Sunday, May 1, 2011

18. The increadible power of rewarding versus punishing:"Whales Done"

The technique of installing a new habit by rewarding only and not punishing goes like this

1)Choose what you want the new habit or systematic  action to be
2) Reward the action or any part of the action anytime you catch it happening at first.
3) Create a signal for the subconscious memory, or a mind trigger (like a Pavlov;s bell, or NLP anchor ) that you can use , when you catch the desired behaviour, so that you can trigger it later.
4) Insist on greater respond and loyalty each time
5) Reward it some times with an extra reward (jackpot) and some times not at all.
6) NEVER reward the undesired behaviour.

The reason that the title of this post is "Whales done" as paraphrasing the "Well done", is from the successful taming of killer whales, to dance like dolphins jumping over the water, by the above one-sided (rewarding the success, never punishing the failure) technique. There is even a famous book on management by  Kenneth H. Blanchard with this title. The idea is obviously that this works in an excellent way with difficult people too.

I believe that this technique of rewarding the positive behaviour only has also excellent applications in weight loss and healing obesity.