Saturday, August 4, 2018


I totally disagree with the "non-strategy" and "no-goals" approach to happiness. I explain why. The  emotionally  non-duality  happiness appears  when we activate our volitional side through   the gradual step-wise achievement of our worthy goals. We must not forget in which planetary civilization we live. This civilization's impersonal system  is designed to enslave indirectly (e.g. through the financial system but not only)   the people to unworthy goals under wrong principles and values. By leaving ourselves without our own worthy goals and personalized strategies and "living in the present" as many gurus repeat, we simply allow "the stream of the river" to drift us and become subordinate to the financial oligarchy's unworthy goals. Only the mind  through actions, can liberate the soul and for this to happen it is required a clear will for awareness and worthy goals under more advanced principles and values.  One more example why the spiritual gurus are welcome by the oligarchy of power: They create for them masses unable to survive by themselves and ready to surrender as workers for their money and unworthy goals. And gurus make money by telling to people what is easy to and likable to listen, but not what is really valuable for their soul-evolution. Masses need to raise their awareness from the hyperbole of emotionalism to awareness of a more wise and abstract but organized thinking through collective socialization.  Otherwise without goals and correct  thinking  they descent not ascent the ladder of self-responsibility.  To ascent in the ladder of self-responsibility and frequency of body, plus faster soul-consciousness evolution we must activate the volitional aspect of ourselves through awareness , worthy goals-setting and strategies  under better principles-beliefs and values. Then an emotionally  non-duality  happiness appears which is from the gradual step-wise achievement of our worthy goals. If the civilization's dominant power  has wrong goals and wrong thought-forms, the solution to over-come this is not , "not to have goals" or  avoid thinking but developing the right principles-beliefs and values for better goals and more true thinking and thought-forms.