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95. The habit of health: Prevent and cure life-style based diseases

Medical statistics believes that many of the rather incurable and newly (last 0.5-1 century) widespread diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes  etc are also life-style based diseases. Searching recently the web, I fell upon the remarkable work of a Canadian doctor named Dr Hulda Clark PhD (1928-2009), that wrote some books with almost unbelievable large number (over 500) successful cure cases , and of even advanced cases of cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis etc. What is equally remarkable is that this doctor invented 2 electronic devices the syncrometer and the zapper, to perform these "miracles". With the suncrometer she was able to make fast and accurate diagnostic scans of  products, foods, and the human body, for the detection of toxins, viruses, bacteria, parasites.  With the zapper to kill viruses, bacteria, and parasites in the human body, fast easy in a few minutes without antibiotics and chemicals that take days or weeks. It seems to m