Sunday, May 1, 2011

25. The pleasent meanings of self-discipline.

The term self-discipline might raise memories of unpleasant feelings, military discipline or hardship in enforcing will.
But it does not has to be that way.
We apply self-discipline not as sacrifice, but due to our strong desire to achieve our goal. We may imagine the final goal and get the fuel from this to act. Or we may get the fuel to act from the smaller rewards we have put at the milestones of the journey.
The belief that we shall succeed in achieving our goal is another reason to go on, therefore another reason for self-discipline.
The momentum that is created by the belief, and the persistence is by itself self-discipline! And we not only push to create momentum but also we are pushed by the momentum and the habits that it creates. And all this is indeed self-discipline to achieve the goal!
And the self-discipline is the base for self-esteem which in its turn supports the courage that creates the persistence.

A basic motivation in personal development is that you feel good if you are in control of your life, actions, experiences etc, while you feel unpleasant if you are out of control. (Law of control).

Therefore self-discipline is a source of feeling good with yourself and your daily experience of life. Only if self-discipline is related with pleasure in our human experience we proceed fast and happily to our goals. And vice versa, good self-discipline creates pleasant emotions and we feel good.

And a final meaning of self-discipline is to choose our attention and focus. To this reasoning and feeling follows. Attention and awareness is closer to the deeper true self.
This, of course to work and result in to action, presupposes that we do not betray true (not  interpolated) consciousness. And consciousness is betrayed when we do not take decisions and commit actions that correspond to it.

Furthermore, the persistence and perseverance is a proved form of self-discipline!
So here it is! Do you have perseverance in an effort? There is to be found also strong self-discipline.

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