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84. 12 of the laws of existential development

These laws have, I believe, originally an interpretation in the experience of living and creating in many physical and non-physical (consciousness) and transcendental realities.  See the 12 universal laws from Milanovich and McCunes book "The Light Shall Set You Free"(1998). Here, I elaborate a personal development interpretation. Notice the similarity with the 12 laws of the new millenniums physics in the post 12. Here new dimensions are added  of consciousness and its subjective experience not only of physical realities.
I read recently a remarkable book by Meher Baba, relevant to the levels of the world gross and subtle, and the impressions to the consciousness , the impressions of the mind to the consciousness, and the impressions to the consciousness from the supreme spiritual reality.The title of the book is "God Speaks", (see also
and can be downloaded here
Although in the above book, the word God is used in a repeated and ultraistic way, it is essentially always in the context of somehow existentialism and of quality of the  impressions or experience  of the consiousness. 
 Six of the laws 1,4,5,6,8,12 deal with the vertical interplay of the levels thus somehow the magical "miracles" in our evolution, and the other six 2,3,7,9,10,11 deal with horizontal interplay at each level, thus somehow the controllable scientific causality.

1) The Law of the leveled experience of the existence,  of the external and internal reality but also the principle of the divine oneness of spiritual existence.

This law states that in personal development we experience our subconscious , unconscious and consciousness in a leveled way. From external and less deep inner to more deep inner (see also law of relativity) : Physical body, actions, emotions, reasoning , etc Based on that we use terms and quotes that help us understand ourselves, the type of our personality, our actions and our experience. In spite the multiplicity of the qualities of the consciousness and our interaction with other human beings and the world, we experience also the divine oneness, that for intellectual persons is at the level of the mind and its faculties of reasoning, but for all it is at the level of spiritual existence. The experience of divine oneness is metaphysical and is a source of Unlimited Intelligence, positive empathy and awareness  divine and human. It is the source of all intelligence, intuition, spiritual understanding and energy of life. (see also post 5, The spiritual, the intuitive, the mental, the emotional,   actions and the physical). As a working hypothesis, for the levels of our existence, we may assume 4 of them as he main
The 1) coarse physical, 2) the subtle physical, 3)  the mental (including reasoning and feelings) and 4) the spiritual.  The levels of I am, I think, I express, I love, I do, I feel, I have. (see also the blog
Levelness in the multitude of a society and a civilization may refer also to types of immortal soul focus perspective. 
These 4 personalities  correspond also to 4 types of (immortal) soul development. 

1) Souls that focus and receive impressions and shape an ego from the "I have" level (infrared)
2) Souls that focus and receive impressions and shape an ego from the "I do" or "I love"  level (yellow or green )
3) Souls that focus and receive impressions and shape an ego from the "I think" or "I feel"  level (Red or Blue)
4) Souls that focus and receive impressions and shape an ego from the "I am"  level (Violet) .

For the relation of the levels of experience of our existence internal and external, and the levels (or frequencies) of the physical material realities see the post 12.  

2) The Law of communication  and vibration.

We mentioned in the post (12) about physical reality, that our physical body can be characterized by the frequency (vibration) of the spin of its electrons, protons, and neutrons, which becomes higher the higher we evolve in personal development. In an similar way we might think that the elements of our consciousness like emotions and thoughts have also a corresponding frequency which may vary from person to person according to his level of evolution. This leads to a selective easiness with which we may communicate and understand other people. Persons of similar such frequency in the body, emotions, thoughts etc communicate easier, have common hidden meanings, beliefs, subconscious,  and values. While people of a significant gap in these frequencies somehow rarely meet, or face a significant resistance in contacting each other and do not have a common language of meanings, beliefs, values etc. So communication is harder and painful in such cases. By frequency of the body we may think in simple terms the average frequency of the spin of protons, electrons, neutrons of the body.  The more advanced a civilization is, the  happier and healthier are its members, and the higher the frequency of their physical bodies. The higher the frequency in their bodies, the more love and joy  is felt , expressed , practiced and experienced. Love is the action of entertained consciousnesses of unity or oneness.    The higher the frequency and the more the love, then the  more the human existence takes responsibility of its fate and way of existence , and also the more the freedom and the higher the creative powers. In addition the higher their physical  frequency, the longer the life of the human beings. In our current earthly civilization, the well known phase that we are that of awakening of Lift-up or Ascension corresponds also to the raising of our current frequency in our bodies and consciousness from its current level, say F1, to its next cosmic spectral line  F2, collectively, so that communication with the collective of other similar galactic   civilizations is possible. 
 When a civilization is sufficiently advanced, all the communication between the individuals is through voiceless telepathic spiritual ability, of communicating 3-dimensional inner holographic pictures between each other, in a intuitive way.  Therefore our internet is a gross technological external early reflection of this future collective spiritual ability. This spiritual ability increases equality among people, and creates a non-hierarchical, in the political will, society.

