Sunday, May 1, 2011

73. Liking people

The ability of cooperation is of paramount importance in achieving goals and getting what we want, as it has to be what is good for all too.
Some people see cooperation and public relations as a skill that has to be mastered, if we are to be effective and  happy.
The answer may appear simple but it is extremely vital: to sincerely like people.
Now there are many reasons why someone likes people here are some
1. They are like him
2. He has mainly benefits from the existence of other people
3. They are complementary to him
4. He looks in them noble souls from other civilizations of the galaxy . destined to return there again.

No matter the reasons, it is part of the mental health to know where and when to like people and where and when not.

It seems that the scale from a negative attitude towards a positive attitude towards  people passes from the scale of the 5 A's

1) Accepting
2) Approving
3) Appreciating
4) Appraising
5) Agreeable