Monday, May 2, 2011

91. Does society has more benefit from the differences of the individuals, or more benefit from less differences of the individuals?

Less developed societies have vast difference in their individual, not only financially but also as level of evolution of the consciousness, the society is like a jungle in chaos. The more advanced the society, the less the financial, educational, power and evolution differences of the atoms, and thus the easier the function of the society. The Lorenz curve and the Gini index are how inequalities are measured in modern economics and sociology.
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also how inequality harms society

Although society suffers from the economic and other civilization inequalities, it does have greater benefit when its individuals are with diverse abilities and talents, but not with economic or other educational and opportunity inequalities. So we must discriminate between economic and opportunity inequalities, and diversification of abilities and talents. The idea that diversification of interests, talents and skills should be reflected in to economic and opportunity inequalities is certainly a wrong dogma.