3) The Law of action

As in physics that there is the law of momentum conservation which comes from the law of stationary action, so in personal development we may state the law of action , according to which we usually prefer and tend to exist in a rather stable and uniform mode of action when we evolve. This does not necessarily means a mode of least action. It could be also a mode of maximum activity within our time and other resources. But it is the stability and uniformity of this activity which is the important factor. It is mainly regulated through various types of habits. Not only daily, but also monthly seasonal, annual etc. It is strengthen though social ceremonies celebrations, holidays etc. People of business have expressions like "I have momentum now I am doing very well". Or "I have lost my momentum, I cannot run my business". Or "momentum is the best friend of the leader" etc. So this law of conservation of our uniform activity, or momentum, or habitual actions, is the main vehicle though which we travel towards our goals and success. And also the main key with which we can change our path in life by changing habits, or creating new habits thus new momentum toward a worthy ideal. Even the law of attraction that we explain below works though this law of action. Probably the most effective technique is to manage to create a momentum of stable constant improvements in some part of our life, which without even understanding it , it will lead us to undreamed levels of excellence and success. All power comes through thoughtful actions. Vain over-activity is not the factor of success. The momentum in the activities is stable through our habits, and habitual behavior. 

4) The Law of correspondence

"As above so below" or "As within so with out" are the ancient quotes. This means that our outer physical world is a reflection of the inner world of consciousness. Of course the term "reflection" does not mean here that we have an exact photocopy. There are systematic similarities of one inner level with one less inner or outer level, but also systematic differences. This law is integrated  with the law of perpetual transfer of action between levels and the law of causality. A practical application of this similarity between levels, is for example to observe the state of the inside of the car that you drive. When you feel overwhelmed with work, or frustrated and unhappy, you car inside (also your work place, your home, even your closets) will tend to reflect this state of disarray and confusion. When you are feeling positive and confident and in control of your life ,the inside of the car (also your work place, your home, even your closets) will tend to be well -organized and efficient. In short we may say, that physicality, actions, emotions , intellect etc have similar laws and behaviour.

5) The Law of causality and randomness (karma, grace).
Human beings are sometimes called the creatures that seek causes. It is the operational practicality of it. If we know the causes of a result we may try to change them and get the result we want. It is an optimistic interest. A Scottish proverb says "it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness". For the same results there may be many causes, depending on the chosen level, scale and frame of reference (law of relativity). In addition to this we should not forget that we are not the absolute divine controller of our own conditions, we are just human beings with subjective experience. Therefore causes that are beyond our reach of cognitive analysis, and sufficient information we agree to call random. For example in a standard game of dices we consider that we do not have the information and cognitive or technological power to predict the outcome of throwing the dice that is why we agree to call it random. But given sufficient observation devices, technology, fast computers, and the law of motion of Newton, we could predict the outcome of throwing the dice. Assessing something as random or non-random is subject to the law of relativity. The more we evolve in personal development the less we consider as random the causes of our conditions, and the more we try to understand causality and to control our destiny. Combining this law with the law of correspondence and the law of perpetual exchange of energy among levels, gives us a powerful tool for personal development. 

