Sunday, May 1, 2011

7. Post-Freud psychology in Personal Development: Neuro-Linguistic-Programming

Freud's psychology puts too much emphasis on causalities of the emotions, on the early childhood family stories. As those early stories have the person in a disadvantageous position, it may easily turn in to a rather negative psychology, where the persons is put in to a disadvantageous position again.

On the other hand a psychology that is based on the principle of reincarnation or regeneration, is a bit in the dark for the time being, as we have not easy and reliable means of knowing past lives. Putting causalities of present psychological states to past lives, or projecting unfulfilled dreams to future lives, may help sometimes, but it can easily fool us too.

The correlation of psychological states to the 5 senses, is not entirely new, but NLP has added new insights and methods.
E.g. The emotional triad of A. Robbins is
The attention, the  senses, and  the words.

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