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38. Being aware of your own values: A leap toward a higher quality life

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates used to say, that life not self- examined is not worth living. And one of the best criteria to find the true values behind your decisions is to examine the facts and actions in your life. Even those forced without choice, as by analyzing the values and principles that we respect we shall be lead hopefully to free will and non-forced decisions. 

Of course peace of mind  and happiness comes also when we feel that we accomplish gradually our true goals. And there minor and major goals in life. We might say that our existence has no other goal than to exist. Or that we may have many different goals, according to the scale of relevance in our existence. But one of the most beautiful and meaningful goals in life is to develop more of our soul consciousness. So all other minor goals like social success, money, fame, knowledge , creativity etc are to serve this major goal of developing more of our soul consciousness

The principles can be considered also as SPIRITUAL GOALS , and in spite of the term spiritual they may have also much of practical and social activities efforts. They may be considered also as advanced but true human rights.

1)The  principle of the unconditional right to a  free , healthy, happy and prosperous material  life
2)The principle of  the right to a happy sexual life and happy family life
3) The principle of right and obligation for a fair , honorable  ethical and free social and planetary life
4) The principle of the right to a happy and free emotional life, positive empathy, and love.
5)The principle and right  to freedom of  expression and communication.
6)The principle and right  to honorable, joyful creativity, 
7)The principle of the right to perpetual education and a happy and ethical free intellectual life
8) The principle and right of the human being as spiritual and volitional existence with a free will, with spiritual principles and eternally improving. 

The 21 liberating values, as it seems to me, help us proceed to the right direction from the point we are now in our present state of the earthly civilization.
In past states of humanity and in future  states of humanity (e.g. after 1 or 3 centuries), the best 21 values might be entirely different sometimes seemingly opposite!

 A concise in wording review-list of the 21 values and 7 principles is the next. 

V1: For the individual and the nature:

1)The  principle of the unconditional right to a  free , healthy, happy and prosperous material  life

1) 1) No other individual or group has the right  to determine how the individual will think and feel about himself (herself) without his (her) consent, other than the individual itself.An individual human being , at a final deeper analysis, belongs neither to family, nor to community, nor to church, nor to state, nor to society. A human individual is not property. This does not mean that each individual must put an emphasis to his (her) self, above and in damage to others, the society, and the world. Individuals achieve the maximum of the mutual benefit and coordination of their intelligence, when they work for the benefit of the totality of humanity and the planet. (And even better for the benefit of the totality of congruent and of similar principles and values other civilizations in the galaxies).

2) The survival of the individual and the survival of planetary nature are in a win-win interplay. The civilization is to refrain from exercising violence and indirect destruction upon nature, instead is to conduct  eco-sustainable practices. Animal rights are respected and sentient animals are honored  The adopted energy model is of CO2-clean, ubiquitous and cheap renewable energy. 

3) As human beings we have the right of  responsible freedom of self-determination and we seek to become truly self-confident and free to  be responsible as much as possible for  our self, without being coerced to accept some higher institutional authority, or allow private groups to disorient  degrade and jeopardise the quality and true values of private and public life. The  quest for freedom of will goes deeper and deeper. Individuals have basic bill of rights respected by other individuals, authorities and communities, that include the right of survival food, drink, cloths, shelter, health care, freedom of expression and basic education. This may mean that the community provides a guaranteed, unconditional minimal survival and well-being income, for all ages, either one works or not. 

The more the human individuals and society evolves, the less the usual power structures (even as above) are needed. The more the human consciousness evolves, the more the hierarchical power structures in the society, (either in enterprises, or public state services.) are realized and perceived as abuse to the human consciousness, and abandoned and substituted with other non-hierarchical interplay. Almost, as in the ideal republic of Kalipolis of the ancient Greek Plato. The more evolved individuals and society we become the more we shift from the pattern of win-lose (controlling)  or lose-win (being controlled) to the pattern of win-win (what mutually we seek), and lose-lose (what mutually we try to avoid).Win-lose (or pray-predator, or domination) modes, lead to waves of self-destruction. Win-win modes (or cooperation modes) lead to stable and permanent happiness.

V2:  For the sexual life  , and the  family:

2)The principle of  the right to a happy sexual life and happy family life

4) Sexual life is a significant part of human happiness, and is respected and encouraged in its private different forms, as long as in its turn respects community and social life. 

5) The choices of the details of sexual practice, and the modes of  couples life, like agreed monogamy, agreed polygamy etc are entirely the responsibility of the involved individuals and are not  forced by religions, society or other groupsThe erotic life is liberated from fear, feelings of guilt, humiliation, superstitions,  lies, pretence and deception.

