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97. Happily achieving your goals versus, being happy, only after you achieve your goals

Most of the times people think that if and when they will achieve their goal (get a better salary, buy that car or house, get married, write that book, climb that mountain, create that business etc) then they will be happy.  Nevertheless achieving any goal may require that during the process you are already happy. Maybe happiness is not only a goal it may be a pre-requisite in achieving goals. Happiness may even have the effect that your physical body has higher frequency (the spin of the protons, neutrons, electrons of the body is faster). Therefore happiness is a paramount requirement in life. Happiness may seem a chimera, and a ghost that cannot be targeted directly. That is why it is easier achieved indirectly. Especially when trying to give happiness to other people. Happiness may be superficial or deeper. Choosing to experience a sequence of positive rather than negative emotions in daily life, is by itself not only cheerfulness but also happiness. Therefore our knowledge of