Sunday, May 1, 2011

24. The happiness of the progressive realization of worthy ideals and goals.

We are accustomed to think of happiness as a result of an intimate relation, or a relation with the metaphysical etc. It seems nevertheless that looking only there, we forget the primary spiritual and volitional character of a human being. There is a primary happiness and joy , when we conduct successfully  a project leading to a worthy and desired goal. There is an art, in discovering happiness on every  step and incremental improvement toward a goal that changes and improves out fate and hopefully the fate of the other people too. And this happiness sometimes may be directly related to our free will, and to what is accessible to us, as it is related to a pleasant form of self-discipline.  In increases our reputation to our self, the reputation we have by other people, it increases our self-confidence and our self-responsibility. 
That is why it is of high value to be aware of this happiness and to pursuit it in our life. 

Of course peace of mind , planetary prosperity  and happiness comes also when we feel that we accomplish gradually our true goals. And there minor and major goals in life. We might say that our existence has no other goal than to exist. Or that we may have many different goals, according to the scale of relevance in our existence. But one of the most beautiful and meaningful  goals in life is to develop more of our soul consciousness. So all other minor goals like social success, money, fame, knowledge , creativity etc are to serve this major goal of developing more of our soul consciousness