6) Family is encouraged as long as there is parental and social possibility of decent survival. The children growing up is protected. 

V3:For the community experience and society:

3)The principle of right and obligation for a fair , honorable  ethical and free social and planetary life

7) The main ethical values in a community are spiritual freedom, economic freedom and moral freedom. Also truth,  trust, mutual support,  responsible participation, and a similar  experience of life of shared values

8) The basic principles of what democracy means, as a win-win interplay of the individual and the collective, and as the optimality of wisdom and intelligence when all minds in a community are involved in the important decisions for the community, are respected and the details of how it is conducted are re-decided according the size of the communities. One of the best examples is the ancient Athenian democracy. 

V4: For human relations , love,  emotional life  and happiness:

4) The principle of the right to a happy and free emotional life, positive empathy, and love

9) The keys for a non-violent and happy life in intimate  relations are  truth, and respect of any explicit agreements for the time interval agreed,  plus love free from, lies, fear, humiliation, guilt,  pretence, hypocricy, and violence.

10) The diamond rule: 
--- Do not do upon others what you do not want they do upon you and they do not want to do upon them, after making sure that this does not damage the society as a whole.
--- Do upon others what they want to do upon them, and you want they do upon you, after making sure that this does not damage the society as a whole.

11)  Emotional life, is very important for most of the people, and cultivation of higher virtues like hope, faith, enthusiasm, loyalty, optimism, fairness , sympathy, kindness, cheerfulness, humour,  altruism  etc. is a primary orientation

V5: For economics, communication, creativity, and reputation:

5)The principle and right  to  freedom of  expression and communication.

6)The principle and right  to honorable, joyful creativity.

12) Each one receives according to its needs and contributes according to its abilities. Wealth must be acquired by the application of (scientific) power from humans to the nature and matter (progressive economics), not from humans to humans (regressive economics).
The more the truth, trust, fairness and responsibility are developed the less the use of money is necessary. Although society is evolving through cycles of  decrease of economic differences and centralization and  of  increase of economic differences and decentralization, the long term perspective is the decrease of the economic differences. Money was means of facilitated relative fairness, and now it has become means of crypto-piracy , power abuse,  manipulation of the democracy, and social mass destruction of values and quality of life through artificial financial Darwinism. The more evolved individuals and society we become, the more we shift from the pattern of win-lose (controlling)  or lose-win (being controlled) to the pattern of win-win (what mutually we seek), and lose-lose (what mutually we try to avoid).Win-lose (or pray-predator, or domination) modes, lead to waves of self-destruction. Win-win modes (or cooperation modes) lead to stable and permanent happiness.

13)  Creativity is to be respected and desired both in the life of the individual and in collective community  activities. Creativity is  one of the most significant expressions of our spirituality.Creativity may act as norm and discipline in daily life, may cure alienation and facilitates individuation.

14) The individual's creativity or collective creativity is parallel to  the natures creativity (growth of life, birth of children etc), and is the response of the human spirit to the nature's creativityCreativity may be regressive or progressive. Creativity, if progressive, it  is to be compatible with healing the nature, the society and the individual. 

15) Through creativity  there is the opportunity to seek for excellence, pioneering peak performance, and through communication find  esteem and reputation in the community and beyond.  Communication is both a right and a virtue. Individuals are to be treated with courtesy and respect by everyone else; If they are treated  discourteously or disrespectfully , it is a reflection on the others not on the individual as long as he (she) does not accept their treatment of him (her) as right.

V6:For intellectual life, education, arts, sciences and controlling our fate:

6)The principle of the right to perpetual education and a happy and ethical free intellectual life.

16) Basic education is a right that every body has from the moment of his birth. Through on going life-long  education we acquire  skills, practical expertise and information about the worldThrough on going life-long self-education we are uncovering our own talents, and are lead to self-improvement, and spiritual inspiration. With a living education we have  an opportunity for honouring the self,  and others, for loving, for better  relations, of  accessing the unlimited collective intelligence, for spiritual inspiration and for disciplined practice.

17) Through education, intellectual life becomes possible, and with it, scientific research and power. Thus we may control more and more our fate and become happier.  Scientific practice may be regressive or progressive.  If progressive, it  is to be compatible with healing the nature, the society and the individual. The quest  for knowing and controlling  physical reality leads to deeper and deeper levels of it. 
Scientific technology must be  

17.1) free from deception for other people, 
17.2)  free from the will to apply it for the good of few only, instead of all, 
17.3) free from any crypto-piracy to open democracy and its principles
17.4) free from any tyrannical dependence to any alien civilization.

