Sunday, May 1, 2011

74. Organized thinking, happiness, confidence and effectiveness

Here is what Andrew Carnegie says about organized thinking in the book( "The wisdom of Andrew Carnegie as told to Napoleon Hill " ):
The benefits of organized thinking are so numerous that it is difficult to decide where to begin or where to stop, but these are some of the more obvious advantages of this habit:
1) Organized thinking enables one to become the master of his own mind. This he accomplishes by training his faculty of will to control his emotions, turning them on and off as the occasion may require.
2) Organized thinking forces one to work with definiteness of purpose , thereby enabling him to set up a habit that prohibits procrastination. Organized thinking is based on the controlled formation of thinking habits that are also related with emotional and action habits. From a certain perspective Self-discipline and organized thinking are synonymous!
3) It develops the habit of working and cooperating in groups with other people with definite plans instead of blundering ahead by the hit or miss method.
4) It enables one to stimulate the subconscious mind to greater action and more ready response, in the attainment of desired ends, instead of allowing the subconscious mind to respond to the "tramp" thoughts and destructive influences of one.s environment.
5) It develops self-reliance
6) It gives one the benefit of the knowledge , experience and education of others, through the medium of Alliance of Group Mind, which is an important medium to coordinate group will and also invoke the Collective Infinite Intelligence, which has been used by all able thinkers. Organized thinking attracts energies and power that is channeled in the organized activities, while otherwise it would be a dangerous "mental explosive".
7) It enables one to convert his efforts on to greater material resources , larger income and wealth and by capitalization eventually to financial freedom. Because organized mind can produce more than one that is not organized.
8) It develops the habit of accurate analysis, through which one may find the solution to his problems, instead of worrying over them.
9) It aids in maintaining sound health, because mind power that is organized and directed towards the attainment of both private and social worthy and desirable good goals, it attracts and involves positive emotions and has no time to be wasted in connection with self-pity or imaginary ailments. Idle minds for a long time, tend to develop ailing bodies.
10) Last but not least, organized thinking , as it functions intensely but also knows how to periodically relax and seas activities , leads to peace of mind and that form of permanent happiness which is known only to the man that can keep his mind fully occupied.