The above three laws together with the law of polarity in emotions lead also to the law of control which says that "You feel positive about yourself to the degree to which you feel you are in control of your own life and experience of it. You feel negative about yourself to the degree to which you feel that you are not in control, or that you are controlled by some external force, person, or influence" 
Causalities may wok horizontally inside a level or vertically among levels. For example we may try to change our emotions with other emotions of another person in close communication (horizontal causality), or we may try to change them by focusing the attention and reasoning in a different direction or by acting and behaving in a different way (upper and lower levels influence through vertical causalities). The more advanced is a person in personal development the more he will try to utilize vertical in-out (and not out-in) causalities to change his state. Miracles are mainly vertical-causality in the existence. 
As I perceive it "miracles" are to remind to us that the creative process is not only in the causal sequence of its events, of more than 80% from causal events withing the same physical density (or frequency or resolution), and less than 20% among different densities (in other words rather horizontal creative process, like traditional technology, which is also collective) but can be also, conversely more than 80% from causal events among different physical densities and less than 20% from causal events in the same physical density (in other words vertical creative process), plus the use of personal or group power of will.
(for the terminology of different frequency and density physical material realities see post 12)

This law let us also discover how we may change e.g. emotions, through causality within emotions but also through the other levels like the intellect, or actions. The closer the level the more relevant for comprehensible causality.

6) The Law of compensation and deeper balance.

We mentioned in the law of causality that there are horizontal causalities within a level and vertical causalities among levels. Nevertheless for most human beings the horizontal causalities are easier and the vertical more difficult. Deeper balance and compensation are vertical causalities that go really deep and serve purposes of balance and fairness of larger time scale. It seems to me the eastern teachings use the term karma in a similar meaning. That is as kind of transcendent justice , control and also reward and honour, beyond the proxy human society laws and power. As an example they say that no attempt and effort goes wasted. Although more than 80% of the desired result comes from less than 20% of our efforts, the rest of the 80% of our efforts tend to have effects in different realms and unexpected times. We may believe also that the monetisation of goods and services is a perfect compensation in transactions, but it may not be so. We should notice that from all the levels of A. Maslow's hierachy or escalation of needs and desires for human beings in society only the lower 2, safety and physiology bodily needs, have mainly monetisation compensation . The higher needs of love, reputation, aesthetic creativity, and metaphysics do not have monetised compensation. Here a deeper balance that compensates in non-monetised way is in action. In practical social wisdom the use of proverbs like "make the good and throw it to the sea-side"  reflect both that we should not ask for an immediate compensation and reward, but also it reflects the belief that in the longer unexpected time range, and from unexpected directions and people there will be a rewarding compensation.

7) The Law of attraction
This is another great law that explains how larger or smaller groups, alliances and enterprises are formed in society. Andrew Carnegie when teaching his wisdom to Napoleon Hill called it Master Mind principle and explained it as "An alliance of two or more minds, working together in perfect harmony, for the attainment of a definite purpose." Two persons A, and B working and focusing together towards a goal G , act attractively to a third person C who is also interested in the same goal G. It is the type of consciousness , habits "sympathetic resonance" "and "heat" that persons A, B create which makes the vibrations and rhythms of a person C with similar consciousness and interests to be attracted to A, and B so as to form a group A,B,C and so on. It is known in social psychology that when two girls are room mates their menstruation periods tune as if by "sympathetic resonance" to have the same phase. It is a law similar to the law of universal attraction of Newton with which stars and planets are formed. Very relevant to this law is also the Pareto or power distribution law of 80/20, that e.g. for the stars states that more than 80% of the star plasma mass is found in less than 20% of the stars in the galaxy. Similarly more than 80% of the population in a country is found in less than 20% of the towns, more than 80% of the assets in the private sector are found in less than 20% of the enterprises, and more than 80% of the internet pages are found in less than 20% of the sites. The power distribution law of 80/20 has been proved mathematically to hold under the hypothesis of an exponentially evolving population if it is starting with a uniform random distribution. In personal development we may watch this law in action all around us. You start thinking of a friend and by "coincidence" the phone is ringing with him on the other end. Happy people seem to attract happy people, rich people attract rich people etc. People that take advantage of this law, talk about "serendipity" and are often called lucky. Many people hold themselves back in personal development because they do not know how to get from where they are to where they want to go. But because of this law it is not necessary to have all the answers before you begin. The law of attraction provides leverage to go on by joining appropriate people and groups.
The law of attraction is essentially the law of collective and individual will.
The more advanced is a civilization the less the inequalities of technology, living standards and political power of humans in the same frequency physical reality. Nevertheless a civilization can exist inn 3 or 4 consecutive frequencies physical realities (aetherial)  not only in one (as we know it on earth).  The more advanced a civilization, the faster it evolves, and shifts from frequency to higher frequency. 
 The current economic inequalities are  less   than 20% a reflection of the meritocracy of the having ones versus the non-having ones, and more than 80% a result of the law of activities "money attracts more money". In other words, economic inequalities, it is one of the basic properties of money and the "free-market"  game of private property.  Economic inequalities do apply automatically a deadly, negative , massive scale, destructive will, in the population, unless there is an effort to reduce and eliminate them.

