Sunday, May 1, 2011

32. Management and leadership

Management is dealing with procedures and protocols of action. It is said that the activity of the brain that is relevant is the left hemisphere, that also controls the right hand. You must push people to do what is do.
Leadership is inspiring with values and relating with the best part within each other person. It is relevant to the most global parts of the strategies of actions. It is said that it is relevant to the right hemisphere of the brain which is more intuitive and also controls the left hand. With leadership you pull people towards you you do not have to push them.

Here is how a wise and spiritually advanced human being thinks about healthy qualities of leadership, in all walks of life. 


What is important this present time in your world is to know the pioneer leaders of your past who greatly influenced  your world today are removed from the hearts of the people today. The leaders of today, this present moment, should share and embrace the same faith, philosophy and objective as the people. They, the leaders, should thereby raise each of the governed individual to his or own level, according to the principles of consistency from beginning to end.

1) The leader is of the same level of evolution and quality as the people.
This mistakes, as we have studied and observed, are that throughout your history, hero-worship and fame-seeking has risen to the point of the idea that your leaders are great and the general populace is ignorant and powerless. 

2) True Democracy
This concept in your country contradicts a true democracy and is wrong.

3) Everybody must learn to practice leadership

So it shall be that individuals must and will awaken and be united voluntarily. Some will be artist, scientist, and others from all walks of life. They will become teaching leaders of the people with whom they are working directly and will teach all men and women to be leaders. At the same time, it is also important that those who support them must become leaders also.

4) Faith to humanhood , spirituality and self-responsibility.

To be a leader in your world, we would only suggest that the only requirements should be simple and evolve from the real essence of mankind. Leaders should be in absolute faith of their humanhood, declaring always, the greatness of, what ordinary people would call, "God" but also of self-responsibility.

They should also have a strong sense of responsibility for themselves and those that they teach. A leader should always love his people, protect them, and encourage them warmly into their own power and humanhood. The leaders sense of responsibility will deepen by his affection of his role as teacher and father or mother.

5) Mercy and compassion, happiness.

When a leader lacks mercy or compassion, they will be self-serving and irresponsible. And a leader/teacher should always strive and be broad-minded. He should always try to be capable of understanding his member's needs, and individual situations, and putting himself in their place. A leader should practice gentleness and forbearance, and be determined to hear the problems and teach guidance and self-determination to any person to establish self-faith and happiness.

6) Impartiality and integrity

A leader also needs to be impartial. He must not be swayed by his own feelings or self-serving considerations. Always eager to give a fair hearing to reasonable suggestions, but firm in avoiding utilizing self-serving goals or mistaken views, even by his seniors.

Leaders should be careful of those that flatter them, as not to cater to their personal agendas. Leaders should cultivate the sense to spot cheap tricks, lies and sneakiness. He must also put the right person in the right place and be courageous about it. The idea is to build long-term integrity in all aspects of life and leadership. Always acknowledge the inconspicuous efforts of others, as all souls are part and contribute to the whole.

7) Self-confidence courage and decisiveness. 

Your leaders should also have self-confidence, courage and decisiveness. Leaders must believe in their ability to protect his members and help them advance to self-responsibility so all may become determined. Those persons who have done the inner work on the path of being a true human being, acquire wisdom and are true leaders. They always have faith in themselves. Those who walk the path of heart will discover that through faith emerges wisdom. And this same faith enables the leader to employ his wisdom effectively in all situations.

Courage is indispensable to the leader. Leadership is no place for cowardice. Always strive to advance wisdom and courage. Building an honest and healthy race of human beings means producing a world of leaders of the true law of oneness. Development of faith, integrity and character is both the starting point and the end result. This will make all people capable human beings.

Every child born in your world is a new opportunity to build a honest and real world. Leaders need not criticize each error on the part of their members or staff. A leader should praise them for what they have done well and capably. There will be other people who will criticize.

8) The leader develops people in to self-responsibility, not to dependence. 

Being a leader or becoming a leader does not mean you have perfect faith or wisdom. These are life-long pursuits. Being a leader is to develop people, and to help people into self-responsibility,spiritual maturity and the freedom to cultivate voluntary introspection. Mankind can develop remarkably, even under adverse circumstances.

Becoming a Leader
Because we are essentially like hamsters inside a cage, spinning on the wheel, we are not moving because we are still inside the cage. Even if you jump off the wheel, you are still inside the cage. The idea is to eliminate the cage completely.

Practice not being in a survival mode of consciousness. Just do it for 15 minutes a day, if you can, then try extending the period of time. Get into a space where you have everything you need in your life. Everything is right there. Now, all thought creates reality. So, for 15 minutes a day, you just convince yourself, and if you can't pretend, then pretend to pretend. Whatever it takes. Do you know what will happen?

That 15 minute period will start to happen many times a day, all by itself, and you won't even realize it. It will just be a mode of being that will become part of your life. Do you have any idea how much energy it takes to take yourself from high previous eternal place and focus in to this little box? This tiny box. It's awesome.

9) Not a minority evolving and the majority staying back or being lost. All evolve together. This is the law of consistency. 

The Law of Consistency is that everybody evolves together. No one falls behind. If one is held back, then we are all held back. This is what aetherial reality is. It's essentially a group mind where we honestly care about each other. It's not about money, power, greed, material things, sex, religion and all of that. This part of me that you see is only one percent of who I am. You are seeing a copy. You are seeing a holographic projection and image that I have projected from myself that has materialized in physical reality. You may come up and shake my hand, but you are not shaking all of me.

Now, there is a lot of change coming. A lot of folks are not prepared for it. You have it within you to help to be teachers. To help pull the race together. You must stand in your power. You have to do that yourself, and there is only one requirement - to believe in yourselves. If you don't believe in yourself, go back and look at everything everybody ever told you culturally and just erase it, because it is a lie. It's a lie. They were wrong.

Again, stand in your strength. Stand in your love. Be who you are. Remember that the word warrior meant a person who is not afraid to be who he or she is. To be who you are every single moment, whether somebody likes it or not. It doesn't matter what other people think if you are being impeccable. As long as you don't do something to hurt them, consciously, it doesn't matter what they think. How many of you that have been shaped by peer pressure are happier because of it? None of you.

The New World Order will do anything to formulate itself. It will in fact do that, but it's life will be short-lived. In other words, they will set up the structure and framework for a manipulative world order, but just when they think they have it nailed down, the rug will be pulled out from under them, and the people will then rise up and assume the leadership role on the planet.