Sunday, May 1, 2011

19. Honoring the self, Honoring the "you", Honoring the many people and Honoring the Environment.

7 of the main difficulties of the present state of the civilization are 

1) Child mortality and overpopulation
2) Outdated nutrition model based on animal tyranny or  animal slavery.
3) Degradation and destruction of the ecological biosphere.
4) Outdated energy model with high CO2 emmissions.
5) Climate crisis based on CO2 emissions.
6) Over-monetization of life and a monetary system,  where the private sector and not the people have the priviledge to print money and the laws around the central banks, (which are owned by private banks), that create over-debt economies, forcing the public sector, enterprises and households, to borrow from the banks, the newly printed money, which essentially should belong to them by right .
7)  Brutal or  subtly hidden tyranny

Somehow all of these problems are related with entertaining external negative will with hidden intentions of manipulation, failing to enlarge the self so as to include the scale of the problems and the 

1) dishonouring the self, (I)
2) dishonouring the "you",
3) dishonouring the other people (them) and 
4) dishonouring the nature's environment (it).

It seems that at the scale of the individual the way to start solving all of the above problems is by enlarging the self so as to include planet-scale responsibilities and influence. If the planet as a whole is part of yourself, then you start caring and solving problems. If the self is small including only your bank accounts, your daily food etc, then there is no space for larger solutions.

We must eliminate the old alienation that is relevant to all kinds of past tyrannies and choose to  :

To be: Becoming truly self-confident and free to unconditionally be responsible for one's self, without being coerced to accept some higher authority.

To have :
Responsible freedom of self-determination