V7:For spirituality and the cosmos:

7) The principle and right of the human being as spiritual and volitional existence with a free will, with spiritual principles and eternally improving. 

18) Ultimately human beings are , spiritual beings.   We may think of breathing as a metaphor for the spiritual interplay.Life would not be  worth living without self  inner analysis and perpetual  improvement. Inner-attention, inner-listening, cultivation of visions, meditation, or  praying, self-knowledge, cultivation of positive mental and emotional attitudes etc, are primary goals.Science seeks to produce effects with the horizontal causality within the material density-reality. But as spiritual human beings we  have also miraculous abilities of producing effects through vertical-causality (spiritual intention) among the different material densities-realities and levels of consciousness . To become balanced spiritual human beings we have to balance those two different ways of producing effects.

19) The paths to spirituality, religions and the search for the sacred and non-sacred are many. We value freedom of religion. 

20) Attending the world with a more true knowledge is changing ourselves for the better. We value the research of the origins of humanity, civilization and different life-forms. The values of interplay between different communities and societies apply as well for different planetary civilizations of the galaxy. 

21) The critical and important decisions about the road that the individual and the civilizations is headed in economics, technology  power, and galactic affiliations, cannot be taken outside the individual, outside transparent social developments, and outside transparent democratic politics, in a secrete way, by private groups , enterprises and power secrete state-based groups, more powerful than the governments and democracy.


(see also post 110)

1) Those referring to , the physical reality, and cosmology.

1.1) The universe was not created by a Big Bang 13-14 billion years ago. It is by far more reasonable and probable that there is a swirl motion of galaxies and stars that increases and decreases the world entropy periodically , and that it may not be improbable that the universes age is about 21 trillion years, as many galactic civilization 3-4 thousand years more advanced that us, believe. 
For the periodic motion see e.g.

1.2) The physical reality is not exhausted by the matter that we know , which is made from protons neutrons and electrons (the only permanent and free particles, anti-matter not included). On the contrary there are many more similar layers of matter , made from such triads of smaller free and permanent particles. Each such layer having a frequency. Therefore although the layer of matter that we know (made from protons neutron electrons, and which is only one frequency of material reality) may have an age of 21 billion years (as as many galactic civilization 3-4 thousand years, more advanced than us believe) the universe as a whole, having more such frequencies-layers, should be older. The advanced civilizations in the galaxy report at least 10 such material physical frequencies-layers. The last one the 10th created recently during the 90s. The next (second) frequency-layer material reality after the one that we know, has sometimes being called aether in the history of the human civilization. The term frequency, in the matter we know, refers to the average frequency of the spin of protons, neutrons, and electrons. 
(For the numbering of the frequencies of physical material realities see post 12) 

1.3) The interior of the earth is not full completely from magma and high temperature matter. It does hold that from the center and till the 2/3 of the radius of earth it is hollow with inner atmosphere and it has a bluish sun-like gaseous fiery ball at the center. In order to understand this we should have more advanced scientific theory of gravitation than the one we have. This fact of hollow planet, holds for almost all planets and stars in the galaxies.

Here is an 3D animation video, which gives the above assumed concept (in the video the width of the shell is shown half of what mentioned here)

2) Those referring to the history and creation of life, and civilizations, among the galaxies, and and also history and creation of life on earth, and earthly civilizations.

2.1) Life and civilizations exist elsewhere too, on planets of other solar systems of the galaxies, as they exists on earth on the known material reality (and frequency) . But they exist also in higher frequencies or layers of material realities, both in our solar system (e.g. higher 3rd frequency (aetherial) invisible satellites of planet Jupiter) as well as in other solar systems. Each living planet can hold as tonal frequency, one only frequency. There are 4 types of living biospheres (in our known 1st frequency physical reality) of planets among the galaxies. 1) that of hydrogen H2 , the most common 2) that of ammonia NH3 3) that of methane CH4 4) that of oxygen O2, the most rare and complicated. Most of the living biosphere , with their plants and animals, where transplanted from other biospheres. It is believed that the Founders (a civilization or group of existences) were the first to create living biospheres, and by now they have withdrawn to higher frequencies and spheres of realities. 

2.2) The intelligent civilizations in the local area of galaxies make alliances and groups according to their common values, power, DNA lineage etc. 

2.3) Our earthly human mammal civilization (called by us Homo-Sapiens) is not a pure indigenous earthly specie of humanoids, but it started coming on earth as colonizers or refugees from other solar systems in the galaxy. This may have happened even up to 50 millions of years ago, but as easily proven fact, reported from other galactic civilizations give, it has happened at least 700 thousand years ago. 

