Sunday, May 1, 2011

23. Liquid fantasy, liquid language, liquid kinaesthetic.

(see also post 118)
Most of the psychology researchers on the conditions for the best creative work of authors, artists, musicians, scientists etc, and the creators themselves describe their best inner condition of their work as highly liquid, and unobstructed flow. A really joyful and full of life energy state where even the most difficult and subtle compositions flow, with easiness (notice that the word disease as dis-ease, is just the opposite meaning of this). Those that work with the fantasy, will experience it as a Liquid fantasy. Like a fast and frictionless digital video clip, created, stopped, or altered at will with instantaneous fastness.
Those that work with the words, poets, authors, public speakers, even mathematicians, will experience it as liquid language. It is a very rewarding feeling. And those working with the physical motion, dancers, athletes, even simply lovers, will experience it as liquid kinaesthetic.
It is a very highly valued commodity, or ability among the creative workers.
This is so because this liquidity usually means contact with our soul and its energy and the soul is more or less fluid feeling
Nevertheless this high liquidity is going also together with some invisible in higher frequencies and resolution solid fixation which is harder than any visible solid material state.

 Now this does not mean that the ability to render liquidity, to "solid state" through outer forms (words, images, music etc) is not important, but this is probably more casual process. It is also relevant to the process of creating an NLP-anchor which has the power, when reading, watching or listening the piece of creative work to get somehow the reflection of this heightened flow state. Also the ability to render liquidity to even finer volatile "thin aether" through abstraction and analogy, is also valuable, and spiritually rewarding.
Probably it is related with a temporary heightening of the frequency of 3rd material density self of the creative worker, or also of his emotions, and thoughts (see post 12, law 2 and post 84).

Those that envy and attach the creative workers with pettiness, may insult them as them being childish, or feminisation,  in such a state. But what the creative workers know is not what  the crowd thinks. So the creative workers to avoid becoming bitter, must keep an adaptive distancing from such aggressive pettiness.
Seeking such "liquide" states in creativity but also in creative actions (business) may be by itself a life long goal. And on this there is the well known prayer of the writters (and creative workers): "Dear God, please do  take care of the quality, and I will take care of the quantity in my creative work". It is the characteristic hallmark of quality this experience of inner liquidity.
The happy creative state of flow, is probably also a congruence between our physical body and our subtle bodies, the aether bodies and our  mental and spiritual functions.

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