8 ) The Law of perpetual transmutation of activities among levels
This law points out to the major in-out direction and minor out-in direction of the flow of the creative power of life. On this is also based the statements and observation of the German philosopher Goethe "One must be something to be able to do something so as to have something". Williams James wrote "The greatest discovery in my life is the discovery that individuals can change the outer aspects of their lives by changing the inner attitudes of their minds". On this law also depends the preference on the "internal locus of control" in our life and experience rather than the "external locus of control" in the theories of human psychology. The above do not mean that there is not also an out-in direction of flow in the creative power of life. For example in order to learn new thoughts we reading books, which is an out-in activity. Or persons from less developed countries when the come to cities of more developed countries, they are impressed with the higher order and quality of life and experience though material products , technology etc. In particular they are impressed by the raising of the quality of their consciousness by using such more elaborate and advanced technology. They certainly experience an "external locus of control" and an out-in flow in personal development. But it is very important to understand that those that created this more advanced material environment worked mainly in-out, from consciousness to material reality. In human life the in-out flow is the major component where we have the more opportunities through our free will to change our destiny and achieve our goals. The out-in flow is the minor that integrates with feedback the major in-out flow. At least for the human beings. To stress for the value of this law together with the law of causality in personal development let us make a metaphorical image, let us think of the controllable parts of our selves as a car. Where is the most of the abilities to control the features and functions of the car, from outside to inside or from inside to outside? Obviously the latter. Not only a driver controls more the car than someone pushing it from outside, but a good engineer will control it from inside the engine, even better than the driver. On this law also is based the technique of choosing our emotions, by choosing our attention, our reasoning, our beliefs and our activities as in the corresponding post. This is so, because the spiritual attention is the deeper level, then the intellectual reasoning, then the emotions , then actions and finally the physiology of the body and its senses. This law also asserts that the energy and activity in the intellectual level will create energy and activity in the emotional level sooner or later, and vice versa. In fact some consider intellectual activity as emotions of radically higher frequency, or emotions as intellectual activity of radically lower frequency. Similarly activity in the emotional level will sooner or later appear as activity in the physical body and vice versa. The latter is also the basis of the psychosomatic interplay, and the transmutation of the energy of libido (sexual orgasm) to creative energy in emotions, organized reasoning, intuition etc. a subject much discussed by Freud's psychology.

Energy transmutations among levels may be related to the deep creative pricess and be relevant to miracles as mainly vertical-causality in the existence. 
As I perceive it "miracles" are to remind to us that the creative process is not only in the causal sequence of its events, of more than 80% from causal events withing the same physical density (or frequency or resolution) e.g. 3rd, and less than 20% among different densities (in other words rather horizontal creative process, like traditional technology, which is also collective) but can be also, conversely more than 80% from causal events among different physical densities and less than 20% from causal events in the same physical density (in other words vertical creative process), plus the use of personal or group power of will.
(for the terminology of different frequency and density physical material realities see post 12)

9) The Law of relativity
This law points out that according to where the centre of our main conscious attention and activities is (intellect, emotions, actions , physical body) we shall develop a different type of personality and we shall experience the world (as impressions to the consciousness) in a different way. Therefore our values, meanings, causalities and experience are relative to the level which is most of the time our frame of reference and interest of our consciousness.
 An example according to the psychoneuroimmunologist Nick Hall is that personalities centered at activities and reality tend to consider anger (when it is not too often) a positive emotion, while personalities centered at emotions tend to consider it a negative emotion.See laso the theory of 4-pure types of personalities (post 80) and the colored version (post 98).

