Saturday, August 16, 2014

111. Planetary centers of strong hidden will and intention, human free will, and individuals intelligent consciousness behind actions proceeds.

The human existence is rooted in spiritual intentions and is initially a volitional being. But spiritual intentions is like a steady unperceptive low speed wind , and very often what we observe in the life of a human personality is the emotionalism or his intellectual intelligence (artifacts, science etc) behind his actions. So we conceive the human existence not by his primal root (spiritual intention) but by the secondary manifestations like emotions or intelligent thinking. So individual often perceive themselves as "I feel" selves or "I think" selves or "I act" selves. Not as "I will",  "I intent" selves . This gives the opportunity to strong "anchors" of will and intention in the planet, to influence and  bend massively the free-will of other human personalities to work-out their hidden agendas, and intentions, simply because a large number of human existences following the line of least resistance find it more convenient to follow these strong wills, in spite the fact that in some deeper level their consciousness and soul may disagree. The expression that can be used here is the human personalities have in some hidden subconscious level "signed a contract" to serve and work out these lines of influence and energy of these centers of strong will with exchange social power, money , success and influence. Such centers of strong will may be existences on higher frequencies physical realities in the planet or even specific strong type incarnated personalities in social life. Due to  lower development of humanity the last 25,000 years and specific   history of the planet earth, such centers of strong will were mainly of negative , evil, criminal and predator-type of will. So a large number of human personalities in some phase of their life have "secretly"  and subconsciously  "signed the devil's contract" to serve a hidden negative will towards the massive collectives of society, towards "other people" and in general "towards any direction other than ourselves" (and a small click of similarly "contracted"  other "fellows" ). This is their "secret" : Results and goals  in society are attained faster , and in a more successful way, if behind every effort in social activities there is a hidden negative will. In addition they get social power money and influence in  a faster and easier way. The masses are unsuspected and naive.......! This is how the regressive medicine, the regressive justice, the regressive education, and the regressive-anything-initially-positive  in society appears. Regressive here meaning exactly with hidden negative intentions, negative and involutive effects in civilization and soul evolution , through the surface and excuse of institutions , rules , lows etc initially set for positive and  progressive effects. 
But there has come a time that this is changing in planet earth. I will not go further of why and how, and what is the relation with other galactic and more powerful centers of will, but it is definitely changing. More and more the centers of hidden negative will are eliminated, and more and more human individuals wake-up and resign of such "contracts with the devil". or "contracts with the beast or monstrous".  More and more such "secrets" are no longer secrets and any sensitive human being can sense it in   another  human being no matter how well the other side tries to hide it. 
And what it is very important to realize, is that a human existence must seek his own spiritual will and intent no matter how subtle and imperceptible may be , must be set free from strong influences and take responsibility of his own evolution and consciousnesses substratum of social life. 


When someone comes in contact with the elite oligarchy that dominates (overtly or implicitly) he notes that according to them  the problem of the civilization is that the good, virtuous and worthy people are few  and are those that  dominate and have, while the bad , immoral and unworthy are the many,  who are dominated and have not. So the issue is how to defend the good and few, and will fight the bad and many.

On the other hand when someone comes in contact with the majority that is  dominated (overtly or implicitly) he notes that according to them  the problem of the civilization is that the  many are sufficiently good, virtuous and worthy, and are those that are dominated and do not have, while the few that dominate and have, are the bad, immoral, and unworthy to stand up to the planet circumstances. So the issue is how to defend the many and good, and fight the few and bad.

To my perception, it is quite certain, that the extreme inequalities between those that dominate and have against those who are dominated and do not have, are themselves the source of delays in the evolution of the civilization.

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