Monday, October 15, 2012

102. The effect of large scale visions to the present time psychology.

Large scale visions have a catalytic effect on the present time psychology too. To give an example, let me utilize the visions essentially from the book  by Paul Amadeous Dienach with title "The valley of the roses" (1922) . Either if we agree or not with his visions for the future of humanity (2000-4000 A.D.) it acts in a catalytic way as we put ourselves in the position of thinking what would be the principles and values we have set for ourselves and believe the other have set too. The same effect we have when we read for example the writings of Plato, about the ideal republic, Kallipolis and the distant future.  
I modify a bit the Paul Amadeous Dienach visions giving details based on our current knowledge of economics and technology (2013).

But first the celebrated beautiful and very relevant song of John Lennon "Imagine"

Peace of mind comes also when we feel that we accomplish gradually our true goals. And there minor and major goals in life. We might say that our existence has no other goal than to exist. Or that we may have many different goals, according to the scale of relevance in our existence. But one of the most beautiful and meaningful goals in life is to develop more of our soul consciousness. So all other minor goals like social success, money, fame, knowledge , creativity etc are to serve this major goal of developing more of our soul consciousness

2000-2300 A.D. Gradual resolution of the problems of overpopulation, ecological destruction, CO2 emissions and climate change, nutrition, tyranny brutal or subtle  and local wars. Through a new nobel prize in physics, the physical science discovers the equations of the unified aether-field (unification of electromagnetism, static gravitation, aethorodynamics or antigravity). It become also more clear that most of the energy of the gravitational field comes from the infrared  solar radiation.  In this way the old energy model with the CO2 emissions is substituted with a new from clean and cheap ubiquitous renewable energy.  Not only science can photograph now the aether , but also a large number of people have sufficient high frequency in their physical bodies, that can "switch to aether vision" with their naked physical eyes. The economic systems is gradually renormalized to more human, wise and really better intentions and implementations. People  gradually get free from the hastily race and slavery for financial survival, which does not leave time and energy for inner and spiritual self-development. The massive carnivorous habits of humanity give place to a nutrition model closer to vegetarianism.  
The publicly known and open contact and affiliations with other galactic or extra-galactic civilizations is in a common public awareness and subject to democratic voting. With the help of the advanced civilizations of the Andromedan alliance that earth chooses to cooperate, the local wars on earth due to the aggressiveness by the overpopulation and economic and technological inequalities, are avoided, and a massive global nuclear or even conventional weapons planetary war is prevented. 
The challenge here for the earthly civilization, is resolve the above difficulties as fast and as smooth as possible, avoiding a great scale war and disaster during 2000-2400 A.D.Also to avoid any early and on evil purpose World Government that would be essentially a tyranny, from visible or invisible powers, that does not reflect the real evolution of the  human consciousness, with the excuse of urgent planetary problems, problems that may have been accentuated  on purpose by the same powers.  (Before a global government, a global culture, and global parliament must have been shaped first).

The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 
1) The banking system with the fractional reserve rule and the monetary system as we know it
2) The uncontrollable child mortality
3) The old energy model with the CO2 emissions
4) The irresponsible destruction of the physical environment. 
5) The dominance of carnivorous habits
6) The pretended planetary isolation from the rest of the galactic civilizations.
7) The unavailability of a global 3rd world war. 

2300-2400 A.D. Final establishment of a Global Planetary Parliament of a Global Pnaetary Direct Democracy which is realized with direct electronic democracy and is elected by direct voting or random-draw or rotation from all Nations and its members are not politicians of businessmen , but scientists, engineers and technocrats and humanitarian philanthropists. The money, the banking system , the enterprises, the stock exchanges and the monetary system as we know it do not exist anymore. Nevertheless a kind if vote-money is used and the private sector and National Governments are kept as a counter balance of the power of the Global Parliament so as not have totalitarian phenomena like than in the old Soviet Union. The private property in a limited way, still exists, the planetary resources are re-distributed, a minimal basic standard of living is established for free for all people. The publicly known and open contact and affiliations with other galactic or extra-galactic civilizations is in a common public awareness and subject to democratic voting. 