This law also points out  that according to our level of development as individuals or collectively as civilizations, in the  consciousness , spiritually but also  technologically,  some of the many levels of the world would appear to us as external reality (matter etc), and the rest as internal reality (mind etc). The level that there will be this discrimination is relative to the level of development. Consciousness may have impressions both from the external reality and the internal reality. The more we develop the more layers of internal reality become external reality and deeper layers become internal reality. Normally the coarse and subtle physical levels (see post 12) are external while the mental and spiritual are internal. But for the time being even the subtle physical (e.g. aether field) is not  external yet for the civilization planetary science, but rather an inner experience for most of he people.
Although reality either internal or external may create impressions to our consciousness, the meaning of these impressions is not unique, but is always relative to our beliefs and conscious  choice about them. 
(For the terminology of different frequency and density physical material realities see post 12).

10) The Law of polarity
This law is an analogue to the fact that the familiar material (3rd) density is made from positive protons and negative electrons, or to the teachings of far east about yin and yang. The dualism and its polarity exist also not only in the physical body, but also in the social actions, in emotions (e.g. love and hate) and reasoning (e.g. good  and bad), as negative and positive. The discrimination is  relative and is usually based on the assessment of the action, emotion or thought as contributing or creating obstructions in our journey towards our ideals and worthy goals. In the written and spoken language, positivity and negativity has an easy detection through the frequency of using the negation forms of syntax. But we should remark that there are persons that escape from this dualism and dwell in the unity. 2nd type emotional personalities that dwell in the intimate relations of a couple tend to experience this dualism more than 3rd type intellectual personalities that dwell in remote communication with many other people, group activities or in isolated creativity. The deeper the level of consciousness we tune, the higher the probability to find ourselves in unity rather than the dualism of polarity.
Another form of polarity is that of married couples. 
The University professor psychologist Gottman J. M., has made extensive studies of the coupling of emotions between a man and a woman in a marriage and this coupling follows mathematical laws. He has deviced the best hitherto method of predicting marriage divorces, and has helped many couples to keep their marriages. (see e.g. the book "The mathematics of marriage" by J.M. Gottman, J.M. Murray C. C. Swanson, R. Tyson, K.R. Swanson,

11) The subjectivity , rhythms and habits

This law states that activities and momentum of evolution, work though some characteristic rhythms relevant to our world. For example the daily rhythm is due to the particular spin of planet earth, and is well rooted in the physiology of our body, and the 1st level of Maslow needs of all persons. Similarly the annual rhythm is due the planet earth and this particular solar system, and for example has regulated the agricultural and other survival activities of human beings for many millenniums. An idea of value here besides the obvious perception of rhythms in life is that we may draw momentum from these great rhythms of our life and the world, so as to have the power and the courage and the persistence to proceed towards our goals and ideals in personal development. A second idea of value is that we are not always aware of all the significant rhythms that influence us. For example they say that a new habit takes about 21 days to be formed consolidated in our subconscious. Other examples of seeming universal rhythms is the duration of the songs, which seems to be a universal emotional rhythm in our body relevant to libido. Or the average duration of cinema films, and academic lectures a seemingly universal rhythm of the human attention. These rhythms have been also recorded in the demand and supply waving in the financial transactions of the capital markets or the interbank market. In a separate post I tabulate 12 such characteristic rhythms under the title "rainbow rhythms", giving a colour to each. Such rhythms may well define short-term or long-term life cycles of activity projects ,beliefs, emotions, thoughts etc. Napoleon Hill in his book "The wisdom of Andrew Carnegie" has devoted a whole chapter on these ideas under the title "Benefit from cosmic habitforce". (see also post 28)

