Sunday, May 1, 2011

4. To be, to think, to do, to have

Most of the people want to be able to have something in their life (money, house, cars, relations  etc). 
Many of them understand that in order to have they must do first some (or many) things.
But few only  understand that in order to "do" successfully, what they must do in order to "have", they must first  "think" the right wayfor this do and have! And finally in order to think the right way, they first must "be" the right person and have the right will. Here is also the benefit of personal development. Depending on the major goal we may re-examine ourselves to realize where we must change and evolve so as to be able to do, and then to have. Successful people know that what they must create in order to achieve a new major goal, is a new awareness of themselves first, and then of the other people, and of the world.
The right question for successful intimate relations is not "who is the right person for me", but "whom should I be so as to be the right person for a successful relation?" It is obvious that we cannot control the self of the other person, while it is possible to control our own self.
Colin Turner in his powerful book "You are born to succeed" gives  a valuable metaphor of the self and the car we drive. "The gasoline in the deposit is like the goals, the carburettor like the desires. The handbrake like  fears , doubts  the worries, anger, blaming others etc. The brakes like our logic as common sense. The accelerator like the emotions, passion and enthusiasm. The steering wheel like our choices. The clutch like our ability to take responsibility of our situation, actions and consciousness."
He has also a nice saying: "Your will to be , to think, to do and to have, is, for you,  the strongest medicine in the world"
So always we must start from the self before we think and act, so as to have.
Finally to have is of no value if we do not act as catalyst for a benefit to other people. We can get anything we want as long as we help sufficient many other people to get what they want, and be benevolent to the global society.

In a less developed stage of civilization, the individuals fulfil themselves by having.
In a little more development stage of civilization, the individuals fulfil themselves by doing.
In an more advanced development stage of civilization, the individuals fulfil themselves by thinking and feeling. 
In a even more advanced development stage of civilization, the individuals fulfil themselves by being.

The ego of a personality seems to be the agent that decides and separates what we consider as self and what we consider consciousness and non-self.

The levels, be, think, do, have, define correspondingly not only different levels selves, but also different level of egos
The lower type of ego is linked with what we have and what we have not (usually private property)
The bit less lower type of ego, is linked with what we do , our actions and what we  do not do.
A higher type of ego, is linked with what we think and write or produce  in creative work, and what not.
And an even higher type of ego , is linked with what we consider spiritual self, life-long intention  and what not.

Of course peace of mind , planetary prosperity  and happiness comes also when we feel that we accomplish gradually our true goals. And there minor and major goals in life. We might say that our existence has no other goal than to exist. Or that we may have many different goals, according to the scale of relevance in our existence. But one of the most beautiful and meaningful goals in life is to develop more of our soul consciousness. So all other minor goals like social success, money, fame, knowledge , creativity etc are to serve this major goal of developing more of our soul consciousness


You are consciousness. Your body is in your consciousness, not the other way around--you are not consciousness inside of a body. consciousness has formed the body necessary for your needs and lessons while on earth. When you realize this you will find that you are no longer quite so subject to world beliefs that say you are at the mercy of your body.

Your whole world is also within your consciousness--the weather, friends near or far, family, beliefs. Everything exists in consciousness and nothing exists outside of consciousness. Each must ask; "What do I entertain in my consciousness? What beliefs, what concepts, what ideas, etc do I hold?"
Thoughts that pop into your head are impersonal until you claim them as yours. This is why there is no reason to believe you are a spiritual failure if some negative or even violent thought comes floating into your mind when you least expect it. The clearing process of the bodies within the consciousness often brings outgrown beliefs and thoughts to the surface. No need to react with shock or resistance, simply acknowledge them for what they are, giving them no power, and moving on.
Thoughts have only the reality and power they are given. The human mind can only draw on what is already a part of consensus consciousness--that which is already known. New ideas-- inventions, art, science, technology, and deep spiritual insights etc, must bubble up from deeper levels of creativity within where they are then brought into manifestation by the receiver and become part of consensus consciousness and available to all. This is how evolution takes place and how your every insight is adding to the resonance of an ascending world consciousness.
Many yet remain unaware of who and what they really are or that the energy they radiate effects those around them as well as adding to the universal energy of the planet as a whole. This is why it is important to be aware of your thoughts and beliefs or of thinking that your thoughts are hurting no one if you don't say them out loud.
You carry your state of consciousness wherever you go because consciousness is what you are. Your resonance can lift and open another who is receptive to it without your awareness or can cause someone to dislike you. Because energy seeks to align with like energy (oneness) it is important to keep yourself in compassion and not sympathy when helping those who may be drawn to your energy seeking help.
You are creators but have not known this. The consciousness of a sleeping mankind has for eons been forming the world in which you now find yourselves--consciousness manifesting as form and building upon itself to where the world is now. Through centuries of struggle and evolving awareness, mankind is now ready to move beyond the illusion.

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