The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 
1) The dominance of the businessmen and politicians as the leading approach for the global planetary welfare. 
2) That any type of conflict or big change in the civilizations should be always only through a war.

2400-2600 A.D The great challenge here for the earthly civilization from 2400 to 2600 A.D. is to avoid a global  totalitarian system similar or softer to the case of the old Soviet Union, or even worse a global tyranny e.g. through a crypto-piracy over the Global Parliament from evil powers. At the end of 2600 A.C. the private sectors and the national governments are almost of no importance anymore, people have acquired a planetary  consciousness  and the functions of the elected Global Parliament by direct voting, are increased, without the overall power structure  being a totalitarian system. It is not allowed anymore the buying and selling of human work-time as it is considered a form of indirect and partial slavery. All payments are in the form of dividends  The transportation inside and around  the planet, takes place  mainly through aether propulsion , and flying discs.

The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 
1) The dominance of the private sector in social life
2) The indirect and partial slavery of selling human work-time for a living. 
3) The dominance of any one only  national state as leader for the planetary welfare

2600-3400 A.D.  Although economic inequalities are almost non-existent there are still inequalities on the used level of technology. A large number of people have become telepathic in a natural way. Science has an unprecedented evolution. New truths are discovered about the interior of the earth, and its history going back  millions and billions of years. The  internal sun of the planet is discovered , and the large cavities from vegetation and animals of larger size than he corresponding of the surface of the planet. The first few cities in the interior of the earth are built. The medical science makes use less and less of drugs and pharmaceuticals and more and more of sound, color, light and meditation. The people are essentially vegetarian in nutrition habits , there is no animal slavery or zoos.   The people are still in spiritually weak and sluggish and continue to count the success of their life with the utilization of material possessions and technology. 

The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 
1) The "survival-race monster" in the life of the individual
2) The  "money standing" as the main factor and persuit in the individual's life
3)  The "monster" of animal slavery and the oppression  from humans to animals.

3400-4,000 A.D. The individuals acquire and develop  an unprecedented powerful spiritual ability that could be called Hyper-vision or Hyper-Intuition , that allows them the contact with the “Major spiritual light”, and “The Direct Knowledge” and gives them an stunning ability for powerful intentional clarity and creativity. A new Universal voiceless inner visual telepathic language is created for all the civilization! A new Golden Age of the Civilization. Some of the  members of the Global Parliament are not anymore scientists or engineers but  Universal Creators”. In other words the synthesis in the same person of the talents and qualities of a Philosopher , Scientist, Artist, Mystic etc. During these centuries for the first time are created universal languages with alphabets that are 3-dimentional inner-vision-images, that are projected telepathically from mind to mind without external sound, writing, or internet. Science has by now discovered the inactivated and dormant DNA in the cell , it has being activated and restored, and the human DNA has now many more than two only strands, as it was initially. All in the society, not only the basics, are free, cloths, food, house, transportation, entertainment, scientific research, art-creativity, there is no  private property, the people are essentially vegetarian in nutrition habits , there is no animal slavery or zoos   etc. The science has now a glimpse of new transportation principles, that of "field gates" , that transcend the flying discs technology. Especially as earthly people are informed about this transportation method by more advanced galactic civilizations. But although earthly science starts to have concepts about  it, they are far behind so as to apply it universally.   Those future people would seem naive to us, very sensitive , non-pretentious and without cunning ulterior motives in their relations while at the same time of elevated awareness. It is not possible to lie now to another man without being sensed. There are no material inequalities in the civilization. The only inequalities are of reputation,  honour, and public appraisal. People work not more than the current equivalent of two years in their entire life, and do not count their life long  success with material possessions but with the inner and outer spiritual self-development. Needless to say that the duration of the human life is remarkably longer, in an  undreamed way, compared to the duration of human life during e.g. the century 2000-2100 AD. The population of earth is less than an billion people, and there is abundance of products for a decent living. The laws in the society are radically reduced to very few only, as the negative or criminal intentions of individuals in the society, are almost absent. There are only three kind of laws, a) those referring to the 2-year term of working b) those referring on how traveling traffic and distribution of goods is done c) those referring to the  demographic stable size population (control of births). 

