Sunday, May 1, 2011

60. The tyranny of cunning or un-cunning over-familiarity.

The courtesy of discretion.

Non-mature and underdeveloped societies , often exert indirect subtle tyranny from person to person, through application of pettiness from human to human, and through exercise of psychological power from a person to another person so as to  possess the other persons action, feelings thoughts and even roles of self. (see post to be, to think, to do to have, as 4 levels of the human existence). When a person is trying to possess another persons private possessions , we know it is the crime of theft. But this crime can easily be done in a subtle way, psychologically , by someone claiming silently or not in him that he possess the other persons private belongings , (although he formally knows that he/she does not) for the purpose of possessing the other persons feelings, desires, guess personal information, and in general for the purpose of manipulating , alienating  and applying psychological force on him/her. Of course this is a negative form of empathy, often driven by jealousy, hatred etc, and they are  trans-passing and violating  the private space of the other person. If it would remain to the public space of the self of a person it would not be so dangerous. But it often involves claims of undeserving over-familiarity. Of course it is a form of subtle tyranny, if it is applied repetitively in large numbers, and in a systematic way, especially when the targeted person cannot avoid it, defend, cannot do the same to them for reasons of principles, and when all the strategic and critical private moments, spaces, and actions are attached. (Like morning/night dressing, eating, bathing, having sex, entering/existing the home, in moments of sensitive creativity, in moments of intimate personal relations, and when doing sensitive business). It results in deep psychological disturbance, psychological traumas, anger, distortion of the persons true emotions, and thoughts in respect to his actions and interactions with other people, and reduces radically his creative abilities, and success in business. In addition it is lowering the self-responsibility of the person, and is driving it to alienation through the above attempts of manipulation.  It is often of course  lowering the persons frequency and is a serious draw back to his/her evolution. Not all societies and social groups have such phenomena in excess numbers between their persons, but when they do, living in such a human environment is unbearable for an advanced subject, who is respecting and honoring himself, and is not allowing himself to fall in to alienation. 

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