Tuesday, May 31, 2011

93. The law of large numbers and human relations

Many people use to say that friends always are so difficult to find and very few. A scarcity mentality. In fact by believing so, they prison themselves in to a couple of friends that may even not be the appropriate ones when the subjectivity changes during life time. Happily the social media like facebook, twitter, friends and dates sites etc introduce a different attitude, an abundance attitude, which is closer to that  of the Law of large numbers. Such an attitude is more optimistic and effective. Social statistics show that persons with more friends and social relations live significantly longer. A minimum of 5 close friends is a good standard.  Family also is usually a small number. I do not mean to spend valuable time in vain superficial socializing, but to be smart so as to take advantage of the opportunities of larger population groups, that the society of information gives. Quality relations is the target. When we are prepared to try under a law of large numbers, we have more patience, more opportunities, acquire more experience, and finally the success has higher probability.So let us be careful what we believe, and what we say silently to ourselves, because this will affect significantly the success in our human relations.
As the law of large numbers in the physical sciences states that starting from the simple physics of one atom, through this law we may derive the complicated physics of solid, liquid, and gaseous states of fluids, so is also with our social activities. From the simple psychology of a single task, and repeated efforts after the law of large numbers we get a qualitative different psychology and effects in our lives and society. It may take courage and persistence but eventually the expected goal is attained almost certainly, and the relevant psychology is qualitatively different.

For a more comprehensive analysis of the law of large numbers in our activities and relations see the mp3 seminar by Gary S. Goodman (http://www.nightingale.com/prod_detail~product~Law_Large_Numbers.aspx)

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