The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 
1) The human intellectual inadequacy in the individuals life
2) The  indulgence to private interests, versus collective interests

Of  course the above is simple an example of global time evolution. Personal or small groups time evolution may be different. The human history is full of examples of famous spiritual personalities like Pythagoras, Plato, Newton etc that although where in the present in their contemporary civilization, their spirits were far in the future . 

We may notice here a similarity pattern between he evolution of the age of Aquarius (2,000-4,000 A.D. and the age of Pisces 0-2000 A.D.) In the age of Pisces about at 4/20 of the age (4th century A.D. the Christian religion becomes formal and the official religion of the known world. It corresponds to the forecasting that about 4/20 of the age that is about 2400 A.D. the Global parliament is established on the planet. And as with the age of Pisces about at 16/20 of the age  that is at the 17th century the enlightenment starts e.g. with I.Newton and the new sciences. Similarly for the age of Aquarius it is foretasted that by the 16/20 of the age that is at 3600 A.D. the hyper-vision is established on all humanity and a new enlightenment era starts. While for the age of Aquarius, in between 2400 A.D. to 3400 A.D. a kind of dark age is for humanity, exactly as it was in the age of Pisces, from 4th century A.D. till 1400 A.D. In short, the first (0%-25%) and last (0.75%-100%) parts of the age is from the side of light, while the middle part (25%-75%) is from the side of darkness! Both light and darkness seem to balance.

We notice also that the futuristic visions as above, challenge the next system of beliefs, of the reality of the current civilization experience.

1) There is no other deeper physical material  reality, than everything that is made from protons neutrons, and electrons. Beyond these and in smaller space scale there is nothing but vacuum and empty space. (this belief is relevant to our current oil energy model and the CO2 emissions in the air, that deplete oxygen).

2) The carnivorous habits (meat eating) are the natural nutrition model of food that by biological design is the appropriate for the human body. (This is relevant to the agriculture , livestock and cattle breeding planetary scale model of food resources)

3) Making children , is always good and moral, in spite of any adversities or poor economic conditions of the parents and  society. (This belief is relevant to the emergence of overpopulation).

4) The human being is always with narrow selfishness oriented to personal private property and will never take responsibility of the global sustainability of the biosphere of the planet.

5) There is no other intelligent civilization in the billions of planets of our galaxies, galaxies around and in the world in general except the earthly civilization.

6) The current economic system of inequalities of private property and money is the only natural , realistic and optimal for a social life and civilization evolution. It is always better to have a minority of high standards of life, even if it is only  an ideal for the poorer masses.

7) The right and exclusive privilege of the private industry of the banking system, to issue ("print") money  and circulate it exclusively through debt, does no create in a periodic way massive financial destruction in the societies. 

8) The earthly civilization will never unite in a global democratic and fair political system, with as little power inequalities as possible and where no single nation or race  will dominate all others.

9)  The right of the capital, to buy whole companies, and their human resources power, or the human working time, it is not a form of partial and indirect slavery. Survival of the individual with making a living by selling the working-time will always be the mode of social life of the individual.

10) Travelling with human passengers to other solar systems , is out of our technological reach for the next 2-3 of centuries.

11) The interior of the earth is full of magma and high temperature matter. It does not hold that till the 2/3 of the radius of earth it is hollow with inner atmosphere  neither that is has a sun-like gaseous fiery ball at the center.

12) Money will always be used inside the societies of the earthly civilization. There is no advanced social life without money. 

13) The mode of communication of human being from close distance will always be through speaking verbally with a voice transmitted as sound through the air. Human beings will never become fully telepathic through evolution in a natural way. Neither any universal-planetary inner-visual 3-dimensional pictures language will unite collective all people in the planet. This can be done only though technology like the internet.

14) Private property will always be the mode of individual power and the base of the economy.  The human soul will always be attending and receiving, as its main and strongest interest , perceptions from the material physical objects.  

15) Animal slavery , livestock and breeding animals for human beings food is a standard civilization behavior that will never be abandoned.