of evolution compared to depended mentorship to  other external human existences in the same physical reality (Political Leaders) or higher frequency physical realities (spiritual leaders, Gods etc). The latter model of power or mentorship is essentially that of Monarchy or Oligarchic Aristocracy. 
2) The goal of each individual is to acquire power, financial, social reputation, etc as the current's civilizations inequalities is meritocracy.
2) The goals of each individual must include to be in harmony with the collective goals of the majority, and the inequalities should be of limited nature, otherwise the evolution is stalled. A universally common goal of the individuals is that a civilization serves the evolution of the soul and spiritual immortal consciousness of each one. A civilization is successful when the spiritual and soul consciousness goals of its humans are converging in harmony to common goals in the majority. The only ladder that each individual must climb is not a financial or of power but of creative self-responsibility individually and collectively.
3) The goal of the civilization as a total is to acquire power over the nature, ecological biosphere, and other civilizations in the galaxies. The state of evolution of the galactic civilizations should be reflected in the various inequalities and diversification inside the earthly civilization. 
3) Although the power to be free from the needs and restrictions of the material reality is very significant in a civilization, power is not to be applied against other less evolved existences. The power is to be applied to create more evolved selves and freedom from the needs restrictions of the material reality, and acquire economic freedom,  moral , emotional , intellectual and expressive freedom. Advanced Power is not to take the side of the predator in the duality of prey-predator (which is symptom of the lowest consciousness and life), but to get free from this duality. Biological Life serves only as the vehicle of immortal copiousness. Therefore the artificial technology of the civilization should serve the consciousness too.  The less the inequalities the faster the evolution of the civilization, as hundreds of studies and statistical researches of Universities and UN have proved. A civilizations evolves fast when it serves the soul and spiritual consciousness too. Evolved consciousness acquires the ability not only of advanced technology but also of miraculous existential  self-creation too.
1)      To be happy it is sufficient to focus on your individuality and its benefits and interests
4) Private interest and selfishness can only initiate the search for happiness. Prosperity is attained only if we realize that the needs and goals of the many must not oppose the needs and goals of each one, but instead they should synergize. Selflessness is eventually the hallmark of happiness and prosperity.

1)     1) The goals of social life is to raise the material standards of living,  control planetary nature and all other galactic life including, if possible ,other galactic civilizations.
1) One universally accepted by the human beings goal of the social life is to provide the vehicle of civilizations which serves the evolution of each human soul consciousness. This will lead to advanced technology, physical, economic , moral emotional, intellectual and expressive freedom and respect of other galactic civilizations either more evolved or less evolved.
2) 2) The goal of social life is mainly to keep and preserve what has been acquired by evolution so far and  keep the order of social functioning by securing from extra-planetary threats .
2) The previous goal has as result the fast evolution of the civilization, and nor preservation only of what has been acquired. Furthermore there is the goal of  right alliances with other galactic civilizations that we mentioned in previous sections.

1)     1) Politicians ,leaders and political parties are indispensable and necessary always for human societies to function and evolve
1) Leaders ,politicians and political parties are significant only in Monarchy, Aristocracy, Oligarchy and Representative Democracy. In direct or participatory democracy they are not significant, as the decisions are directly from the people, and not by any kind of representatives of them. Although politicians claim that they serve the people, in a “household”  it would be unwise to let the servant to decide about everything. Direct or participatory democracy is a basic political right of the human beings.
2)      2) Inequalities in power and hierarchical structures are the only pattern of power that can ever function
2) Direct or participatory democracy is an example where the power system that governs the society is not hierarchical.
3) The method of leaders representing the totality of the society and making decisions on their behalf is the only way of government
3) Direct or participatory democracy is an example where the representatives of the majority are not necessary. It is required only for experts to propose solutions and for inspectors to be sure that the decisions of the majority are applied.
4) The  good government can be achieved by exceptionally good and evolved leaders that will do good to the many. It is the only best way.
4) An exceptionally good leader will make undeserving good to the majority (which will last for little time) and also will open the door for future dictators to make undeserving harm  to the majority. Only the majority is fair to decide for itself.
5) Identifying with a leader is the only appropriate mode of subjectivity for a well functioning society.
5) The subjectivity of a human existence being in contact with his  own immortal soul and spiritual consciousness is the only true subjectivity and only true “leadership”. It is deeper and healthier that the subjectivity of  identifying  with some other human existences (as guru or Leader) . We do not really need   great leaders, we need a majority of people that are great in caring about the planet and  the civilization.
6) To make an advanced and evolved society and civilization it is adequate to establish the appropriate institutions and laws, and everything will follow.
6) Unfortunately the laws are simply the agreed habits of the society. If the soul consciousness of incarnated people is not evolved enough to sustain “good social habits” and good practices in institutions then, very soon,  good laws will be applied in a regressive way.
7) As there is a wide diversification of levels of evolution of the individuals in the earthly civilization, the current form of economic inequalities is the best way to regulate them.
7) By keeping the wide diversification of levels of evolution, we keep also the internal conflict, wars and criminality that the economic inequalities create. It is better and safer to upgrade the diversification of the levels of evolution , with a scheme of less inequalities and of  advanced moral and spiritual standards, that will attract in incarnation sufficiently advanced souls, and will  have thus a decently sufficiently  evolved and not periodically self-destructive  planetary civilization.
8) In order to solve the urgent planetary civilizations problems a global dictatorship or oligarchy and correlated totalitarianism should be temporarily accepted.
8) The hundreds of University studies that we mentioned, have showed that reduced inequalities lead to faster evolution, ONLY within the conditions of freedom. Freedom of the majority is primarily more important than equality and unity. Historic socialism has functioned with reduced inequalities but reduced freedoms also, and historic capitalism has functioned with increased inequalities and seemingly a bit more freedom. In the future the requirement is reduced inequalities and really and substantially more freedom. A planetary dictatorship or crypto-tyrannical oligarchy must not be accepted.

