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It is necessary to upgrade  our perceptions of basic human rights exactly because of  our current social and economic difficulties : THE 5 BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS The basic human rights are based on the basic 7 human freedoms.  THE PRINCIPLE OF FREEDOMS OF THE INDIVIDUAL This principle is fundamental, as it determines how the society is to function without violating individual freedoms.  The 7 basic individual freedoms are  1.1) Spiritual freedom (freedom of religion or no religion)  1.2) Freedom of Political Decisions (Direct Democracy)  1.3) Expressive-creative freedom (freedom of speech)  1.4) Moral freedom (freedom from fear and externally imposed values)  1.5) Economic freedom (freedom from necessity)  1.6) Physical freedom (actions).  1.7) The freedom of private ownership (having, as far as it is not a against the collective good). These freedoms lead to the basic 5 Human Rights  1) PHYSICAL  RIGHTS No man, nor society, can impri