12) The Law of creation
This is a very great law as it points out that the process of personal development and evolution goes parallel with the creative power of life and therefore of health too. It is a way to create consiousness, and grow ourselves. The method with which we develop and evolve ourselves is similar and in many ways identical with the method say that nature grows the body of an infant or a tree etc. And in a indirect way similar to the method that a a painter creates a paint, a musician creates a song, an author creates a book, an engineer creates a car and an activist completes his project. This law contains many other subordinate laws like the law of emotion, the law of beliefs, the law of substitution, and the law of control. Creation  involves of course the genders,  sex and the energy of the libido that through the law of transmutation of energy may become creative energy of emotions, reasoning, activities etc so as to change our personality and fate. This law gives also the clue to the evolution: Evolution is simply the on-going process of creation, both in the world and the human existence. An interpretation of the term spirit, is that Spirit  is a hidden subtle and almost unperceptive creative intention, that fills our lives and gives meaning to them, as being part of an on-going   conscious or subconscious process of creation of our existence and the world.  Love intuition and the  emotions is the catalyst and method of conduction of this creative process. Love here is understood as the action after entertaining the consciousness of unity or oneness. 

That is why the social and personal success of a human being is more about realizing the intent of the soul and advancing the inner perception, and less about acquiring by itself, material possessions, or social power etc. 

 This law also is the content of the beautiful quote of Frances Larimer Warner:

" If we plan a seed in the ground we know that the sun will shine and the rain will water, and we leave it to the Law to bring results...well, the desire you image is the seed, your occasional closing of the eyes in imagery is the sun, and your constant, though not anxious, expectations is the rain and cultivation necessary to bring absolutely sure results..."

Frances Larimer Warner: Our Invisible Supply:Part One 1907

Miracles are mainly vertical-causality and creativity  of the human existence. 
As I perceive it "miracles" are to remind to us that the creative process is not only in the causal sequence of its events, of more than 80% from causal events withing the same physical density (or resolution) e.g. 3rd, and less than 20% among different densities (in other words rather horizontal creative process, like traditional technology, which is also collective) but can be also, conversely more than 80% from causal events among different physical densities and less than 20% from causal events in the same physical density (in other words vertical creative process), plus the use of personal or group power of will.
(For the terminology of different frequency and density physical material realities see post 12).
The above laws lead to the next 11-12 stages in the process of creative self-development and creation of new self.

The private space:
1) The Wandering: 
Where we come from, why, our purpose and gathering our "tools".
2) Beginning : 
Preparing our own path, each one different and hopefully centering. Every change of the self of the individual is through the interaction with the collective of the other individuals.
3) Honoring: 
Understanding the Source of our creation. Recognizing the sacred in oneself. The main source and causality of creation of  new self is though  from the inside to outside.
4) Stating Intention: Realizing and acknowledging ones true purpose to create Self. he expression of the goal, either classified as private or sharing it publicly with others creates also a commitment, accountability and conscious awareness
5.1) Surrender : Letting go of control to allow vulnerability. To learn what is already known. The process is both passive and active. It is both control but also surrendering to the presence of the existence and freedom from all the three , the past the present and the future. The exact process of creation or evolution of new self is initially unknown in its details and is unpredictable.
5.2) Embrace our own hidden-self :
Walking into the unknown and dark parts of Self. Being and becoming the Void.Maybe the sought new self , already was in an unknown past , and has left memory images in our soul and cells of the body. Therefore it maybe an unconscious knowledge as unconscious memory not recognized as our own.  Now it changes which actions, emotions, feelings, thoughts , awareness, will , beliefs and spirit we consider as self and our own and which as not self and not our own. We re-scan the spectrum of self from the having to acting, to feeling, to expressing, to thinking to believing and to being aware.
6) Lighting the Flame in the Heart: Connecting to Self and finding meaningful, honest, ritual. Introspection and inner exploration helps to keep trying. Proven small steps toward the goal of new self, as applying faith, helps to keep alive the belief that the goal of new self will eventually occur. 
7) Transformation: Climbing the ladder of self-responsibility, to hold a vision of Being in One-ness,  Being the vision that alters all perception of self, the world and the others. The goal of the new self is within a greater collective vision and is both increased self-responsibility but also increased responsibility for others. It is a growing and magnification of  self and the collective. It is also evolution of psychic consciousness.
The public space:
8) Becoming more Human: Empathy and compassion toward all. Being in truly responsible relationships. The physical , living and existential environment is also a leverage for our own changes of self.
9) Walking The Path: Integrating all of life's experiences. Being a teacher by Being. The soul embraces. The meaning of living and of the experiences changes. Consistency creates momentum and reliability.
10) Service: Discarding the illusion of separateness. Total approach to life in humility and joy. The soul consciousness prevails and is union with the other living souls of the other existences in synergy and good reputation. It is leverage and integration. 