       1)      Nuclear power is the only appropriate form of renewable energy for the future.
1)      To make use of Nuclear power as form of renewable energy is not at all clever, as it not only requires very complicated and expensive technology, but because it is mainly destructive total war oriented and very dangerous. Instead we might develop cheaper forms of solar, wind, and waves energy. In particular as many unexplained (free-energy) inventions suggest, by revising our equations of gravitation and electromagnetism, we might discover new forms of cheaper solar energy stored in them. In addition we might be able to discover  new forms of electromagnetic propulsion for new forms of flying vehicles (like flying saucers)

       1)      For the civilization to be sustainable and evolve, the population  in the majority must always work almost all of their time, either they want it or not. Therefore mundane work is the dominant form of the human activities.
1)      At the moment most of our time is spent in rather vain activities of production of superficially useful products with programmed obsolescence for reasons of profit and capital accumulation.  As society’s institutions evolve to accommodate for more advanced and more evolved  soul consciousness  and thus the technology becomes more advanced, the criminality, wars and inequalities will be  less, the mundane work will be  less and less and the free time more and more. Eventually more than 80% of our time of our time will be free time.

      1)      Speaking through sound and words of the mouth was, is and will always be the main way of communication among human beings.
1)      There is not really a certain proof of this. It seems more likely that in some future state of evolution, that humans are by far more spiritually awakened and active, our brains might acquire the spiritual ability to create 3-dimensional images as words of a universal language, that can be projected telepathically from mind to mind by spiritual ability and thus be the common voiceless language of humanity.

       1)   Chemical pharmaceuticals, is mainly the only means of curing in medicine. Therefore Medicine will always have to utilize pharmaceuticals.
1)      There is no real proof and certainty of this either. As we discover deeper layers of the physical reality (smaller than the protons, neutrons and electrons) we may result to discover  ultra high supersonic  and light frequencies that reflect the healthy state cell and can  also activate the self-healing capabilities of the cells. Restoring these recorded and saved healthy frequencies in a sick tissue may mean healing it. Much like the healing of computer operating systems(windows) by restoring previously saved  healthy states. 
222) Medicine will always mean mainly, curing diseases in a posterior way (with pharmaceuticals, after getting ill, dominated by the profit of Pharmaceutical companies).
2)      The true and best Medicine is the preventive Medicine, where by gathering information through expert preventive medicine doctors and the internet, we keep the environmental physical, social and personality,  factors that affect the individual’s health to the right side, thus preventing  illness. The insurance companies will benefit from this too.

      1)      Evolution occurs only when there are sufficient high (economic, technological, power etc) inequalities in the society.
1)      Faster civilization evolution occurs in a society when there are highly evolved soul consciousnesses. True evolution in a society occurs simultaneously at all levels.
      2)      The higher the inequalities in the society the faster the evolution.
2)      The less the inequalities the faster the evolution of the civilization, as hundreds of studies and statistical researches of Universities and UN have proved.
3) The periodic destruction of  the civilizations is inevitable in the evolution.
3) Periodic destruction by wars of civilization occurs only when it is under the belief-systems and values of the prey-predator power duality which leads to inequalities, criminality, wars and destruction.

      1) All arts and sciences, since they are legitimate in society by positive goals ,  are always benevolent
1)      Causalities of every event is not unique and at many levels. One of the highest levels is at the level of spiritual will and intention. As long as there is negative will and spirit (even hidden ) the sciences, arts, laws, and social institutions that as face value are created for the good, will function in many situations for the bad too. Thus the necessity to discriminate between the regressive and progressive function of the sciences, arts, laws, enterprises and social institutions.