2.4 ) It is not the first time (as DNA lineage) that we evolve at our current civilization level. We were more advanced in the past on this planet. E.g. the stories of Lemuria and Atlantis till 31 and 27 thousand years B.C respectively. 

2.5) Coinciding with the creation of the new 10th frequency cosmic physical material layer during the 90s, it became widely known among the civilizations of the galaxies, that all life and planetary civilizations at the known 1st frequency material layers (like earth) will eventually "jump" in frequency or migrate to the 2nd or higher frequency material layers (aetherial) , as whole planetary worlds. The 1st frequency physical material layer all over the world will no longer serve as a layer to host consciousness anymore throughout out the galaxies. Therefore as this, also, will be the way our planetary world will evolve, it is imperative to know more about life and civilizations in higher frequencies. E.g. it is reported that the human beings in 3rd frequency living planetary worlds, no longer need to feed themselves with other life-forms, but take their energy from their sun. And it is also reported that already the planet Jupiter, that we know it as planet in the 1st frequency material reality, it is a blue sun, in the 3rd frequency (aetherial) material reality. 

For more on these see e.g.

3) Those referring to the how a society and civilization must or can function, beliefs about money, power, fame, and human rights.

3.1) The more advanced is a civilization the less the inequalities of technology, living standards and political power of humans in the same frequency physical reality. Nevertheless a civilization can exist inn 3 or 4 consecutive frequencies physical realities (aetherial) not only in one (as we know it on earth). The more advanced a civilization, the faster it evolves, and shifts from frequency to higher frequency. 

3.2) The current economic inequalities are less than 20% a reflection of the meritocracy of the having ones versus the non-having ones, and more than 80% a result of the law of activities "money attracts more money". In other words, economic inequalities, it is one of the basic properties of money and the "free-market" game of private property. Economic inequalities do apply automatically a deadly, negative , massive scale, destructive will, in the population, unless there is an effort to reduce and eliminate them.

3.3) Therefore a new basic human right is needed, that of minimum guaranteed standards of living (or minimum garanteed unconditional income) ,either if he/she works or not , and at all ages, which includes health, food, cloths, house, transportation.

3.4) Eventually a planetary civilization will not function by utilizing money and private property. But as long as it does in its early stages of evolution, the currency should be eventually issued only the public state, and should circulate in the society mainly without debt. (In other words eventually without a banking system). In addition the right of the capital, to buy whole companies, and their human resources power, or the human working time, it is a form of partial and indirect slavery, and it will be abandoned, as the civilization advances. Survival of the individual by making a living through selling his/her working-time, will have to be abandoned, as the mode of social life of the individual, as the civilization becomes more evolved. 

3.5) As a civilization advances, it abandons the carnivorous habits and turns in to vegetarian habits. 

3.6) The social and personal success of a human being is more about realizing the intent of the soul and advancing the inner perception, and less about acquiring by itself, material possessions, or social power etc. 

3.7) When a civilization is sufficiently advanced, all the communication between the individuals is through voiceless telepathic spiritual ability, of communicating 3-dimensional inner holographic pictures between each other, in a intuitive way. Therefore our internet is a gross technological external early reflection of this future collective spiritual ability. This spiritual ability increases equality among people, and creates a non-hierarchical, in the political will, society.

4) These referring to the human existence, its evolution , values and abilities 

4.1) It is true that in the very existence of any single human being, there is the ability of miracles. It is not only that the God, or God's invocation that could make miracles. But this ability of miracles , as creative power, of the human beings, in this planet and its civilizations, has being blocked by a collective system of beliefs, relevant to the history of the particular planet and current civilization.

4.2) The human beings as souls, are magnificent and glorious immortal existences and perceivers. Souls are incarnated and reincarnated in mortal physical (of various level frequencies) human bodies. Most earthly humans have been before incarnated, in the past, in other civilizations, of other solar systems, some more times repeatedly in this planet, and some in higher frequencies material realities of other solar systems. The more advanced a civilization is, the happier and healthier are its members, and the higher the frequency of their physical bodies. The higher the frequency in their bodies, the more love and joy is felt , expressed , practiced and experienced, and the more the human existence takes responsibility of its fate and way of existence , and also the more the freedom and the higher the creative powers. In addition the higher their physical frequency, the longer the life of the human beings. 

4.3) Given that the current earthly civilization, is an emerging yet, of not very high degree of evolution, while the incarnated human existences may be, by far more experienced and advanced, it is the civilization's values and principles that must evolve and fit to the deeper values and principles of the immortal human existence, and not the opposite.