11) Believing in , honoring, and service to the deeper Existence  has been creating new self, and the goal of existence is to exist always in better ways. Giving value and practice to this  Existence is the creation of new Self.

The new self is created at four (4) levels   in our existence.

1) At first by introducing new life-long goals and intentions, and new global metaphors for the world. (The spiritual self
2) Second by functioning with new thoughts, and feelings.(The mind
3) Third by conducting new activities. (The subtle physical)
4) And forth by resulting in to new possessions, as responsible interaction at subtle and coarse material levels. (The gross physical)

The passage from the one level to the next and the overall coordination is though the virtue of congruence.

Probably one of the most difficult parts in creating self, is when this self is part of the evolution of the collective consciousness  a whole civilization, in which case tuning to it, and being appreciated and honored is the most difficult part. 

In a less developed stage of civilization, the individuals fulfill themselves by having.
In a little more development stage of civilization, the individuals fulfill themselves by doing.
In an more advanced development stage of civilization, the individuals fulfill themselves by thinking and feeling. 
In a even more advanced development stage of civilization, the individuals fulfill themselves by being.

The ego of a personality seems to be the agent that decides and separates what we consider as self and what we consider consciousness and non-self.

The levels, be, think, do, have, define correspondingly among different human beings, not only different levels selves, but also different level of egos
The lower type of ego is linked with what we have and what we have not (usually private property)
The bit less lower type of ego, is linked with what we do , our actions and what we  do not do.
A higher type of ego, is linked with what we think and write or produce  in creative work, and what not.
And an even higher type of ego , is linked with what we consider spiritual self, life-long intention  and what not.

You are consciousness. Your body is in your consciousness, not the other way around--you are not consciousness inside of a body. consciousness has formed the body necessary for your needs and lessons while on earth. When you realize this you will find that you are no longer quite so subject to world beliefs that say you are at the mercy of your body.

Your whole world is also within your consciousness--the weather, friends near or far, family, beliefs. Everything exists in consciousness and nothing exists outside of consciousness. Each must ask; "What do I entertain in my consciousness? What beliefs, what concepts, what ideas, etc do I hold?"

Thoughts , emotions and beliefs that pop into your head are impersonal until you claim them as yours. This is why there is no reason to believe you are a spiritual failure if some negative or even violent thought comes floating into your mind when you least expect it. The clearing process of the bodies within the consciousness often brings outgrown beliefs and thoughts to the surface. No need to react with shock or resistance, simply acknowledge them for what they are, giving them no power, and moving on.
Thoughts have only the reality and power they are given. The human mind can only draw on what is already a part of consensus consciousness--that which is already known. New ideas-- inventions, art, science, technology, and deep spiritual insights etc, must bubble up from deeper levels of creativity within where they are then brought into manifestation by the receiver and become part of consensus consciousness and available to all. This is how evolution takes place and how your every insight is adding to the resonance of an ascending world consciousness.
Many yet remain unaware of who and what they really are or that the energy they radiate effects those around them as well as adding to the universal energy of the planet as a whole. This is why it is important to be aware of your thoughts and beliefs or of thinking that your thoughts are hurting no one if you don't say them out loud.
You carry your state of consciousness wherever you go because consciousness is what you are. Your resonance can lift and open another who is receptive to it without your awareness or can cause someone to dislike you. Because energy seeks to align with like energy (oneness) it is important to keep yourself in compassion and not sympathy when helping those who may be drawn to your energy seeking help.
You are creators but have not known this. The consciousness of a sleeping mankind has for eons been forming the world in which you now find yourselves--consciousness manifesting as form and building upon itself to where the world is now. Through centuries of struggle and evolving awareness, mankind is now ready to move beyond the illusion.