Sunday, May 1, 2011

41. Transcending the limitations of our mortal life so as to be happy within our mortal life too.

The awakened people, and so as to be happy, they search through meditation their eternal part of their existence. Their soul and spiritual self.  Most of them believe in the reincarnation or re-birth of the human soul. This is done with spontaneous or organized silent voicless and without imagess meditation  that goes beyond their  mortal and material fabric of space and timeNot by focusing on the present as many gurus claim, because present is another category of time like the past and the future. But by transcending all the three, present, past and future. This is done also by transcending the mortal concrete mind , to the abstract immortal mind or even deeper. Transcending the mortal concrete mind does not mean that we blame every problem to this part of the mind, as many gurus claim. No! They do need a more perfect concrete mortal mind too to solve problems. Problems are nor all created by the mortal concrete mind. Problems maybe created by the physical reality too, by genetics, even by the soul and the spirit. 
So these awakened people through this awareness of the eternal intent of their soul, they find what they want to do with their life.
It can happen that the intention of the eternal soul does not need activity and targeting into the mortal space and time to be fulfilled.

It may be momentarily fulfilled by changing attitudes in our lives, what we believe or the priority of our  values. Then our existence is perfectly happy not having to do anything other than simply to exist as we are.
But it may also happen that , when such awakened people find their true eternal soul intention, they proceed in activities in our society. These activities, creative or self-developing etc may lead them to have money, social power, and fame.  But all these three (money, social power, fame) is only the means to their inner goals. These inner eternal goals maybe also useful to the civilization as whole, and to the existences of other people. Because the deeper you go in your existence, the more you find the existence of the other human beings too. For them wealth is the ability to experience happily and consciously the different states and qualities of their existence. Therefore money, fame and power, of these awakened people (that can be either in the private sector or in the public sector) , is mainly for the common good too, are progressive for the civilization , and are not goals by themselves. On the other hand, there are people (either in the private sector or in the public sector) that do make money, fame and power, but only because they have them as goals by themselves. Usually these people reach to dead end, and their money, fame and power are of the regressive negative type, leading to indirect or direct destruction in society, and the other people. So money can be regressive. 

Money if seen as right to the resources of the planet, is something that seems good and progressive and at minimum survival level all should have unconditionally. Because ecological life and civilizational inventions as well, is a common inheritance for all, and no minority should monopolize them creating  damage to the rest of the people. 
But if money is conceived as a medium , a technology for people to apply power to other people, then they are regressive if this power is regressive and progressive if this power is progressive. 
And if also money is conceived as a means to increase or decrease inequality of living standards in the society, then it is regressive usually (not always)  when it increases inequalities and progressive usually (not always) when it decreases inequalities.

When someone comes in contact with the elite oligarchy that dominates (overtly or implicitly) he notes that according to them  the problem of the civilization is that the good, virtuous and worthy people are few  and are those that  dominate and have, while the bad , immoral and unworthy are the many,  who are dominated and have not. So the issue is how to defend the good and few, and will fight the bad and many.

On the other hand when someone comes in contact with the majority that is  dominated (overtly or implicitly) he notes that according to them  the problem of the civilization is that the  many are sufficiently good, virtuous and worthy, and are those that are dominated and do not have, while the few that dominate and have, are the bad, immoral, and unworthy to stand up to the planet circumstances. So the issue is how to defend the many and good, and fight the few and bad.

To my perception, it is quite certain, that the extreme inequalities between those that dominate and have against those who are dominated and do not have, are themselves the source of delays in the evolution of the civilization.

The economic system (of control though money  and free market etc) and especially  the monetary and banking system, has the property of creating inequalities even if all individuals were clones of the same person with the same abilities (like robots created by the same manufacturer, but having a internal random generator to emulate free will). This property of creating inequalities is a manifestation of the "law of universal attraction in activities" where money and an organization  attracts more money and reproduces the organization. This means that   with statistical mathematical certainty the majority of the population will be in deprivation, and a significant percentage of the population will result in to deep poverty, misery, illness, and even deaths. Therefore the economic system itself is the bearer of negative and lethal will for a significant percentage of the population. 

The ones that have and dominate others have I think a weak point: Fate gives them an excuse of being there only because they some how serve (well or not well) the power of evolution in a civilization. This is the key from which those that do not have and do not dominate,  can level with them, and even steer them to directions of higher benefits to all. 
It is often insightful to perceive both , those that have and dominate (overtly or not) and those that do not have and do not dominate, as if random roles in a great theater, that cannot be taken seriously too much. 

Honoring our existence means also giving more value to our perception of the world which has been acquired and elaborated with many efforts , than the world itself. To give more significance  to our deeper principles and values, that those socially realized in the civilization, (in case we find the latter inferior and not suiting to us). To give more value to our seemingly mediocrity or even  seemingly "failure", "loneliness"  or "isolation" , that the conventional criteria of social success, after conceptions and beliefs that are not in congruence with our deeper principles and values. And there is no vain selfish arrogance or false pride in it, but only real competent experience and respect for high quality principles and values and of our deeper existence. 

 The same with fame. Fame can be regressive too  (for the society I mean not for the famous person). There is so much negative will hovering and entertained in our civilization, that sometimes you do not acquire fame unless what you do to society is sufficient destructive to some measure. Of course the fame is still hypocritically positive and non-awakened people do not realize what is really happening   And it may happen that you do not acquire money or power unless what you do to society is sufficient destructive to some measure. 

When drifting in a flow in mortal time and space, aiming only for survival, the momentum for money, fame and power, which is imposed from  outside by ads, media, friends , or the  material objects themselves etc. we may find ourselves to be consumed throughout our lives and spend our  psychic  energy on what we do not intent, really deep down . Or  worse becoming  traitor to our  eternal soul. So we become unhappy , we have a deep resentment   in our existence for us and the whole world. It is not the physical space- time material reality that will tell us what we want to do in our lives. But the eternal soul. The spatio- temporal material reality will be observed, will   be known and will be developed and it will serve the development of the eternal soul and not the converse. Only then comes the fulfillment and happiness . The experiences and impressions during the  mortal life on our immortal soul are much more important than mortal spatio- temporal targets of a lower civilization, when these targets are imposed  from elsewhere  with malevolent or unwise intentions. Because these experiences will be eternal and will influence other lives too.

On this course you may need to reject dominant trends and doctrines of the civilization, even of nature itself (as the laws of death, pain and blood for the survival of living creatures in the jungle ) . It is not arrogance, or egotism such an approach. We look at what nature and culture is consistent with our  deeper existence and our spirit and not conversely . Not because individuality  is more important than the collective . But because the collective we look at, can be a very small in comparison with much larger and better collective of human existences among the civilizations  of the galaxies , or even among material physical realities of higher frequency where the above laws of nature we see do not hold.

The question if money, fame and power in total sum for the civilization is in the side of regressive negative will or progressive positive will , is something that we will not discuss here. 

In conclusion we see that happiness in our mortal life may come when we transcend our mortal life and its limitations, and discover the true eternal intent of our immortal existence. All thoughts, emotions an actions should come from this eternal part of our existence.