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115. The 10 basic earthly human freedoms

THE 10 BASIC EARTHLY HUMAN FREEDOMS 1. FREEDOM FROM BEING IN ECONOMIC WANT. Every man has a right to be free from economic want of survival, from the birth until old age, regardless of working conditions. Every man is entitled equally to the cultural heritage of knowledge, of methods for health therapies, of goods services and technological achievements for survival (food, clothing, health care, education, house, transport, etc.). This of course means the basic survival allowance at all ages. No economic oligarchy or those that “have” have any right to manipulate the majority and tose that “do not have” through the need of survival. 2. FREEDOM FROM CRIMES WARS AND INJUSTICE. Not all people have good intentions for their fellowmen, and society, and thus there exist crime. Unfortunately economic inequalities create crimes. It must be tried through political and social institutions (taxes, benefits, etc.) not only reduced economic inequalities but create a system of e

114. Power exists so as to serve the (immortal) human soul and its evolution. Power is not a goal by itself.

SOCIAL POWER IS NOT A GOAL BY ITSELF. SOCIAL POWER EXISTS SO AS TO SERVE THE (IMMORTAL) HUMAN SOUL AND ITS EVOLUTION We may have to remind to  ourselves, in this economic crisis, the basic operating principles of the current societies. THE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF THE CURRENT  HUMAN SOCIETIES "The reality of the experience of life, is based on a system of spiritual and perhaps subconscious (implicit) or  explicit beliefs. Changing these beliefs will result in changing our reality and changing our fate. " 1) THE PRINCIPLE OF THE FREEDOMS OF THE INDIVIDUAL      This principle is crucial, as it determines that the society is to function without violating civil liberties. The seven basic personal freedoms are 1.1) The spiritual freedom (freedom of religion) 1.2) H freedom of political decision (Democracy, or rather direct-democracy) 1.3) The   freedom of he creative-expressions (freedom of speech) 1.4) The moral freedom (freedom from fear) 1.5) Economic fre

113. About earthly religions and human spiritual evolution

ABOUT METAPHYSICAL  SYSTEMS, EARTHLY RELIGIONS AND SPEED OF PLANETARY CIVILIZATIONS  EVOLUTION NON-THEISTIC   AND HUMAN BUT METAPHYSICAL  EXISTENTIALISM. IS THERE METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL COLLECTIVE  DIRECT  DEMOCRACY?   In below we refer mainly to the four major religions, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist that are monotheistic. The ancient Greek religion of 12-gods is unique and is rather a metaphysical oligarchy. Also the discussion below is under the premise that it is true that there are metaphysical worlds. The fact that religions are a model, relative to the involved authority and power , of metaphysical monarchy or oligarchy, contributes to justify respective models of cosmic-social power, ie monarchy and  oligarchy (and even financial oligarchy). And so push or to alienate the human consciousness to  become submissive and enslaved by monarchy oligarchy models of social power. And this is know that it has happened in the past.  One could say that th

112. Cosmic consensus consciousness versus standard beliefs of our current planetary educational system.

Here is concise table of 22 points  that compares the Cosmic Consensus Consciousness and standard  beliefs of our earthly educational system, as was discussed in the other posts in this blog below. The posts mentioned refer to the above blog, not to the current blog. The effect on our psychology is I believe positive and encouraging for more self-responsibility. BELIEFS OF EARTHLY EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM ( CONSCIOUSNESS  UNDER VEIL) COSMIC CONSENSUS CONSCIOUSNESS  ( CONSCIOUSNESS  UNVEILED) A1. PHYSICAL REALITY A1. PHYSICAL REALITY 1)All matter starts with the triad of permanent and free particles of protons , electrons neutrons. In smaller scale there is nothing but vacuum. All celestial bodies are those that we can observe with electromagnetic waves (light). 1)Physical reality, continuous deeper, than protons , neutrons, electrons, with finer such tria