      1)   Artificial human creativity is the ultimate superior creation, and superior to the random evolution of biological life.
1)      They say that the artificial technology is the answer of the human being to the creation of biological life. As we mention below in the section about  biological life, most probably biological life was created by spiritually creative civilizations in higher frequencies realities before it stepped down by frequency  (fall of life) in our visible physical reality. Therefore our goal should include, to be able to evolve to such creative heights too. Therefore the creation of the visible technology cannot substitute but only partially supplement the superior creation of nature and biological life.
3) 2) All evolution in arts and sciences so far has no mistakes and fallacies we only need to add to the traditions.
2) Civilizations Evolution is not linear and infallible and very often, if we are to consider ourselves living civilization, we should correct and evolve the traditional arts, music,  sciences etc by innovations.

     1)      Society cannot function without money and private property.
1)      It is known by the theories of social systems in sociology, that money is necessary only when there is the private property whose value must measure, and that social systems without private property do not need money to function. Nevertheless as in the civilization , due to lower frequency and level of evolution or development, there is an excess of negative will within the symbolic duality of prey-predator , then the way to mix it and convert it to will for good , is through private property and enterprise and the completion of productivity and power through capital accumulation ,as in the private sector. Large enterprises with size above the median contribute usually to the increase of economic inequalities. Their products reflect the rather negative will of power accumulation through money, in their designed programmed obsolescence for reasons of money. Small size of enterprises on the other hand contribute to the decrease of the economic inequalities  and the main concern of their owners , besides offering with their products or services, is to survive or keep a decent level of well-being.
     2)      Economic inequalities reflect the meritocracy among people.
2)      This is partially only true. The economic inequalities reflect the meritocracy of special type of skill, that of becoming rich. In the great picture of society, money is the main tool for creating in a statistical way inequalities. And the inequalities are also source of injustice and unfairness in the fate of human beings that may be more advanced souls that those with the privilege of being rich. The initiators of many religions is an example.  Or many heroic figures in sciences and arts, that have advanced the civilization but they did not acquire neither sufficient money neither sufficient fame when  they were living. These are not merely the exceptions in statistical rule, as money has a  statistical property similar to the inherited royal aristocracy in this sense that in order to get the privilege of becoming rich one must adopt and repeat the same type of strategies under similar principles and values as the already rich did to become rich (Skill to become rich) .
3) The economy cannot function without the current banking-monetary  system of money supply after issuing it, exclusively through lending.
3) The emergence of the digital (crypto) currencies seem to suggest that in a few decades they will make the banking system ( which is responsible for the repeating debt crises) almost obsolete, as Monarchies and Aristocracy became in politics. If national currencies will remain, they should be issued from public not-for profit organizations that should circulate the issued money mainly not through debt.
4) Money is neutral in creating inequalities in societies. 
4) Money is not only a neutral tool as means of exchange. Its statistical function is also a tool create  the economic inequalities, and has become  a tool to exercise non-democratic power from small minority groups to the majority 
2)                 Money is a positive tool  in the social functioning
5) Money is good only as lesser semi-random evil, compared to direct brutal military or monarchic based, totalitarianism,  in creating inequalities based on direct force by weapons or based on racist principles.

      1)      Education grades and brings in the surface the various levels of the able from the unable, the intelligent from the non-intelligent
1)      Education at a very deep level in the individual is a way of partially creating new more advanced self. At the level of the civilizations is under the principle of consistency in passing the knowledge and established beliefs of the previous generations to the next generation so as to achieve continuity in existence and surviving. We should discriminate between education and specialized professional training for specialized work.
  2)      Education must discover the inherent inequalities in the new generations and breed the previously existing inequalities in the society. This is essentially meritocracy.
2)      Educations main function should not be as the function of money to create inequalities. On the contrary it should unite people under common principles, beliefs and values. Through the new technologies of information and software, even significant parts of University Education should become free and open for as many people as possible. The new trend in the 21st century is a free education for all (easier for those that are using the internet) as guided self-learning.

     1)      War is the “father” of all. It is the main law in life and social functioning.
1)      Even in the ancient Greek mythology of 12-gods, the god of the war was not the father of all gods. Defensive war sometimes is the last choice to preserve freedom and justice. War- oriented people most often act under the belief system and values of the power duality of prey-predator, which is the symptom of the lowest visible frequency consciousness and life.  Maybe in higher frequencies invisible realities all living creatures take their energy from a sun, and none has to kill any other to feed itself. 
     2)      Only through war and the destruction of the weakest and unfit, evolution is attained.
2)      Periodic destruction by wars of civilization occurs only when it is under the belief-systems and values of prey-predator power duality which leads to inequalities, criminality, wars and destruction.

