Sunday, May 1, 2011

21. How to measure easily the negativity and the positivity of our thinking.

Our thinking is reflected in our language. And if we trace the number of negative words versus positive words about a situation we can easily derive a measure. The dictionaries give for example that in the English language there are almost 10 time more words describing negative emotions that words describing positive emotions. This is obviously due to the hard experiences that humans had in maybe hundreds or thousand years before, when the languages were formed. 
But if you as a person in a modern world you want  to live in an environment of thoughts and words fitting your current level of evolution then certainly you must be very careful with the balance of negative and positive words or phrases about situations, persons, yourself, society , physical reality etc. Positive words may help the health, negative words may be  like vampires to your health and other people’s health that you discuss with an maybe insidious poison.