Sunday, May 1, 2011

59. Understanding human beings as volition creatures.

Many people believe that the very essence of human beings is the love and the emotional side. That human beings, are the creatures of love and sympathy. Other people believe that human beings are volitional creatures. That power is what they are seeking really. Other people believe that the true essence of the human beings is intelligence and action. I am rather inclined to favour this last perspective (intelligence and action). But I also believe that our present culture gives too much emphasis  on the love and emotional side; that is why I think that by analysing and understanding also human beings as volitional creatures, integrates some of the bias of  the latter approach.
(To be continued)
Volition and intelligence.
The traps of Machiavelism.

Maybe a deeper layer of existential reality , beyond our system of beliefs that determine our reality is the hidden spiritual intent , which may define our fate.


I am pleased to share with you the IDEA that INTENT is the PRIMAL FORCE of CREATION. It is the IS-ness whose INTENT and DESIRE to explore and expand itself in all possible openness, that creates all physical matter on all dimensions. It is this winch makes it possible for you to explore your selves to completion... Therefore, know this - the first material in creation is the electron. it is the *tool* to build upon in the creation of psychical reality. Now, let s look at you - the human. Look at yourself in mirror. Your physicality is compose of atoms, which form, into molecules, which then become cells... You are a symphony of electrons, atoms, and molecules of INTENT. All of you are a complex of INTENTS or DESIRES. Many of you walk around and ask for a miracle, when you are in fact that which you ask for. From beginning to end, PHYSICAL MATTER IS A NETWORK OF INTENT. The IS-NESS then spins consciousness into the matter, and what you have is life. What you see and experience is only the smallest part of you... The outer expression of and inner event. The pattern for human form is created in Spirit, and the body is composed of a collection of INTENTS, each one having a particular function, all geared toward the sustenance of your human-ness... You r intent is your is-ness. Did not understand ? Your will/want/desire is your blessing/luck For that to work you must not have fear. Fear eats love. You need to have LOVE + INTENT = GAME CHANGER. Easiest way to test this is on someone who you truly love. If she or he has a pain somewhere, then simply but your hand there and think from all of your love for that person and Truly WANT to take that pain for your burden and see what happens; ... You are all talking about GOD this and that. For me the word God only means someone or something that does something that none of you can explain and you consider him a God... Even you can be God if you know how to move lands, planets, make solar systems... Someone or something or one who would have created it all would or should have a title: The Great Maker.