     1)      Productive innovative activities can only have a motivation of private interest, profit, or power over others through capital accumulation (unequal economics, motivational function of money).
1)      The desire to acquire social power through money (capital) is basically independent from the desire to offer productively in society. The more evolved is the soul consciousness, the less the accumulation of wealth or social power is the motivation to offer productively in society.
     2)      Optimization in the productive activities is achieved only through money measurements (e.g. cost-profit, information function of money)
2)      This is known in the discipline of Operation Research that it is not so. Statistical measurements of activities can substitute the information function of money. Nevertheless the less advanced is the soul consciousness in the society , the more the motivation for activities optimization is by money profit.
 3) Prosperity and evolution can be achieved only if a minority achieves it at first and then as a benevolent oligarchy propagates it to the rest of the population.
3) If we imagine separate and independent planetary civilizations, then if one of them has more evolved souls, it will evolve more than the others and by communication and synergy it may help the others to evolve. But within a single planetary civilization of large population density there is no independent evolution of one part relative to the other parts. And as we have mentioned the less the inequalities the faster the evolution of the civilization, as hundreds of studies and statistical researches of Universities and UN have proved.
4)  Work for productivity can be motivated only through forcing people to work so as to acquire salaries-money to survive.
4) Besides the human physical right of freedom, there are also the human economic freedom rights. One basic of them is the minimal subsidy or income for survival. It is the basis of economic freedom. The work done by person who can survive, by a minimal survival subsidy, but he chooses it because he likes it is of greater offer-value in society compared to the work of a person who does not like it much but he is doing so as to survive.
5) The necessary work for the productivity requires everybody to work for almost all of their available time
5) At the moment most of our time is spent in rather vain activities of production of superficially useful products with programmed obsolesces for reasons of profit and capital accumulation of a minority.  As society’s institutions evolve to accommodate for more advanced and more evolved  soul consciousness  and thus the technology becomes more advanced, the criminality, wars and inequalities become less, the mundane work becomes less and less and the free time more and more. Eventually the majority of our time becomes free time.

1)      The internet and the society of information is always positive and will solve all problems
1)      The internet has democratized, business, public government and the society Unfortunately it is not a panacea though, without the right system of spiritual beliefs, principles and values of the population.. As the theoretically “neutral” money has mostly become a tool of debt-crypto-tyranny, so the internet also  is tried to become crypto-tyranny  by highly abused tactics of centers of power for information accumulation. It is tried to become also a tool of privacy violation with mislead consent and excuses of “national security” for probable selective crypto tyrannical manipulation of individuals. The internet is for the moment nothing else but the necessary “crutches” for the traumatized spirituality of human existences. Much of its functions one day should be natural spiritual abilities of the human brain without the aid of external technology.

         1) Justice can only punish or declare innocent. Nothing else
1)      The full spectrum of social justice is not only the criminal justice, and must reward with honours and prizes the social offer and not only punish the crimes. We must not forget this when we think about justice.
         2) Justice is ultimately based on written rules and laws. There is no justice based on natural inherent perception of justice in the human existence.
2) The laws are nothing else that the written (agreed) habits of the society. There are good and bad habits. The ancient Greek model of massive justice  within the direct participative democracy is a more evolved type of justice. In this  the majority of people by random selection of them and voting, judge the individual cases of dispute. Our current  system of justice is oligarchic where a small number of public employees -judges decide about all social matters.
 3) The more laws we write the better the system of justice.
3)The more advanced is the soul consciousness in the society, then the less the inequalities, the less is the crime,  the less is the number of laws and the more the consciousness discretion.


1)When one comes in contact with the elite oligarchy in power who (openly or in a hidden way) dominates, he finds that they believe that the problem of civilization is that the good, honest and valued people are few and they themselves are the ones, who dominate are in power and have the means, while the bad people are immoral and unworthy and they are the majority, who do not have the means and are not in power. The main issue is how the good and few will defend themselves, and how they will fight the bad and many.

In my view, it is quite certain that the inequalities of those in power and have the means and of the ones who are dominated and do not have the means, are in themselves the source of delay in the evolution of civilization.

2) On the other hand, when one comes in contact with the majority which is not  in power (power open or hidden), he finds that they believe that the problem of civilization is that the majority of the people are sufficiently good, blessed and valued, and they are the ones who are dominated, suffer and do not have the means, while the few who dominate and have the means are the bad, immoral, and unworthy to stand at the real height of the planetary circumstances. In addition, this minority suppress the majority not to be able to stand at the real height of the planetary circumstances, either. The main issue is how the majority and good people will defend themselves, and fight the minority and bad people.

Assessing some as good or bad is something that changes over time.
Nowadays, we must understand that bad and unfair people  are those who are willing to tolerate and suffer from (crypto-) tyrannies, and then in their turn   exercise themselves (crypto) tyrannies, while good are those who neither tolerate (crypto) tyranny nor practice (crypto) tyranny